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Tell President Obama to crack down on puppy mills
October 21, 2011

stoppmills.jpgThe Whitehouse.gov now has an online petition page where we the people can petition the administration on important matters.

The ASPCA and the HSUS has opened the "crack down on puppy mills" petition to help prevent the suffering of dogs and puppies in puppy mills.

The petition will ask the President to close the current regulatory loophole and require large-scale, commercial breeders who sell puppies online and directly to the public to be covered by USDA's Animal Welfare Act regulations, including minimum standards for humane care and treatment.

This will help to protect consumers from unknowingly buying sick puppies from inhumane facilities and help to eliminate the horrible conditions in large-scale puppy mills.

Please take a minute to sign the petition today!

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Marlene's mom commented October 20, 2011 7:13 PM

Thanks for sharing!


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