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I hate goodbyes..
August 2, 2012

Sweet little Didi, or Deeders as I had come to call her affectionately has gone off to her forever home. I don't mind telling you this little pugaletta had wiggled her way right into my heart. Some fosters are harder to let go than others. She was one of those.


Might have been the way her face was a perfect cross of all of Pugsley and Plummy's best features, or her deliciously prominent corn chip and waxy pug ear smells. Her MCT scare and me helping her through the surgery certainly brought back a lot of memories of the Sausage's battle with MCT and perhaps made my heart open to her more..but more than anything it was probably her sweet silly affectionate and loving little ways and antics that I will miss so much.

While I am so very happy for her and her new mom who is lovely, I still feel so sad to see her go.

It's been an especially emo few weeks. A friend of mine lost her beloved pug unexpectedly and theres been some difficult cases in rescue.

Moxie seems sad with Deeders gone too, she's just not acting herself since she left. I feel bad but have decided to take a little break from fostering to regroup and recharge. It probably won't be a long break, there are soo so many pugs in need and I would feel too guilty not helping as many as I physically and mentally can.

Must. Press.On.In.Pug.Rescue.World.

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emily the biker pug commented August 2, 2012 10:14 PM

Another fine job by the L&M rescue duo!
I think it is great that Mox loves all the rescues and like her mom gets attached.
I must say it looks in the picture that Mox is packing on the pounds on that compact pug bod of hers.
great job Lori!
from your biggest fans ETBP and ken


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