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In a Perfect World
March 7, 2005

I would live in the country, not too far away from my family but not too far from civilization either. I’m with my perfect mate. He is tall with dark hair and has a charismatic presence that commands people’s attention. All of my friends and family love him and are grateful that he came into my life. They come to visit a lot and always leave with full bellies and warm feelings of satisfaction and buoyancy. We would not think or act the same but our differences would compliment and create a balance, bringing out the best in one another. We would have fights but they would always be resolved so both parties end up feeling heard, understood, validated. Fears and insecurities would never be left unattended to or swept under the carpet, only to crop up later and suck the life out of the relationship. We would fight for the relationship everyday and never get lazy about it. We would realize that it takes work and would both be dedicated to doing the work. We would be unwavering and protective of the relationship, tending to it like a garden, pulling out the weeds regularly so they would not crowd us, take us over and smother our fragile roots. We would always remember to water and provide plenty of light so it could continue to grow and produce beautiful perennial blooms.

We would be close but still give each other plenty of space, room to breathe and remain the people we fell in love with. We would genuinely like who the other person is, what they stand for, their character, their soul, even their flaws. We would never think, say, or do anything to ask them to change, tamper with their spirit or soul or make them feel like they are giving up too much of themselves. We would be above power struggles, control dramas, external pressures, and ticking clocks. We’d have our own rhythm and keep faith that the universe will take us where we are supposed to go. We would never hold the past against one another; we’d plan for the future, but not so much that we would stop living in the present. In a perfect world, I would never get fat and he would never go bald and even when we had been stripped of our beauty there would be such a deeper connection that it wouldn’t really matter. He would find my neuroses enchanting and would adore me on every level. There would be no distrust, dishonesty, or rollercoaster of emotions. Everything would be on an even keel, stable and consistent. There would be no guessing; we would always know how the other was feeling because we would communicate it without fear, guilt, or worry.

We would have 2 children, a boy and a girl. They would have my creativity and his brains; they would be into sports and make high honors every semester. I would drive a dark green Range Rover and attend their soccer and baseball games with Pugs in tow. In the summertime we would all sit out on the big wrap around porch inhaling my fragrant tea roses and lemon verbena hanging baskets as we discuss the events of the day; how great Junior did at bat, the A+ our daughter got on her science test, where we are going on our next family vacation.

We would live in a 5-bdrm modern farmhouse with hardwood floors throughout and a sunken living room. The master bath has a Jacuzzi tub with earth-tone tiles and recessed lighting above the vanity that holds his and her sinks. On the other side of the bathroom wall is our huge walk-in closet. The house smells of eucalyptus, Murphy’s Oil soap, and inviting aromas that emanate from the kitchen where I am always cooking up a storm in Nigella Lawson fashion. We have a huge wooden table and breakfast nook in our country kitchen where copper pots and stainless steal utensils hang from exposed beams, reflecting orange flickering lights off the stone fireplace that sits in the corner where kitchen and family room meet and become one. We spend a lot of time there making homemade pizzas, pancake breakfasts, and drinking tea.

Fresh cut flowers from my garden are placed in strategic vases in the bathroom, kitchen, and on the bedroom nightstand. I would of course be a paid author working from my upstairs office that is decorated with white Wainscoting at half-wall length and celery green colored paint scans the upper partition to vaulted ceilings. Skylights let in just the right amount of daylight and billowy sheer curtains are floating from the gentle breeze blowing through cracked windows. All of the furniture is made from oak or ash wood. There are only natural materials in this room, nothing plastic, metal, or synthetic. It is 100% organic like the way we choose to live our lives. It is a place of tranquility and inspiration where I would often go to write and paint. Outside there would be sprawling gardens and a meandering foot path leading to a pond with Japanese Koi fish in it.

In a perfect world Pugsley would always be with me and never grow any older than he is right now. I would honor him first by writing a Pug book, then through my pug rescue foundation by taking in needy foster pugs who would come and go while they wait to be placed. The whole family would take part in the pug rearing, our house would never be without the pitter patter of little pug feet. Fostering and re-homing would teach the children about patience, kindness, and most of all how to love and treat animals with respect. In a perfect world, first kisses would last forever and no animal would ever be neglected or abused. In a perfect world.

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Nicholas commented March 7, 2005 8:51 PM

Sounds wonderful Dahhhling. I hope that your "perfect world" comes trues, even if only certains aspects of it do. You deserve only the best.



liam commented March 8, 2005 10:20 AM

That is a pretty detailed perfect world. It sounds like something out of Martha Stewarts world. How do you find a guy whose perfect and ideal world, is the same as yours?? An organic house that smells like eucalyptus, where the office upstairs is yours, and japanese koi fish are in the pond at the end of the foot path?? Drinking tea and smelling fragrant tea roses. Are you kidding me?? Seems to me like you have 2 choices here to achieve your goals, marry a woman, or convert a gay, rich guy. You could have atleast thrown in a swedish nanny, a ferrarri, playstation 2, an 80 inch tv, something that shows a guy lives there too.



jim commented March 8, 2005 10:37 AM

L: It's really wonderful to read about (and more importantly, know) a person who forsees, with such specificity, what she wants her life to be like. I hope you get everything you want.



Lauren commented March 8, 2005 4:29 PM

Oh that's a great story...I hope your perfect world comes true or at least close to it :)


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