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October 13, 2010

No. Not THAT kind of nipples.

I mean, this kind:

I am wondering what to do about baby bottle nipples since I have absolutely no experience in baby bottles but I need to get more liquid into Plum for her kidneys.

Someone suggested I try giving her goats milk or broth in a baby bottle BUT because she is allergic to EVERYTHING I am too afraid to give her the latex nipple and or the silicone nipple.

These seem to be the only 2 varieties on the market, in the stores and at the pharmacies.

My question is do they MAKE a hypoallergenic nipple for baby bottles?

And if so where in the Sam hell can I find one??

Posted by Lori on October 13, 2010 12:04 AM permalink Comments (1)



Amber & Mr. Pups commented October 13, 2010 4:07 PM

I'm not 100% sure but I believe silicone nipples are considered to be hypoallergenic.


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