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Life Lessons from Joshua
July 7, 2011

Never get too serious to enjoy childish delights...

Ride piggy back, climb trees, make mudpies, jump in puddles, frolic in the water, swing on monkey bars, go on worm hunts, lie in the grass, dream big, build a fort, run barefoot, slay dragons, play in the rain, lick the bowl, reach for the stars, imagine, tread gently, sleep soundly, believe that you actually ARE a super hero......

Thanks to my sweet little nephew Joshua for reminding me of these important life lessons everyday.



Posted by Lori on July 7, 2011 12:49 AM permalink Comments (1)



Michael Masishin commented July 11, 2011 11:55 PM

Nice pics Lori,...little Josh is not so little any more,..cute little guy.


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