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Cleaning Pug Wrinkles
August 11, 2004

Us Pug-people know the "puggie odor" that can emit from the face of your little curly-tailed bundles of joy. A smell only true pug lovers can come to know and find endearing. Well those cute little wrinkles can easily become nasty seabeds of infection if not properly cleaned and maintained. Q tips and warm water should be applied once a week as a maintenance program, but if you wanted to take it one step further, I have a great recipe for cleaning pug wrinkles.

I have been noticing on my keyword searches that people are finding my site by Googling keywords "how to clean a Pugs wrinkles" so I thought I would share a wonderful holistic recipe I learned from Robyn who really knows her stuff on the subject.

In a dixie cup or small bowl, mix a small amount of the following all natural ingredients:

Calendula oil (use as the base)
Lavender oil (add in a couple drops)
Tea Tree Oil (this is optional and only to be used if there is some sort of infection in the wrinkles). Only a tiny, tiny drop should be added as this is very strong and can burn a puggies sensitive eyes.

Once the ingredients have been mixed, use a Q-tip to apply into the deep crevices of the pugs facial folds. Puggy's face will be left clean and smelling sweet as lavender for days!! As if we need any extra excuses to get more of those puggie kisses, LOL!! I do this this with Pugsley once a week.

All of these ingredients are available at your local health food store. Please read ingredients and be sure they are all natural with no additives.

*Please note that some pugs can have medical problems that can result in smelly pug wrinkles like a serious yeast infection or allergies. In these cases, or if you are unsure, I recommend to seek out the advice of a veterinarian.

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gwen commented August 11, 2004 2:38 PM

and with all that, i hope your pug continues to get heathy after that procedure! :) and no infections in his folds and stuff!



Nicolie-friholie commented August 11, 2004 7:48 PM

i like bananas too!


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