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and then there was Plum...
August 29, 2010

What can I say about my little rescue girl Plum? She has been somewhat of a train wreck "medically" in the last year since she came to me from the shelter where her days were numbered.

After a full year of trying to rehabilitate I now believe from so many years of neglect in her past that her poor little insides have just suffered too much damage for her to ever be 100% right. It's all about day by day with her and managing each condition as best we can.

Still - she is awake and alive and she wants to love and be loved. She wants to fill that sad place in my heart with cuddles and snorts and a soft furry body under the covers - and I in turn want nothing more than to give her the best remainder of life that she can have.


Our dynamic is totally different than the one I had with Pugsley. We have a different kind of bond. I am her rescuer and she is my poor little old gal who I'd do anything to help. I have no idea what happened to her for the first 10 years of her life or what she was like as a puppy. Sometimes I catch her in a rare spunky mood and I can see a little glimpse into how precious she must have been as a once healthy young puglet.

On the anniversary of Sausage's passing (sometimes life can be ironic and cruel all at once) I found out Plummy may be in early stage kidney failure. I don't know yet for sure because she is currently battling a UTI w/ blood in urine so the kidney testing has been put on hold until the infection clears, otherwise results would be skewed.

We will do what we can to keep her happy and comfortable and not compromise the quality of her life. I feel that she has suffered enough. I am looking into holistic treatment, nothing toxic or unnatural. The poor old gal has fought long and hard and I still believe she isn't done fighting. What amazes me most about Plummy is for how fragile she seems, she always surprises me by becoming this strong little warrior princess. In retrospect I suppose I should have named her Xena.

Curly Tail Pug Rescue just launched a new program called "Forever Fosters". These are dogs that are deemed unadoptable or simply have too many issues to be adopted out and so they are placed in permanent foster care. This enables Curly Tail to provide veterinary care for these dogs and the foster families provide the love and home.

I have received emails from some of you asking how you could make a donation to help with Plum's care. I'm happy to report that her Chip In has been activated.

Here is a breakdown of her monthly supplies (does not include vet care) any money collected via Plum's chip in will go directly here:
Homecooked Diet: 10 lbs of chicken every two weeks: $30/ x 2 /month = $60
Organic baby food + Bone Meal: $30
Seventh Generation hypoallergenic wipes: $10
Benadryl = $15
Medicated shampoos: Oxydex (anti bacterial), Malesab (antifungal), Resicourt (anti inflammatory): $50
Urine testing: - once per month $52
Natural supplements: Quercetin for allergies, Uromax for UTI: $20
Antibiotic / Probiotic: 1 month supply: $85
Wee pads: $20

Plummy has been added as a Curly Tail Forever Foster, you can check out the page here.The Forever Foster program allows you to help support Plum and other pugs like her. Thank you so much for your support!

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Amber & Mr. Pups commented August 30, 2010 6:42 PM

Mr. Pups and I send her many kisses and hugs! I'm glad to see she has a good mommy!!!



Lori commented August 30, 2010 7:44 PM

spam test



Lori commented September 1, 2010 11:23 AM

I don't know who you all are yet that donated but I thank you and Plummy thanks you so much! We will get the notification from the rescue org shortly so I can send you a proper thanks!!


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