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September 15, 2005

If I wasn't true to myself, I'd be lying to everyone.

If you could peek inside my heart and see how much Love I have for Pugsley it would astound you.

If I was a Shakespeare character, I would be Ophelia.

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would be in the Gulf Coast helping animals.

If I was willing to take whatever crumbs you throw my way, how much would you really respect me?

If I was able to turn it on and off, I'd either be a water faucet or a guy.

If I made your heart skip a beat, would you tell me?

If I have one flaw that repeatedly gets me into trouble, it's an addictive personality.

If I have one talent, it's being able to express what I think and how I feel.

If all the good ones are taken, what does that leave for me?

If I'm wrong, prove it.

If we didn't part, you never would have met your wife and had your daughter. It's as it should be and I'm happy for you.

If I've lost touch with old friends, it's not because I've forgotten you, it's not that I don't miss you. It just means we are traveling on different roads right now and I look forward to the day we meet again.

If I never fell flat on my face, I wouldn't have learned how to get up and dust myself off.

If I have a strong opinion about something that affects me personally, I will be blunt and speak or write about it.

If I am blunt, it doesn't mean I'm a bitch. It means I am interested in the bottom line. It's just how my brain works to cut through all the B.S. and get down to what matters.

If we take out the "Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance, I fear for our country and our children's future.

If you can age in your lifetime with dignity, wisdom, and grace, that is a thing of beauty.

If I never found your friendship, some part of me would still be lost.

If I didn't stand up for myself, nobody else would stand up for me.

If God has a plan for all of us, then we aren't really in control of our own destiny.

If all good things come to those who wait, I must be sitting on a windfall.

If you could make my toes curl I would probably Love you forever.

If I haven't been a good enough friend, I'm sorry.

If you needed me, I'd be there.

If the average woman had access to a personal trainer, fashion stylist, nutritionist, hair extensions, make up artists, and good lighting, we would all look like hot celebrities.

If I ever had to sit through another Hugh Grant romantic comedy, I would probably stick toothpicks in my eyeballs.

If I had to choose between being someone's toy on the shelf or nothing at all -- I would choose nothing at all.

If time wasn't fleeting, I wouldn't care.

If guys really want independent chicks, why do they always end up with the needy ones?

If you were mine I would never let you leave the bedroom.

If I could sleep until 9:30 every morning, I would.

If we had it to do over again - Would we? Could we?

If Life was fair, parents wouldn't ever have to outlive their children, children wouldn't have to watch their parents die, siblings would go at the same time, and people wouldn't have to lose their pets.

If I could take away your pain, I would.

If I lived somewhere else, I probably wouldn't be alone right now.

If dreams came true, Bono would drop by for tea.

If I didn't know you, I wouldn't really know myself.

If you wanted to see me, you would have made time.

If you wanted to talk, there have been opportunities.

If you really wanted me, nothing would keep you away.

If you hate him, why don't you leave?

If you're miserable, how can you stay?

If you stay, how can I respect you?

If I ever got my hands on you, I wouldn't want to take them off. And then you would call me clingy.

If you gave me half a chance, I would win your affection.

If I hadn't suffered in my past, I wouldn't be able to endure my present or enjoy my future.

If the book of Genesis is the beginning of time and life, how do theologians explain dinosaurs 230 million years ago?

If we'd met at a different time, in a different place, would we be together?

If words had arms, would mine reach out and blanket you while you sleep?

If justice was served, murderers and rapists would be used for vivisection and other experiments instead of animals.

If pot was legal in America, there would be less crime and more peace. The government could tax it and use the money to lower the national debt.

If animal abusers were penalized with more than a slap on the wrist, a lot less animals would suffer and die.

If I wasn't a romantic fool, I would be able to forget you.

If journeys end in lover's meeting, that explains why I feel so jet lagged.

If you were a snake, you'd be a side winder.

If I enjoy a good healthy debate, does that make me argumentative or curious?

If we went on a 12 hour roadtrip, you wouldn't have to turn the radio on.

If you met me in person, would I be everything you imagined?

If someone mistakes passion for anger, does that make them passionate or angry?

If you're going to accuse me of something, make sure you have proof.

If I belonged to someone else, would I still belong to myself?

If I had one wish right now, it would be for Pugsley to never leave me.

If I had a second wish, it would be for us to move and live in our own house.

If I could bring him back for you, I would.

If you said you were sorry, I would be able to forgive you...

If it brings you more pain than pleasure, let it go. Life is too short.

If raindrops were your kisses, I would dance naked in a down pour.

If I have one regret, it's wasting time.

If I live to be 100, I will never forget you.

If you have answers to my questions, would you share them?

If I stopped blogging, would you miss me after I was gone?

If you knew tomorrow would never come, would you let me Love you?

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Toni commented September 16, 2005 6:49 AM

whoa...a little something for everyone in your life (or not in your life)



jcf8366 commented September 16, 2005 7:44 AM

wow, excellent stuff. Each one is a gem and makes you think. It would do us all good to write something like this for ourselves, and to pull it out often and read it.



SL commented September 16, 2005 8:52 AM

Once again I'm inspired and thankful!

As I was reading I was thinking...I know who she's talking about...then you would do a 360 on me and go to another person. There were a few times I felt you were talking to me too. Maybe its a bit presumptuous on my part...but what you wrote echoed something you once said to me...I'll never forget it. Anywho, enough about me, let's talk about you...

At this stage of the game, after all these years I've been looking at the best way to define what it is you mean to me, your friendship etc...you know what it brings to my life, etc. (outside the nervous nelly tendencies that an SL aquires when her SL has so many feakin ailments!) :)

So with this blog SL brings on yet another new meaning...Are you ready?

MF Seer Lori -- that is probably the highest compliment I can give someone. By definition:(I'm giving only a portion here) a peson endowed with moral and spiritual insight or knowledge. On an SL level this post changed me...your insight moved me...and please know that despite any criticism you may receive revealing yourself on this blog...YOU ARE APPRECIATED, YOU ARE INSPIRING, AND YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU SHOULD BE, DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST. Keep up the great work.
With my appreciation & love,



Margot commented September 16, 2005 4:27 PM

You are brilliant! I don't know you, but you are amazing. Keep on blogging . . . you have a gift.



Lauren commented September 17, 2005 8:26 PM

Love this entry! I can relate to a lot of this stuff :)


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