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foxy moxie
September 8, 2011

Had a big scare with Moxie last night....I went out to grab something in my car for a quick minute and let her join me round dusk off the leash thinking she would do a quick pee and come right back in.


Before I knew it she had dashed off under the horse paddock and took off running to the barn, near the property line. Each time I came towards her she thought I was playing a game and she would run the other way, fast!!

She had me running all over my 3 acre piece of land trying to coax her to come to me.
I started to panic thinking if she went off my property line behind the barn and into the woods, she would be lost and I would never find her. She would probably get eaten by the neighborhood coyote or bear or find her way to the road and get hit by a car..

Next thing I know, it was almost completely dark outside and I could barely see her because she is black as night.

I was screaming out her name in every which way (the neighbors must have thought I lost my mind) but she doesn't even know her name yet so that was useless!!

I tried kicking a ball towards the house thinking she would chase it, but she didn't..

Finally I stopped chasing her and she just decided to make a bee line for the back door, thank God!! I was never so glad to get a dog inside the house...

I don't think I talked to her for a whole half an hour after that episode..it took me that long to be able to breathe again.

Lesson learned and totally my own dumb fault. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I know better than to ever let a dog off the leash, especially a young one that doesn't know how to come when called and still thinks chase is a big game.

Here I preach to people as an animal advocate on a regular basis about the dangers of letting your dog unleashed even on your own property, and I was the fool this time. I almost lost her for good.

It's been a long time since I've had a puppy but I still know better and was so mad at myself for doing such a dumb thing.

Never, Never again. It's leash and harnessville until she is of geriatric age and I can outrun her.

In other news, I just got Moxie's fecal back and she tested positive for girardia and coccidia. Ugh! I am assuming she picked the parasites up at the shelter.

She has that same scary diarrhea that my baby Norman had before he died from the parvo virus..and I don't have to tell you I have been a nervous wreck about that.

We are starting her on meds stat!!

Posted by Lori on September 8, 2011 6:23 PM permalink Comments (5)



emily the biker pug commented September 8, 2011 5:06 PM

Lori they have these small lights that you clip on the collar (harness for pugs) and it is super bright and flashes, a must have in dark rural areas.
Lola is black and at night she is invisable without the light.
I think the name is valethics they sell used pads that we use as pee pads they are the same ones they use in the hospital they are washable and work fantastic check them out if you want I will find the exact site and send it to you.
We use them in crates, emergency go to places for the pugs, in sunshine's playpen.
Hope Moxie gets better fast.



Libby's Library commented September 8, 2011 6:15 PM

If Emily the Biker Pug, gets that direct link to you, I would sure appreciate you posting it.

Po, my little black pug, is very good about staying in the yard, within sight, and comes immediately when called, but I would still love to have a little light to put on his collar/harness.

George, my senior pug, used a litter box, so those pads would come in handy!



emily the biker pug commented September 8, 2011 10:15 PM

Here you go Lori check it out and post if you want.
They sell new and used. We get the used #222-2732 they are thicker quality.
They do not leak through and are hemmed on the edges, been using for a few years and maybe only threw one out as the threads were getting stringy.
We also bought some new ones, fancy with the paw prints they work good too but are on the thin side.
Check out the shipping, the more you buy the cheaper they are.
Just fold the soiled ones put in a basket then when we get a load wash with a little bleach and detergent and just like the old diapers they come out fresh.
Lori if you want to check them out I could mail you a couple.

I hope this helps you and your readers.



Casey commented September 11, 2011 7:18 PM

uh oh... I am pretty sure humans can get Giardia too...make sure you bleach everything and wash your hands often! poor thing...hope she gets better soon!



Punkrawkknitter commented September 13, 2011 5:06 PM

If a dog ever gets away from you, run the other way... away from the dog. The dog will think it's a game and run towards you. Keep zigzagging back and forth until the dog is close enough for you to grab their collar. I also have a little flashing light for my black pug.


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