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pug eyes
January 20, 2012

This was Moxie's Petfinder profile picture when I adopted her.


As you can see, her left eye hadn't been removed yet though it is noticeably cloudy and ulcerated. I don't know much about Moxie's past before I adopted her, but I do know this could have been prevented and her eye could have been saved..

We suspect her previous owners never treated her eye injury, perhaps because they couldn't afford it or maybe didn't care.

For all I know she could have been a stray and the injury occurred while she was wandering the streets alone, in search of food which would also explain why she is in a constant state of hunger at all times!

Whatever events led to it, she was abandoned and somehow found her way to the animal shelter with a bleeding ruptured eye which by that point had sustained so much damage, there was zero vision left in it. The only thing for the rescue vet to do at that point was to remove it completely.

I try to use this blog for good and to raise awareness of important issues. My hope for this article is that it saves just one pug's eye! That alone would make my last 8 years of blogging worth it.

I hope Moxie's story serves as an important reminder to all pug owners to please take emphatic care of your pugs eyes and watch them like hawks.

Please know that the slightest scratch from the family cat or bump from playing too rough, or even a pug's own eyelashes or nasal fold hairs poking into the protruding pug's eye can cause corneal ulcers, leading to serious damage beyond repair..

It doesn't even have to be injured it could be a result of dry eye - or entropion, chronic conditions that many pugs face.

The key to saving a delicate pug's eye in all of these situations is always time. Time is of the essence when it comes to pug eye injuries.

If you know or suspect your pug's eye may be injured or see any sign of cloudiness or redness or anything looking askew - please do not delay. Take your pug to the vet immediately.

If you fear that you cannot afford medical treatment, you can talk to your vet about making payment arrangements. Many vets will work with you to come up with a payment schedule.

If this is not an option, please contact your local pug rescue organization for assistance. There is one in every state. If your state is not listed here, you can go to Google and type in "pug rescue [NAME OF STATE]" to locate the one nearest you.

Eye injuries and or eye illness caught early enough can be successfully treated and repaired.

Of course, it doesn't matter to me how Moxie looks now, only that she is happy and healthy, which she is. I love her just the same and all the more for what she has had to endure and how she has taken it all in stride.

It is a lesson in adaptation, ego, and vanity that we humans could all learn from.

As far as I'm concerned she is perfect and beautiful just the way she is now.

At the same time though - I would be lying if I said I didn't look at this picture from time to time and feel a bit sad for what could have been, because it was't fair to her!!

Please take good care of your pug's eyes....keep them healthy and free from injury.

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Natalie and my pug commented February 5, 2012 6:21 AM

Black pugs are really cute. The color is very edgy and classy and just right for cute pets like them. I have a brown one and thinking of dying her hair.


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