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Songs That Save
June 21, 2011

Hey fellow dog lovers! I am happy to announce that for a limited time only we are selling the Curly Tail "Songs that Save" CD Rescue Remix for just $9.99 + s/h!

Brought to you by Curly's miracle puppies: Sophia, Butter, and Flannery!

This is a super fun way to donate to our pugs in need and receive our Limited Edition Curly Tail music CD containing 20 all dog / rescue themed songs!


Track # 1 "I Will Survive" - "extended version as sung by Frank the Pug" from the Men In Black film!!

Track # 18 "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson - Sophia's Personal Theme Song

and much, much more!!



Click here to go to iTunes and preview all of the songs! http://c.itunes.apple.com/us/imix/curly-tails-rescue-remix/id440373643

100% of the proceeds go directly to benefit our rescue pugs!
Click the Buy Now button below to order yours today!!
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