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Little Chucky Needs Your Help
July 10, 2006


Little Chucky was surrendered to our pug rescue in May 2006. He had not been seen by a vet since 2000. He came to PPRA with kennel cough and severe yeast infections in both ears. His kennel cough turned into pneumonia. Simultaneously, his foster mom started to notice he was having seizures.

The vets could not figure out what was wrong with Little Chucky. He was having seizures and always laying his head down on his left ear. The vets thought it could be a serious ear infection behind the ear canal or a tumor. Chucky was placed on medication to clear up the ear infections, but he still continued to have seizures. The options at this point in time were to sedate him in order to look behind the ear canal into the inner ear OR to have an MRI. The seizures increased in length and intensity. He would sleep until he was woken up. He lost his balance and would fall. His little body would go into a rigid ball and he would howl in pain. All the time, he would run back and forth frantically, rubbing his head onto the floor.

The vet referred Little Chucky to Essex County Emergency Hospital for monitoring of seizures. He had a severe seizure with vomiting. He was immediately hooked up to a Valium IV. He had x-rays, ear cultures, complete blood work and started on Phenobarbital.

Essex County Emergency Hospital referred Little Chucky to Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital for an MRI. After his MRI, he was referred to Animal Neurological Clinic to have a shunt operation because he was diagnosed with Hydrocephaly. He had a CT scan, x-rays and shunt surgery on June 29, 2006. The surgeon found that he had a huge cyst in his brain which was a blowout from the fluid buildup. Little Chucky was only the second case he had seen like this. Due to this blowout section, the shunt was placed at the bottom of the cyst, rather than the usual placement.

Little Chucky is slowly recovering from his surgery. He is getting stronger every day. His medical care to date is over $6400. We have started Fund Raising to help pay for Little Chucky's medical care. To date, we have raised over $700. If you would like to donate to Little Chucky's Medical Fund, you can send a donation via Paypal or check .

Please consider helping Chucky with even a small donation. Be sure to check our website for updates on Little Chucky and all the pugs we have helped. Thank you in advance for helping this special little pug.

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Tammy commented July 13, 2006 5:25 PM

Thanks for letting us know about Little Chucky. Stories like this are difficult to read, but necessary to help encourage people to donate. I would be happy to contribute to getting this little man healed up!



Lori commented July 13, 2006 10:16 PM

Many thanks Tammy!



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