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October 20, 2010


So last night I had a dream that I had a pet Bear. Well, he wasn't really a pet. More like a visitor that forced his way into my house on a daily basis and I had to either befriend him or get eaten by him. So I complied and let him come and go as he pleased, wreaking havoc and fear with every visit. When he came I was extremely frightened of the power he had over me, knowing with one swat of his paw he could destroy me and Plummy. So I walked on eggshells and let him do as he pleased, pretending to be his buddy. It was his unpredictability that frightened me most of all. But when he went I missed him, because even as grotesque and frightening as he was, I had developed an attachment to the 800lb grizzly beast. Sometimes he was like an abnormally gigantic furry dog in a bear suit, and other times he was more like a man or symbolic of a man. An ex boyfriend perhaps, who liked to torture me? Or maybe it was that Vicodin I took right before bedtime....

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