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doggy diet
January 17, 2012

Since adopting Mox in September just 4 months ago she has gone from 10lbs to 18 lbs.

Now mind you she is at that age somewhere between juvenile puppy and young adult dog so a growth spurt during this time is not unreasonable.

Also keeping in mind when I got her she was full of parasites and it took a bit to get them out of her system.

moxteeth.JPGI am concerned however that there may be something wrong, only because she seems to be in a constant state of hunger. After I feed her, she immediately runs to the other dog's bowl to try to steal some of his food.

She is always hungry! Before meals, during meals, after meals, and all times in between she exhibits what I would call "vacuum behavior" where she roots around the floors of the house for great lengths of time looking for one little crumb of anything to scarf up. She even does this outside, unfortunately eating any poop she can find.

All of this and she is STILL hungry.

I get the idea that if I were to feed her twenty times a day, she would literally eat twenty times a day.

But with the rapid weight gain now being a concern, feeding her more isn't an option. It's not that she isn't getting adequate nutrients that she needs. She gets ½ a cup of food in the AM and ½ a cup in the PM with a squirt of Grizzly Salmon oil and treats in between. This should be plenty for a pug of her stature.

I took Mox to the vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong. They don't think so. They think this is just her personality: Greedy and gluttoness.They do want her to lose a few pounds, getting back down to a target weight of 15lbs.


Unfortunately that means I have to limit her daily ration to only 1/3 cup in the AM and 1/3 a cup in the PM. This is making an already ravenous pug all the more ravenous!

Now her unsatiated hunger has really gotten out of control.

Over the weekend she started eating pieces off of her wicker bed...she's eating even more bad things outside - she literally tried trotting inside the house with a poopsicle dangling from her mouth the other day....AND she stole some mango slices I had sitting on the nightstand!!

I'm not sure what to do. I want to follow the vet's advice because I don't want her to become obese and end up with heart, breathing, back, hip, or leg issues, or stress on any joints....I want her to live an optimal healthy long and comfy life!

BUT the constant state of hunger and deprivation she seems to be in stresses us both out.

I'm going to start giving her some healthy treats like carrots and green beans as "filler" that should help her feel more full without any additional calories..

Mox doesn't look fat in photos by any means but she is definitely carrying more weight than she needs to around her mid section (aren't we all!) and some extra rolls on her booty have led to a noticeable dimple on her backside that would not be there if she was normal weight for her size. She is also busting out of her size medium puppia harness and the bands are already maxed out to the largest setting.

In addition to that, more than one person who has come to visit after not seeing her in a month or two have let out plausible gasps at her how her appearance has changed over a short period of time! Going as far as calling her "tubby". That is what led me to seek out advice from the vet.

The little vixen doesn't have a lot of weight to lose, just 2lbs. But to a food obssesed pug, that seems like the world.

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Robin commented January 17, 2012 11:48 AM

Lori-I have a black pug that I adopted that exhibits the same behavior. We have 3 pugs, after they eat he goes from bowl to bowl licking vigorously until I can get them up and he does the hoovering thing. He knows when it's time to be fed and starts to anticipate it about 1/2 hour before. He is healthy, always has been (we adopted him in 2007). He is just a little crazy! We think part of it is because he had a rough life before we took him home, probably didn't know where his next meal was coming from. it is true some pugs just like to eat more than others. We use to have the most charming little guy, Mortie, who would sit in the kitchen by the door where the food was kept waiting for meals. It was so adorable, when you would walk toward the door his little back feet would start flipping up and down, but he wouldn't get up...just sit there with his little flippy feet! So, she is probably just making up for the past.



A Tail of 3 Doggies commented January 17, 2012 12:21 PM

Our little black pug, is similar, but we have found the perfect food for all our babies. They get more "bulk" but have lost weight and kept in off!
Purnia Veterinary Diet - OM

We've tried other prescription diet foods, but this one seems to work the best for us.

Good luck with Moxie!



Lori commented January 17, 2012 12:52 PM

Hmmm, that's interesting Robin. Thanks for sharing!
That was one of my theories - many rescues have food issues because of their past, being abandoned and not knowing where their next meal may come from.

Did your black pug ever grow out of it? I would think once they feel secure again in their new home some of that behavior should start to fade away..but in Mox's case, it's getting worse by the day. She is becoming a toy hoarder too! I notice lately she likes to sleep surrounded by all of her toys - she even keeps some clutched in her feet so they are that close by.



Tina commented January 17, 2012 1:49 PM

I've had two black pugs (along with my fawn ones) that were not in questionable circumstances before I adopted them... And they both acted the same way. I can't really explain it - it's like they are perpetual 2 year old toddlers, even tho my current one (Wiggles) is 5 years old. If she isn't snoozing, she is going 100 miles an hour like a flea on speed and will beg and whine for food even though she's eaten plenty already. Chew bones seem to satisfy her most of the time... *shrug*



jim commented January 18, 2012 9:10 AM

Might have something to do with how she was fed, or more importantly NOT fed before you got her. Afraid the next meal might not be coming for some time, so better eat all I can and everything I can now, just in case.



Robin commented January 18, 2012 11:11 PM

Lori-No, Pete has not outgrown the hoovering and hunger. We adopted him in 2007 and he still does it. First thing in the morning he stands on my chest, gives me a good licking, then jumps off the bed and hoovers the base boards while I get the other two up. He does several odd things. He is obsessed with one of our other pugs, Ben. He will lay next to Ben with one paw on Ben's back and chew and suck on Ben's metal ID/city license tags. It's really weird. He isn't overweight, but he is very muscular for a pug.



emily the biker pug commented January 22, 2012 7:26 PM

Some good advice above but what a dilemma
I'll try to make it brief, so here is my tail (pun intended) of 4 pugs
Etbp and sunshine get 1/4 cup dry food with about a tsp. of canned food
Lola and Lilly get the same amount but a different dry food
It is weight controlling or diet they get it 2 times a day
ETBP 15yo 18.5# she looks heavier was 24# at one time always ready to eat but a laid back beggar sometimes will snap at others over food
Lola 8yo 18# perfect pug body short and chubby no waist got her to 15# at one point but she packed it back on compared to ETBP she feels like a concrete block almost never begs and have to almost put treats in her mouth
Lilly 2yo 17.5 sleek even has a waist (I think she has some uggle in her)
came to us as skin and bones acts like Mox but does not eat poop always has to be FIRST for treats and food (except when ETBP snaps at her to put her in place) eats ginko berries outside
Sunshine 4yo 9.5# always hungry if she hears you in kitchen, doesn't gain weight drools like a bull mastiff when she eats

Etbp and Lola on the sedate side, Lilly active and very active at times, Sunshine moderate activity Remember Sunshine eats same amount as the others and gains no pounds.
remember they all get the same amount to eat even treats
I guess it all comes down to metabolism.
PS; mango on the nightstand! (jerry seinfeld) :) :) :)



joanne commented January 24, 2012 7:38 PM

Hi from Australia. My 8 year old black pug has slowly stopped being a piglet as he gets older... however I have put Monk on a BARF diet of chicken wing rolled in canola oil and coconut for breakfast and the sheen on his coat is amazing, his stools do not smell, his teeth are great and the coconut has helped his skin issues. Moxie is so cute!


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