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Hi Smooshy Face!
September 7, 2011


We have only known each other for 5 days so far but I've already made some interesting observations about my new pugaletta.

First, she is the perfect combination of sweet and saucy.

Everyone warned me that black pugs, especially females can be really wild and crazy but so far what I see is just normal young pug puppy energy. She does like to play hard and play often, and she does put other dogs in their place letting them know who is in charge...but usually only when provoked.

She doesn't tolerate any humping from Angelo for instance, and has already let him know on several occasions that it's not ok.

What I love about her is for all of her sassy girl ways she can also be very chill and laid back. She appreciates just as many quiet easy going, lie down next to mamma and be lovey and gentle times.

Moxie has the softest silkiest coat of fur I have ever felt on an animal. And I haven't even started her on the grizzly salmon oil yet! I imagine she will be slick as a baby seal once I start adding a squirt of those Omega 3's into her food every day.

Black pugs don't seem to shed as much from what I can tell, it's nice to be able to wear black clothes again!

Being that she is still in the puppy phase, and I suspect Moxie is still teething, she does have a problem being a little mouthy and we're working on that.

Each time she tries to bite my fingers thinking they are her own personal chew toy I do one of the following:

Replace my fingers with a bone so she gets that toys are for chewing, people fingers are not.


Squeal like she hurt me and then take away playtime, because this is how dogs learn from their littermates when playing is too rough. Eventually they learn that if you want to play you have to play nice, with boundaries or you don't get played with at all.

Like most typical pugs, Moxie doesn't like the rain or stepping on wet grass. This has made our constitutional walks tricky the past few days, but she is slowly getting the hang of it.

Yesterday I had to leave her alone for the first time when I went to work. I left her in the dog / laundry room and when I came home I noticed some paint had been scratched off the double dutch door. She must have pawed at it for a while after I left. :(


Other than that she was very good girl and didn't do anything wrong. She is into all of Pugsley's old toys and Plummy's old beds, which totally warms my heart because they had sat empty for so long.. Today I left the radio on for her and I'm thinking of reinstalling the pug cams so I can keep an eye on things when I'm not home.

And did I mention the pug smells? Oh....the smooshy faced pug smells!! I am back in heaven again.

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Becky commented September 7, 2011 1:35 PM

I'm so happy that she has her furever home with you. I'm here to tell you my little black female is a pistol, full of it all day and night til she wears herself out then falls fast asleep, usually on my pillow and on top of my head. I need her to find another spot on the bed. Onyx has the softest fur too, like velvet. My old pug has very soft fur too but not Gidget, she has prickly hair. Best of everything to you with little Miss Moxie! Give her a hug, kiss and belly rub from us!



Casey commented September 7, 2011 3:00 PM

So happy for you Lori!!!!!! How old is she?!
That "putting other dogs in their place" thing is exactly what I mean when I say black female pugs are divas! haha! And yes their fur is like nothing else...ahhhhhh....



Punkrawkknitter commented September 7, 2011 3:30 PM

Glad to hear you got a new pug! I don't black pugs shed any less than fawn ones, just that their fur is a little less noticeable on our dark clothes. When I brush my Ruby (who's black) I still collect enough fur to make a whole new pug. I think that blacks pugs are bit more saucy though...



Jan commented September 7, 2011 10:39 PM

You got a girl pug! Way to go, Lori, I adore girl dogs!!!!!!!!

I know you will cherish every single day with her. I look forward to hearing about your life together. XXOO FGMIL



emily the biker pug commented September 7, 2011 11:27 PM

I think Lori is about to get hooked on black pugs.
Lola tho is a very laid back pug she will actually smell a treat and slowely take it unlike the others who would eat a stone if they thought it was a treat.
lola has shorter smooth silky fur and sheds way less than the others.
A big plus Lori is that they are less likely to get MCTs something ETBP has battled all her life.
also Lori get a black bed, Lola loves to lay in it (makes her invisable) and watch us panic looking around the house for her while all along snuggled in plain view in her black bed.(I think this really amuses her)


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