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so many in need...
October 5, 2009

One of the things I love about working for the Curly Tail Pug Rescue organization is the sense of harmony and community that exists. There are no politics, no super egos, no judgments, no hidden agendas, we are all just a bunch of pug lovers who share one common mission - Together we REACH: Rescue, Educate, Act, Change, Hope.

We all work full time jobs. We all have our own dogs, families and obligations to tend to. But we all make time everyday to do whatever we can to make a difference in even one dog's life.

When our foster homes are at full capacity tripping over pugs in our homes and we get the call about 5 more in need, somehow we pull together and make room.

When it's pouring buckets of rain on the weekend outside in the park where there is a fundraising event, our unbelievably dedicated volunteers are there for 6 hours tirelessly working the booth to network and spread the word about our mission.

When we go home at night after working 9-10 hour days before we even sit down to eat our own dinner, we tend to our rescues and fosters; we bathe them, we feed them, administer medications, and we show them the love many have never known.

Instead of kicking back in the evening to watch our favorite television shows we get on our computers and mobile devices to coordinate our next public events, transportation runs, adoption applicant screening, website updates, etc. We have whole teams that go out to local classified ads and scour the shelters where even one pug may be in jeopardy of being placed in an inappropriate home....or worse.

The best thing about it is nobody complains. It's hard work to see the things we see, to do the things we do, and to know the things we know. It's hours of our time that we do not get paid for in monetary terms but rest assured we are all the richer in more important ways.

Being a part of it all is truly inspiring and rewarding beyond compare.

But sometimes all the hard work from the loving and committed volunteers is just not enough. Sometimes we can't bare the burden all on our own. It is only with the help, love, and compassion of other animal lovers that we are able to continue on our mission.

Right now in addition to an overwhelming number of owner surrenders (30 pugs in foster care) we also have 3 intensely difficult cases:

Nemo's Story (this one breaks my heart into more pieces than you can imagine)

We received an emergency call about a scared little male pug named Nemo. We were told Nemo had "escaped" from his home and was hit by a car. His owners couldn't find him for 24 hrs. When they finally did, he was scared and shivering under the front porch. He was not able to walk, he was whimpering in pain and his owners couldn't afford to take him to the ER so they called us.

In the middle of the night, we drove out to LI and brought whimpering little Nemo to our 24 hr vet care facility where he would be safe and Curly Tail would fund his ER medical treatment.

Initially upon intake, Nemo was whimpering in pain and had not gone to the bathroom in almost 24hrs. We weren't sure of the extent of his injuries. Nemo spent 3 days in our ER facility, he was cared for around the clock where they had him catheterized and on fluids to stabilize him. His pelvis had been shattered and broken in several places.

Our vets had suspected abuse when they examined his current injuries and a past injured eye. As you can see from the images, Nemo's eye is sunken and "pushed" in. It has already healed however, he must have suffered terribly when he 1st suffered the injury and then had to wait out the healing with medical care.

They also suspect that Nemo was kicked based on the damages to his pelvis (rather than hit by a car) b/c he does not have any injuries elsewhere on his body and b/c of the nature of his previous injuries.

Nemo is healing and even though he has been through so much & suffered tremendous pain, Nemo is one of the sweetest and gentlest pups in our care and everyone absolutely LOVES him.

Nemo's medical care is topping out near $2,000.

Fall 2009 Puppy Mill Pugs
Shortly after Nemo's intake we partnered with GMPR in an effort to rescue over 70 pugs from a puppy mill being shut down in Georgia. This horror show of a facility was being forced to surrender their dogs by the USDA. When that happens, you know the situation must be dire.

In spite of an overwhelming number of pugs already in our care, we managed to make room for 6 more of these desperately needy pugs. We were able to rescue Clementine, Kiwi, Blackberry, Honey Dew, Pear, and Apple.

These pups are safe in Curly Care and have begun treatment for their various medical needs. These little pups are the most adorable, loving, GRATEFUL little angels. They are all acclimating amazingly well in their foster homes and want nothing but to be held and given love, affection and of course the healthiest & tastiest meals possible.....of course, we oblige.

The current running total for these 6 puppies = $5,850.00

Yoda's Story
Little Yoda has been in our care since July. Yoda is a sweet 6 month old pug puppy that came into Curly Care from a local shelter about 1 month ago. Yoda had a wobbly gait and would lose his balance occasionally. We suspected neurological damage. We conducted a battery of tests and concluded that he has a liver shunt.
Because of Yoda's shunt condition, the toxins in his system and failing "internal filter" has caused both of his eyes to ulcerate. He physically cannot have a surgery once the shunt surgery is performed because his little body will not be able to withstand and process another time under anesthesia.

We postponed the shunt surgery for 5 days to monitor the progress in his eye treatment. If we need to enucleate an eye and / or do a graft, it all needs to happen during his liver shunt surgery. This means that we will need TWO specialist surgeons to work on him simultaneously. One surgeon will deal with the eye removal and/or graft while the other is performing the shunt portion.

Yoda's simultaneous surgeries will cost close to $4,000

Fellow Bloggers - You can help! Please cross post the above rescue story links and chip'ins to help us spread the word. Even the smallest donation helps a pug in need.

Thank you for helping those that can't help themselves!

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emily the biker pug commented October 6, 2009 5:23 AM

well said Lori
I do believe CTPR is an extra special rescue and they do go above and beyond to help the pugs.
It truly amazies me how the CTPR members in the city do their work, it is hard enough when you can open the door and take the pugs out in the yard but in the city it must be much more time consuming.
CTPR is celebrating their 1 year anniversary and what they have done in that year is truly amazing.
CTPR is truly something special with extra special people.



Kelly commented October 6, 2009 8:00 PM

OMG!! How could ANYONE harm an innocent little pug or any dog like that?@#?. Poor Nemo I will send prayers that he gets well soon :(
Thank GOD there are rescue groups like yours to save these poor babies!!!


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