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June 30, 2009

I took in a new foster pug this weekend, her name is Bebe. Taking care of two needy pugs is hard work, similar to how I imagine it would be chasing after toddlers all day - preparing special meals, giving them baths, administering medications, changing diapers, making sure they don't kill each other...but it's helping keep my mind occupied as I continue to anxiously wait for my biopsy results.

Poor Bebe is an owner surrender who is very sweet and very sad. Her "owners" recently put down her pug sibling who Bebe was best pals with her whole life.... because they said she was "too old". Then they decided they didn't want dogs in their lifestyle anymore so they got rid of Bebe too! Luckily we got her before they found a vet to put her down as well...Now we need to help the little old gal find a forever home. Bebe walks funny and her back legs are incredibly stiff as a result of being kept locked up in a crate for years. I've been exercising her in the yard for an hour each day to slowly start loosening them up again.

Bebe has such a beautiful sweet white face and a lovely soft fluffy coat of fur with a cute silver / black stripe running down her back.


Its a good thing I never meet up with these people in a dark alley at night.....I'd be like some crazed pug loving super hero trying to avenge all the villainous wrongs done to the pugs in this world.. I'd be like cat woman, only I'd be Pug Woman! I wonder if that means I'd have a curly tail on the back of my black leather pug suit? I should write a comic book.

So I was hoping Plum would warm right up to her because Bebe is really lonely for her companion and she keeps trying to nuzzle Plum and play. BUT as it turns out Plum Plum is very jealous and isn't having it.

Here she is on their first meeting. Note the pensive ears laid back...and there they have stayed.

Sadly she hasn't warmed to Bebe, she is just barely tolerating her and there was a food aggression incident this morning.. I guess I've gotten Plum too spoiled all by herself here the last few weeks with me and now she doesn't want to share.


My house is becoming a wayward home for senior puggies. It's just like the pug farm that I have always dreamed of in my perfect world scenario; needy pugs always coming and going, helping them in loving memory of the Sausage.... I realize I am missing a couple other things from my perfect world...but I've been busy working on those too.. Nothing comes easy.

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Trudy commented June 30, 2009 5:09 PM

Bebe is such a darling (as is Plum)! I am happy to hear that she is out of the situation she was in! Poor Plum, having her safe turf invaded!

I, too, dream of having a Pug Farm :)



Becky commented June 30, 2009 6:45 PM

You have such a good heart! Bebe and Plum are very blessed to have you. They look so cute together, I can imagine them both dressed in pink or purple.
Kinda sounds like my situation with Gidget, my friend's pug, that I have taken in. She is very jealous and possesive and has had a couple of spats with my tiny chihuahua and my pom. My friend, Cindy, had a stroke and asked me to take her in. My pug Fuji and her seem to be ok with each other but I always have to keep an eye on Gidget. I have gotten quite attached to her. I thought she might take to my daughter but no, I put her in Meagan's lap, Gidget hopped down, came to me and growled softly back at her. That hurt Meagan's feelings.I know you are anxious about the results, hope you have good news soon.



Neas Nuttiness commented June 30, 2009 8:38 PM

Oooooooooh - your perfect world sounds...well - perfect.

Leave out the kids, and the baseball and soccer games - and I could come and live in your perfect world. I've wanted a Pug Farm for as long as I can remember.

Thank God there are people like you, who give these precious creatures a haven from the hell that they have gone through!!!

Praying for good results from your biopsy!



Lauren Gaught commented June 30, 2009 9:57 PM

Awww... Bless you Lori... Bebe has the most beautiful smile!... What a sweetie... I do hope Plum comes around & warms up to the dear...

We are also praying for a good biopsy result....



jan commented July 1, 2009 7:32 AM

lori, when i brought little maggie into our house, my munchie had been an only child for ten years. the breeder told me that it would take a month for munchie to accept her and not to expect too much too soon.

munchie avoided her like the plague, she would have nothing to do with her, but sure enough after a month went by, munchie accepted her and they became great friends. they played and romped and, for a time, maggie breathed new life into munchie. it was a wonderful thing to see it all unfold.

so be patient, dear heart, poor plum has had a hard life, but hopefully she will come around when she realizes she isn't being pushed aside...



marni commented July 1, 2009 7:40 AM

Oh, she is so cute! They'll warm up to one another soon enough...

Got prayers coming your way for the biopsy!!!



Casey commented July 1, 2009 9:48 AM

OMG look at Bebe! I love her!! So beautiful! THOSE PEOPLE SUCK! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT! GRRR. OMG I wish I could draw so I could come up with a "Pug Woman" comic for you - that sounds great! Definitely curly tail on the back of the suit!

I hope Plum warms up to Bebe eventually :( Bebe definitely needs a puggie friend.

Also keeping good vibes coming your way for biopsy result...



kim commented July 2, 2009 9:59 AM

Good for you, I'm sure all that good pug karma will help you with your test.
I'm sure after a time both of the pugs will get used to each other. We just got a little girl pug from some people that couldn't handle her, she's 1 1/2 and a bundle of energy. We haven't had a pug this young in 13 years. They had left her collar on way too long and as she grew it rubbed off all the fur on the underside of her neck. I glad we got her when we did, of course she has a harness on now.
Good luck and best wishes, Kim



Lex commented July 2, 2009 11:42 PM

Some people.. it really makes you wonder.

Bebe is so cute and happy looking. I hope Plum warms up to her, two females in one house though can be an issue. Good luck!


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