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Reader Question: Why does my pug ignore me?
September 13, 2010

Typically a normal, happy, healthy pug will be right up in your face, on your lap, with some part of his body always needing to be touching yours. They are true lap and companion dogs in every sense of the word. Pugs were bred with the sole purpose to be companions and I personally have never met one that didn't want to be near their family member's at all possible times. Let alone ignore them and pretend they don't exist. So that tells me something is wrong with your pug.


When they are sick
When an animal is sick or hurt his instinct is to go off and "nest" somewhere, to be by himself. In fact this is how I always know something is wrong with one of my pugs, if they suddenly want to be alone, that is a sign that they are ill.

Is your pug acting normal in all other ways? No change in his eating, sleeping, eliminating habits? Does he act depressed or low energy at all? If he is exhibiting any of these signs combined with ignoring you, I would take him to the vet ASAP, and rule out that there may be something physically wrong.

Change of Lifestyle / Disruptions in the Routine
It is no secret that Pugs are very stubborn. And all dogs are creatures of habit and routine. When something happens to mix up the routine they are used to, this can sometimes result in confusion and anxiety for the pug, and ultimately in them acting out some kind of odd behavior in protest.

For instance have you recently moved? Changed your work hours? Or brought in a new person or pet into the house?

First you must remember that all dogs, even pugs are little wolves at heart, and are very pack oriented. They feel most secure and happy when they understand their place in the pack and the place of those in their immediate family (pack).

If you have recently brought a new partner or another pet into the pack for example, it is possible your pug feels confused about where this leaves him in the social standing of the pack.

He could also just be bitter because you are suddenly lavishing attention on someone else that he had been used to receiving from you.

I once received an email from a man who married a new wife and he wanted to surrender his pug to our rescue because every night while the couple was sleeping, the pug would climb up to the new wife's head and take a big dump on her pillow!

The email said, "I have to surrender my pug because my wife is tired of being shit on".


The pug in this case just did not ever take to the new wife because he sensed that she did not like him.

Apparently the new wife gave the husband an ultimatum, it was either her or the dog.

Personally, I thought the husband should have surrendered the wife instead, but Queue sera.

If you have recently moved to a new house or apartment this can also cause similar anxiety as well and they will act out in different ways depending on their personalities.

The point is - these life changes can be very disruptive to your pug and each one will act out in a different way. The pug who didn't like the new wife acted out by shiting on the woman's head because he was a spiteful little guy, but others can act out by ignoring or snubbing.

I remember when I would go away on vacation for a week and leave Pugsley behind, it never failed when I came home he would initially "snub" me and pretend like I no longer existed to him. Of course this passed after about ½ an hour.

But any prolonged periods of snubbing or ignoring within normal day to day events, suggest to me that you should look into anything recently that may have change and affected your pug. Because if he never used to ignore you and suddenly is now, clearly he is having issues with something.

Whenever it comes to change - you need to make sure you are helping your pug with any new transitions by acclimating him with a lot of love, patience, and positive reassurance. If handled properly in no time he will come to understand his secure place in the pack again, and be back to his normal old mischievous self.

Maybe some of my pug readers could chime in with their thoughts on the matter.

Best of Luck

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