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the others
July 30, 2007

Nancy was a farm girl. You liked her because she was sweet to you. She had blue eyes and a size 23 waist.
Diane was tall and thin. She was the first girl who let you past 3rd on the beach at night. Not long after she became a lesbian and you didn't seem to care.
Marcia was your first love who moved away and broke your heart. She had big aspirations for law school and a phd.
Debbie was beautiful but emotionally distant. She had a penchant for bad boys who drove too fast. She married the guy after you, he was a race car driver. They divorced a couple years later.
Maura was a type A, over achiever who excelled in academics and sports. She went to Fordham University and you'd take the train to visit on weekends. You never got over her and then one day I came in to find her in your bed.
Terri was un-naturally blonde, Jewish and petite. She was more interested in diamonds and gold than your marriage and she proved it by cheating on you. Twice.
Alice was tall and slender with black hair and pale skin. You lived together as co dependents feeding off of one another's insecurities and self destructions, like vampires.
Sandy was a nurse with a big smile and Catholic upbringing. She worked out and stood by you for as long as she could until she realized you'd never be able to give her what she needed. She left and married a doctor at 28.
Then there were the countless nameless in between. The pathological liar, the goth girl who practiced witchery on the side, and the one you almost married, who attempted suicide because she liked to punish you.

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coffeypot commented July 30, 2007 10:02 AM




coffeypot commented July 30, 2007 3:49 PM

btw, to to djandy's site and watch the pug video. Though you might like it. You can go to my site and connect at the side bar - but you know that don't ya. Duh!



Lori commented July 30, 2007 8:18 PM

and....it was a writing exercise


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