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fun with ps5
September 14, 2010

I've been playing around with my new Adobe Photoshop CS5 and man is it powerful.. While I haven't really dove into all it can do (raw image processing, new painting effects, etc) I find just applying some simple filters and actions to some of my favorite subjects to be quite entertaining.

Here is a raw photo of me and my SL at her b.day party. the photo is straight out of the camera. It looks a little hazy, but still one of my favorite "me and sl" pics.

Now here is the same pic with the "smart sharpen" filter applied...look how much deeper and more detailed the image appears.

then I decided to try out the "trace contour" filter and look how cool this little artsy application came out. We look like colored pencil cartoons! I was thinking it would be neat to make a little stock card or poster of this one just as a little keepsake / memory of the day.

Next I tried out the "lens correction" filter. Wow. I don't mind telling you I could spend hours playing with this one action. Does that make me a geek girl? probably so! With one drag of the cursor you can manipulate the photo angle in any direction, as if you had changed direction of the actual lens set up.

Here is a straight out of camera shot of little Plummy at the vet the other day..(her hasn't been feeling wells)

Now I applied the Photocopy filter to make her look like she was run through the copy machine. Poor Plummy! Next I might take a picture of her backside so I can make it look like she sat her butt on the office copy machine.

And here is a SOOC shot of her snoozing on the couch in classic Plum position, back legs crossed and her little tongue poking out.

Now here is the same photo with the "cutout" filter applied. Nifty, eh?

Last but not least, here my little Joshie-nephew, adorable as can be. Enjoying his first ever Carvel ice cream cup that auntie got for him (vanilla w/ mixed sprinkles)..I love the way the summer sunset is shining down on his chubby little arms and the side of his face in this shot.

I applied some black and white action to the photo, and then I tweaked the fill and opacity levels so it's not completely b&w, you can still see the light hitting those same angles. I love how it gives the photo a more vintage feel.

There are so many things you can do w/ this program...the possibilities are endless..and I haven't even tapped into any of the 3D stuff yet..ah, but winter is coming,

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emily the biker pug commented September 14, 2010 7:17 PM

Hey Lori you and your SL look great I like the first one out of the camera best.
Hope Plum is feeling better I see she must of had a blood draw by the bandage. Great pic of her on the couch are you going to enter her in the calender contest? Or are you going to give her a rest after being the June 2010 calender girl. I am going to try and get Jeanine to take some pics of the gang here for the contest. It seems like a good fun idea. For anyone who has not seen the 2010 calender it is beautiful the best pug calender I have seen.
Great to see Josh has recovered from his busted arm. Looks like a little weight work down the road and he will have some big guns to show off.



Lauren Gaught commented September 15, 2010 12:23 AM

SO neat... Love the last one of your nephew and the one of Plum sacked out... I sure hope Plummy gets to feeling better soon!!


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