March 1, 2011

I think it's worth noting that gasoline was only at $1.60/gallon when Obama was elected and now it has more than doubled.

Exactly how does paying $3.75 a gallon help the economy??

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Top 20 Facebook Faux Pas
January 6, 2011

In no particular order...

1. Significant others writing nauseating love messages and comments on one another's Facebook walls when they are sitting next to each in real life at the same time. Vomit. Why do this? One is left to assume their sole purpose in this exercise is to make the rest of us completely envious of their amazing love. When in fact it just makes us do a full body cringe at the need for attention and the pretentiousness of it all. Like, who you trying to or yourselves??

2. The Passive Aggressive - this is when users fire off a vague targeted message of disapproval (always with a hidden meaning) aimed at one of their "friends" as a submissive means to non confrontationally call their target out on some undesirable action....and ultimately make them adjust their behavior... When in fact never in the history of the internet (or the world) has this tactic ever worked. Ever. It usually just pisses people off more.

3. The NOT lend any mystery to your status updates or to your life...... it's just....... annoying....... and.......

4. The bomb droppers - FB users who only see value in sharing life's momentous occasions and nothing in between. The ones who go months without posting anything at all and then when they do, it's something HUGE, March 09 - pictures from their vacation in Paris. July 09 - "We're having a baby!" February 2010, pictures of the baby....

5. The blow by blow - People who feel the need to log onto FB and post an update every 1/2 hour regardless of how boring their updates are.... 12:00 going to bed....12:30...laying in bed.....1:00AM....there's nothing on TV......7:00AM...I am awake! I am of the opinion that if you don't have much to say sometimes it's better to not say anything at all. Lest we think you don't have a life.

6. The LOL'ers - this is the most annoying to me - when any male over college age is using the acronym LOL in his status update (or in any other mode of online communication) it just seems so wrong. It could also apply to the non gender specific rampant use of LOL in some posters every other sentence.

I do however think it's perfectly acceptable and adorable for dogs that have their own Facebook page to use the term BOL.... Bark Out Loud!

7. The TMI - do we really need to know that you just boned your new boyfriend of 2 months and how hot and awesome the sex was? Or how you are pregnant and your baby daddy wants nothing to do with you, etc. etc. NOT. X Hide

8. The drunk post - the incoherent, incomplete ramblings of a soused facebooker. You can only imagine the damage.

9. The Tease... throwing a vague innuendo out there hoping friends will pry for further elaboration b/c it clearly wouldn't be an appropriate thing to just come out and say. But then as soon as someone is gullible enough to take the bait and comment with "tell us what you mean", they do not comply. They keep it a secret that they never intended to divulge anyway, just to be mysterious....

10. The Privacy Violation - Posting private information about the goings on and or whereabouts of someone else without their knowledge or permission. This one is right up there with one of my major FB pet peeves - tagging friends in totally unflattering photos without asking them first.

11. The Whiners - every post is negative, doom and gloom, lots of expletives and not even in a funny or entertaining way. E.g. "Got to work until 11:00 tonight.....where is my husband he should be home by now.....some days I wish I didn't have 5 kids!! Nice.. X Hide.

12. The chronic relationship status changer. Dec. 1st....I'm in a relationship....Dec. 10th....I'm single....Dec. 19tth......It's complicated!! January 2nd, I'm in a relationship...OY. X Hide.

13. The Sympathy Getters - These are people who the majority of the time post "woe is me" updates in an attempt to garner sympathy and even when unfortunately bad things happen, milk it for everything it's worth.

14. The Gamers - The Farmville, Mafia Wars addicts who use their updates and newsfeed to try to convert non gamers into joining and helping them earn more "virtual currency" so they can advance themselves in these games. Tell me why in the world would I want to help feed their addiction? X Hide.

15. The Overage Partiers - the 30 and 40 something's who post ridiculous weekly pictures of themselves and their friends out drinking, partying, mouths hanging open, looking totally inebriated... was cute when you were 20 - now, it just looks kind of sad.

16. The Posers - Usually only teenagers and young women are guilty of this Facebook Faux Pas, but I have seen a few narcissistic males (and couples) guilty of it too. These are the facebookers who are constantly posting pictures of themselves but always in the same pose that they seemingly after hours of practice, have figured out makes them look good. Typically it involves them holding the camera at arm's length pointed at themselves, always at the same angle: head tilted slightly down with chin curled up and big sleepy bedroom eyes looking straight ahead. You can't miss the Posers because their pose is always the same. When you click on their photos all the pictures in their albums look strikingly similar, only the clothes, liquid eyeliner, and backdrop has changed.

17. The Wishy Washy's - These are folks who can't handle the Facebook pressure. They get too drawn into it and end up making a big declaration that they're cancelling their Facebook accounts because it's destroying their lives!! But then a week later they are back on and sending you a new friend request...

18. The Kissy Face - You've all seen it. I don't even have to describe it and I bet you know of what I speak. It's that ridiculous 21st century fad that began right around the time digital cameras and the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen duck lip pout burst onto the scene. Now according to my estimate, 75% of young women's online pictures contain the unmistakable "kissy face". It's a phenomena that involves women pursing their lips into a duck-bill like position, in a sort of half pucker giving the illusion that they are about to kiss (what I don't know). The funny thing is only about 0.2% of the population (think Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer) can actually pull off the look. The rest end up looking deformed.

19. The Chain Gang - The modern day equivalent of the "chain letter" - in essence the recipient "receives" an unsolicited statement, whether or not they want to - and with it the sender includes a warning or disclaimer something along the lines of "I am posting this because I believe in Jesus Christ, if you believe in him too you will repost this in your status within 24 hours. If you do not, you will fry in hell".

This one really annoys me. Just because I do not choose to repost something does not mean that I don't believe in it. It just means I think you're an idiot.

20. The Uninformed. - I can generally categorize these people into one group and that would be - not very tech or web savvy...nubiles if you will. These are the people that get sucked right into the urban myths and Snopes rumors...for instance a few weeks ago, the big FB craze was to change your profile picture to your favorite cartoon character to raise awareness for some children's cause.

Now I admit I did play along because it was a fun way to support a good cause. Plus, it was a chance for me to look at Magilla Gorilla again who I hadn't seen or thought of in years!
Well a few days into it, some random person decided to start a vicious and unsubstantiated rumor that the whole cartoon character thing was some deviant ploy by pedophiles to get children to accept their friend request. Immediately, I start seeing warning messages from all the "Uninformed" urging everyone to pull down their cartoon pictures immediately before the pedophiles went after the children!!

Haha. Not even logistically possible. A totally ridiculous and ludicrous claim, but you can't imagine how many people believed it and went ballistic in their updates. Dudes - note to selves, please check before you lose your marbles next time.
Thus concludes this summary of my top Facebook annoyances. I'm sure there will be more to come in the future. Did I miss any? What are some of yours?

Now to be fair I should point out that I am probably guilty of one or more of these things myself over the past few years. I am sure we all are. And I am sure there are many people who think my pug pictures and updates are totally annoying.

I guess this is all part of the fun Facebook world we now live in. Knowing that inevitably you are going to piss someone off, and you probably won't even be aware of it.

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Ok I've held my tongue long enough...
July 6, 2010

I can't keep it inside anymore...

He's cute as a pug but Justin Bieber's hair bugs the crap out of me!

There I said it.

Why does the boy always look like he just got out of a wind swept tunnel, going in reverse?

But oh, are his little songs catchy...."Oh Bay-bee, Bay-bee, Bayyyy-bee!"


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tax day
April 15, 2010

I love line 72 on form 1040 where it tells you what your refund is and then line 73a directly underneath of it reads, "Amount of line 72 you want refunded to you".

It always puzzled me why the government needs to ask this question. Is anyone actually going to enter an amount less than their total refund here??

What are they hoping people will forget to fill in the amount and thereby forfeit their right to a refund?

I also have to chuckle at the top of the form where it says, "Check here if you or your spouse want $3 to go to go to the presidential election campaign."



Coincidentally....I just spent an hour on hold with the IRS only to find out that I have to file an extension if I want to claim my first time home buyer's credit this year since my closing is not until 4/27 but my tax return is due on 4/15. missed it by 12 days....Argh!!!!!!!!

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Things I am loving right now
April 29, 2009

The sun
Bikini weather
Tan lines
Roast beef sandwiches
Paper Planes - song #3 on my playlist------>
Curly tails
Escape to Chimp Eden
Avon Anew
Everyday Minerals
The boardwalk trail at White Memorial
Mountain biking
My friends
Joshua Michael
Grilling on the BBQ
Baseball games
Suave juicy green apple conditioner
Free weights
Stability ball
Birds singing in the backyard
Not using the blow dryer
Banana Republic white v neck tee
Abercrombie camouflage shorts
Evening primrose
Cool breezes
Ice cream cones
Open toed shoes
Cobra subsidy
Just paid my car loan off - no more car payment!
IRS refund

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February 17, 2009

Sorry for the lackey blog posts lately. I guess the last one must have taken a lot out of me. Haha. When I have more time I'll fill you in on my steam room experience.

Super busy week with a ton of stuff going on: taxes, gym, resume submissions assaults, meetings, doctor appointments, friends, reunions, events upcoming, conference calls, nephew time, people keep calling and emailing and I keep forgetting to call them back (sorry), and today it's all about getting caught up on pug rescue business.

There is also something wrong with my Microsoft Word program - it keeps shutting down when I try to close and doesn't let me highlight any text or scroll. Balls. I am certain it must be a Windows Vista 64 bit conflict .. I don't even have time to Google and fix the issue so for now I am using my old laptop for word editing, but that keeps overheating on me.

In other news: I survived Valentines Day Black Saturday (sans pug) but OH how I missed my boy! And sadly, I didn't win the Ugg boots. But that's okay - my mindset is shifting more towards thoughts of pedicures and open toed shoes these days anyhow.

I saw spring for the first time..the green sharpie points of my Iris are poking through the ground and I thought I saw a red winged blackbird in my feeder.

I am also trying frantically to squeeze in every last Oscar movie before Sunday nights ceremony.

I finally saw the Wrestler, movie review forthcoming -

I still have less than a week to see Slum dog Millionaire and Benjamin Button.

Anyone wanna go?

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Groundhog Day
February 2, 2009

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray finds himself living the same day over and over again.

What's weird is I totally had one of those kind of days today! I kept falling asleep and having the same dream. Then I would wake up and relive it all over again. And this was before I realized it was really Groundhog's Day today.

So I was surfing the net news about an hour ago when I heard that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today when he emerged from his burrow On Gobbler's Knob just after dawn in front of a 13,000-strong crowd and proclaimed there would be.....

Six more weeks of winter.

Here is a video of all the hoopla..

Phil, love you Dude but the wooly bugger already told me in December.

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so long, sucky 2008
January 1, 2009

....and don't let the door kick you in the ass on your way out.

Here's to grabbing 2009 by the balls!

Happy New Year!!

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going down
November 19, 2008

I'm signing off for a couple days while I tear apart my living quarters, move furniture, unplug wires, take down curtains, spackle wall holes, prime and paint, then put it all back together again.

No, I'm not moving. I've accepted that I have to stay put for a little while longer due to recent economic set backs. make the most of current conditions, I have decided on some changes and upgrades to the new home office I am building.

Phase 1 the walls are currently an antique yellow color but I've now decided that they need to be guacamole green with white trim.

Phase 2 includes the set up of a new Sauder desk computer workstation and hutch that is, as I type, in transit by way of Georgia freight.

Phase 3 is the coup de grâce: The installation of a kick ass new system from Dell which includes printer/copier/fax/scanner, 24 inch flat screen monitor, and forget about gigabytes... I am talking about a hard drive in the terabytes, baby. 1TB of fly-me-to-the-moon... Sounds disgustingly decadent doesn't it?

Good thing I saved that IRS refund for a rainy day because my laptop is ready to blow.

I am hoping to have all phases completed by Thanksgiving.

It's a tad ambitious, I know. But think of how productive I'll be when my home office is complete.

I will still have Black Berry access if anyone is trying to reach me.

Oh, and to all of you expert painters out there -- is it better to paint the trim first or last?

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Chick flicks, the Twilight Zone marathon, and comfort foods
July 6, 2008

That basically sums up my fourth of July weekend. Let freedom ring.

How about you?


P.S. Does anyone else out there think that Rod Serling is incredibly sexy in a very bizarre but erotic way?

Like, he would just take you and make things happen that nobody has ever been able to make happen before, with little or no effort at all. Because...... he is just cool like that.

Maybe it's the dark hairy eyebrows or that air of mystery about him....I'm just saying.

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sausage pizza
April 15, 2008

I was looking at my keyword searches this month which I haven't done in a loooong time....and I noticed a large number of people typing the following search terms into Google: lori big sausage pizza

Okay, guess that makes sense based on my name is Lori and I write about my dog nicknamed Sausage and sometimes I write about my love for home made sausage pizza.


Altogether in one search string seemed kind of weird.


I replicate the Google search out of pure curiosity and apparently there is some p@rn chick named Lori who appears in this super trashy fetish flick about a guy who goes around delivering sausage pizzas to all these random women. The hitch is that his willy is always poking through the center of the pizza box, with the pizza in it! You can just imagine what happens from there.

Not only super trashy but super cheesy too. Um, no pun intended. And, EW.

Imagine the disappointment when the p@rn searchers end up here instead.

It is kind of funny though in a totally random and sick way.

I can only pray that the things my eyes have now witnessed as a result of this exercise in curiosity do not interfere with my love of sausage pizza. The same way a very wrongly shaped tenderloin once turned me away from pork for good.

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help I might be turning into a pug
March 25, 2008

Did anyone else ever see that 1970's totally cheesy D rated sci-fi flick SSSSSSS? It was about this accomplished herpetologist (reptile doctor) who was actually a mad scientist called Dr. Stoner who had a nasty little habit of turning his poor unsuspecting patients into snakes.

Naughty naughty.

David, a college student, is looking for a job. He is hired by Dr. Stoner as a lab assistant for his research and experiments on snakes. David also begins to fall for Stoner's young daughter, Kristina. Under the guise of injecting David with anti venom immunizations, Dr. Stoner has other plans for his own research as he has secretly brewed up a serum that can transform any man into a King Cobra. Awesome.

If you're into cheesy horror flicks, you'll have to check it out. Anyway that wasn't really my point but the nostalgia was fun.

[Note to self must win Dr. Stoner video on eBay]

The point is I've been having flashbacks of the movie lately because I wonder if someone isn't secretly slipping some pug serum into my drinks....and maybe I'm turning into one.

I've suffered from a number of ailments over the years that not only inflict me but Pugsley too. There have been the strange allergies and reactions to medications. The stomach issues, the back / neck problems not to mention the common pug personality traits we share. Stubborn, willful, and a little bit mischievous...and well my nose is kind of pug truth be known.

But NOW I have a new ailment to deal with that is very common in the pug breed. I am now suffering from Keratitis, or "dry eye" as it's sometimes called. We treat a number of our rescue pugs for this problem. It's an eye condition where your eyes don't make enough tears and as a result my corneas get inflamed and infected. It makes my eyes extremely sensitive to light and things like computer screens which I am on about 16 hours per day cause a good deal of pain. It could be caused by a number of things. Dry heat in the winter, anti histamines that dry up the tears...or maybe I am secretly turning into a pug. Hmmmph. My physician actually used the word "bone dry" to describe the current state of my eyeballs.

So my eye doctor has me on Restasis which is the brand name for Cyclosporine....which is one of Pugsley's medications for his eyes too. Now I am taking dog medicine and keep checking my behind to make sure I'm not sprouting a curly tail.

By the way I don't think it is any coincidence that his name was Dr. Stoner.

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Drink your Gin and Ton-ukkah and smoke your Marijuan-ukkah
December 21, 2007

What a week! What a month! What a year! Crazy right up to the last days of December is all I can say. As the year winds down and I take stock in the things that have transpired and what is yet to transpire, 2008 is shaping up to be a year of big changes. And while there's been a lot of bad I can't help but be optimistic about all the good that's yet to come. Like that I have a brand new nephew on the way! He'll be here in just a couple weeks. Also, a new year is coming and I have big plans.

I am going to be healthy this year
I am going to ski again
I am going to move into a new house
I am going to love and appreciate the people in my life who give me comfort and support and avoid those who bring me down.
I am going to cherish Pugsley and every day that we have together
I am going to keep writing
I am going to surprise myself with how far I can step outside of my comfort zone. I think the outcome could be amazing.

To name a few. And come mid January when I'm all woe is me... there is always liquor and herbal refreshments to be had.

For Christmas this year I don't want a lot. A blender because mine broke and I haven't been able to enjoy a smoothie or puree my whole peeled tomatoes for sauce in months....Gift certificates to the spa for routine upkeep. I need a new watch, a new DVD player for my boudoir. Ninento Wii is my long shot gift but would be awesome with a 40" flat screen to go with it too because what fun is Wii without a big screen TV?

Pugsley would like bully sticks and a new stuffed turtle.

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I think I need one of these in my life
November 28, 2007

Just in case anyone was looking for a Christmas gift for me, look no further! I've found the My Guy Pillow. It’s a great idea for the single gal or for the married lady who isn’t getting enough snuggle time at home. Cause as the website states: “When your guy won’t cuddle, My Guy will.”
My Guy is unlike any guy you’ve met before…
He is always there when you need him.
He never snores or hogs the covers.
He stays up late listening to you.
He never talks about himself.
He always stays in great shape.
He gets along with all your friends.
He is 100% faithful.
He’s GREAT in bed.

My Guy is the Guy that keeps on giving!

Now…if only they made a version with chest hair. Maybe I could sew some on....

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July 18, 2007

I live it and breathe it. I've even been able to make an interesting living out of it for the last decade. It's everywhere you go: airports, school systems, hotel rooms, even my hair salon is going wi-fi in the fall. Can't actually wait for that to happen. I mean there are only so many hair magazines you can read while nails and foils are drying. Ladies I think you know what I'm talking about.

Nobody could sing the praises of mobile computing devices more than I. My blackberry has become like a fifth limb. Without it, I feel handicapped, crippled. I rarely travel without my laptop and digital camera and I've conducted entire relationships over text messaging. Sad, really and dehumanizing in a way.

We live in a world of commerce and convenience with shiny metallic plastic gadgets that help us communicate, study, read, shop, research, work, listen to music, watch movies, basically exist online. But is it really helping us communicate better? I think it makes it easier for us to communicate more but there's a quality factor involved. Take text messages for instance, you're limited to 5 lines per text so you're abbreviating wut u would say. Without even realizing it, the quality of our offline worlds may be suffering from our online activities. If you think about it, there's no reason to leave the house anymore unless you have to for work.

Email and text messages are fun to receive but do they really replace a friendly voice on the other end of the phone or spending quality time in person where you can look someone the eyes and appreciate their smile? When did it become acceptable for a guy to text you the next day instead of pick up the phone and call? When did it become okay to send an e-greeting card instead of a Hallmark because you didn't really care enough to send the very best, you cared enough to click send?

I'm probably the biggest offender of my own group of friends. I'm a self professed Web-oholic. It's hard for me to skip over the convenience factor because I'm online all the time with my work and I'm not much of a phone talker so shooting off an email or text is so much easier and quicker to stay in touch during hectic times. But I'm going to make a pact here and now that at least one day a week I'll go dark from technology. I'll make more calls and send less text messages. I won't stop emailing but I'll stop emailing in place of calling and seeing. I'm really going to make a concerted effort here.

Technology makes life easier and more fun, that's for sure but there's still a basic need to touch, smell, feel, and see offline, isn't there? Battery operated devices don't replace human companionship but with the invention of things like the iPhone one can touch, see, speak, watch, and listen all in one pretty little handheld. It makes me wonder how far away we are from scratch and sniff LCD screens.....I must admit it would be pretty cool to scratch my monitor and smell Pugsley's feet.

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July 2, 2007

Lately I've been doing a fair share of flying and I've had a variety of experiences on different airlines. On Delta the flight attendant spilled piping hot coffee on my Juicy Couture track pants and when we landed the airline refused to offer me any kind of compensation. No upgrade, no points, no dry cleaning ticket refund, no apology.

American Airlines: detoured, grounded to another city, lied to about when we were taking off again, and ultimately sent back to original airport in a van with a sketchy driver. I wrote about it here.

On my latest trip across country, I flew Jetblue on an Airbus A320. There we were sitting on the tarmac; engine ramped up to take off speed. The pilot announced flight attendants prepare to take off. Minutes later he came back and said there was too much traffic taking off out of Kennedy; we were 10th in line and had to sit on the tarmac for 20 minutes to wait our turn. Immediately, I started recounting Valentines Day earlier this year when Jetblue stranded hundreds of passengers on the tarmac for 10 hours and all the bad PR that followed.

Luckily, the rest of the flight was smooth after the initial delay. We even landed at our destination early. I wasn't happy that they didn't have a pillow. What kind of airline doesn't give you a pillow on a 6 hour flight? What are you supposed to do with your head and neck for 6 hours? I'm not one of those people who can sleep with their head held up.

Of course I was seated in the 37th row near the bathroom on the back of the plane so my nose was subject to the lingering intestinal rumblings of weary travelers. Nasty ass shit. Literally. But I can't really blame that on the airline. That's true of any plane when you get seated in back. Note to self -- request front seating going forward.

There was one good thing about Jetblue that made all the other stuff tolerable. The little televisions they have on every seat with 36 channels of Direct T.V. making Jetblue the best in flight experience so far this year.

During my 6 hour flight, I consumed two episodes of Little House on the Prairie, numerous clips of Metal Mania with old 80"s video's, one episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, some CNN, a little baseball and tennis, one VH1 Behind the Music special on Freddie Mercury, and perhaps the most ironic, an episode of the Jetsons.


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Hakuna Matata
May 31, 2007

Sticking with the Lion King theme, I have to say that overall things are looking up. The French shrug it off rather smarmily with a c’est la vie. In Spanish it’s "de nada". Urban American trashy chicks with a neck snap go," It’s all good, bitch!" And in Jamaica the Rastas do it like this, “Irie mon, no problem’”.....or as they say in Swahili, "Hakuna Matata" literally translated as "There are no worries here".

It’s too easy to get lost in the stresses of the day and let the negativity creep back in attempting to consume you. But hear me now: I’m going to make a concerted effort to remember this entry and all the things there are to look forward to or shrug off with funny phrases. Every time I start to feel something bad I’m going to try replace it with something good. I’m going to replace it with Hakuna Matata and I hope you do too.

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Big Oil and all that is wrong with the world
May 9, 2007

Started my morning off by leaving the house without my car keys effectively locking myself out, making me late for work. Followed by a most hellacious day that was capped off by an emergency trip to the nearest gas station on the way home due to an almost empty tank of gas flashing light and alarm going off in my jeep.....of course I am pmsing.

Granted I drive a V8, but I actually paid $60.00 for regular unleaded to fill up my tank here in Connecticut today @ $3.41 a gallon. According to the national averages I've seen, we are about as high as California and Washington right now. WTF... It's even worse than it was in September '05 after Hurrican Katrina. Fucking gougers are out in full force too because then driving along, just a scant 15 miles north from station A, I passed station B selling regular for $3.05.

Dirty bastards.

All of this national treason and market manipulation going on, meanwhile the front page of every fucking newspaper in our country is littered with headlines and images of poor Paris Hilton begging for pardon so she doesn't have to go to the clink for a DUI since mummy and daddy weren't able to buy her way out of this one.

What kind of f'ed up world are we living in?

Here we are in the middle of a national crisis that is affecting real, honest, hard working, law abiding motorists and this is the crap we have shoved down our throats??

Did I mention I was PMS'ing?

Who else has received this email chain letter instructing the internet community to not fuel up on May 15th?

> > NO GAS...On May 15th 2007
> > Please don't pump gas on May 15th.
> > In April 1997, there was a "gas out"
> > conducted nationwide in protest of
> > gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon
> > overnight. On May 15th 2007, all internet users are
> > not going to a gas station in protest of high gas prices.
> > Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places. There are
> > 73,000,000+ American members currently on the internet,
> > and the average car takes about 30 to 50 dollars to fill up.
> > If all users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would
> > take $2,292,000,000.00 (that's almost 3 BILLION) out of the oil
> >company's pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the
> >gas station on May 15th and lets try to put a dent in
> >the oil industry for at least one day. If you agree
> >(which I cant see why you wouldn't) resend this to all your
> > contact list. With it saying, ''Don't pump gas on May 15th"!!!

Are you going to do it? I will if you do.

Even if average internet marketing conversions hold true here, and only 1% of the 73 million webbies who didn't hit delete or let the announcement get lost in their spam filter, actually act.....that would almost equal as many fans as have signed "Free Paris" petitions, created "Free Paris" websites, or are profiteering off of their "Free Paris" t shirts.

Fucking A.

What does that mean anyway? It was a big saying in the 80's but I never knew exactly what the "A" was referring to. I just like saying it because it sounds so succinct.

I'm curious to know if the current gas hikes have made anyone become more conservative on their driving excursions? Mine are a necessity to get to work and back for the most part or when I need to escape for my mental well being.

Do any of you financial analysts foresee the prices going down again anytime soon?

What are the prices where you all live?

Talk to me.

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Spring Cleaning
March 25, 2007

  • Jeep - cleaned and detailed - Check
  • Apartment redecorated and cleaned - Check
  • Closets emptied and reorganized - Check

  • pugclotes1.jpg

  • Disgruntled Pug who doesn't like change - Check
  • pugclotes2.jpg

  • Winter feet - lotioned and pedicured - Check
  • pedi.jpg

  • Ready for warm weather - Check
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    ho hum
    January 21, 2007

    It’s cold outside and I have a bit of writer’s block. There were a ton of things I wanted to write about tonight but for whatever reason they are escaping me. All I want to do it seems, is eat. Tonight for instance, I had a huge plate of lasagna and not even an hour later I found myself noshing on goldfish crackers and an hour after that I was dunking chocolate chip cookies in milk for dessert. At least they were the sugar free kind so I guess I’m not feeling too guilty about that.

    I'm watching Wolf with Jack Nicholson where he gets bit by a wolf and then turns into one. Michelle Pfeiifer plays his lover and James Spader plays the bad guy. Excellent movie. So I have a crazy week coming up and can’t handle anything too heavy tonight. I think that’s what it boils down to. I’m kicking back now to build up some reserve that I’ll need around mid-week. Pugsley is laying at my feet happily going to town on a braided bully stick. Did I mention he also has terrible gas?

    In other news, upon my physical therapists recommendation, I purchased my very own tens unit for times when my muscle spasms are bad and I can’t get to the rehab center. They said I can use it every day in 20 minute increments. I’ll probably just electro stimulate myself and call it a night.

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    If you're going to San Francisco.....
    October 19, 2006

    You know what I love about San Francisco? It’s the perfect mix of old and new. The architecture and culture. It has that big city feel in an actual small city per square foot. Everything is a short cab ride away. I love the wharf and seals and the history. I love Marin county and sushi in Sausalito. The Biltmore and standing on Fillmore imaging the Doors and Jefferson Airplane used to rock out there.

    I love the balance of art and industry. Freedom and enterprise. The unassuming corporate brick buildings of Battery Street and the painted Victorians, chateaus and mansions of Pacific Heights. I love the steep hills and enormous cathedral churches.

    I loved the food, the variety and quality and presentation. Everything from Fog City Diner’s Angus Beef Pot Roast with cabernet sauce that flakes off the fork over a bed of mashed potatoes and topped off with thin crispy onion rings, to North Beach’s amazing Italian food like Pumpkin ravioli and focaccia bread at L'Osteria Del Forno.

    Lunch at the Four Seasons was probably the best meal with crusty bread and soft butter Hawaiian Ahi Tuna appetizer with rice paper, rigatoni chicken with pesto and sun dried tomatoes and chocolate mousse for dessert. Rock and Roll sushi, In and Out burgers, and Mama's on Washington Square.

    I loved the street performers on Maiden Lane at Union Square and the Zipcars that you can rent for an hour or for the day. The outdoor cafes, little shops, dog friendly parks and eateries. Giant’s stadium and the Fairmont with its golden grandeur chandeliers, polished marble floors, king size bed with cushy pillows and padded white sheets.

    Here are some highlights from my trip:

    •Giving Nicole 2 family heirlooms, a bracelet that belonged to our grandmother and one of her Irish linen handkerchiefs.

    •Meeting Juliette in the Lobby at the Fairmont, running towards each other for the biggest hug!

    Lori’s Diner and now I finally have a t-shirt with my name on it.

    •The view from the 52nd floor of the Carnelian room.

    •Shopping with Nicole at the new Bloomingdales, Louis Vuitton, and Juicy Couture stores. Well, not so much shopping as much as torturous walk-throughs. Torture because we couldn't afford anything there.

    •Going with Nicole to the bridal salon and watching her try on wedding dresses.

    •Kicking back on our last night in town at O’Neil’s Irish Pub.

    •Bubble Bath in the marble tub, slipping into my white cushy Fairmont robe, ordering room service and eating in my room while watching the Mets game before going out to par-tay.

    The one thing I didn’t like was the cab drivers. I’ve decided Taxi drivers in SF are far worse than NYC cab drivers. I found 90% of them to be hostile lunatics with lead feet and bad attitudes. One night we got in one’s cab and he was so coked out all you could see were the whites of his eyes and he had the music blaring to the point I woke up with a headache the next day. The turbulence was worse in the taxi’s than it was on all four of my flights.

    Also, not cool that someone stole the Pug Luggage Tag right off of my suitcase. That was just plain mean. I could tell it didn’t fall off or accidentally rip off, someone physically removed it. It looked just like Sausage. Thieving heartless bastards.

    I miss SF already, there were way too many things I wish I had more time to explore. But alas, I will be back in April for Adtech and then again in September for Nicole and Nick’s wedding at the ranch in Calistoga. Mud baths will be had and wine will be drunk in Napa.

    Coming home to the Sausage was the best. It was hard to be away even though I knew my mother was spoiling him rotten and I called everyday to make sure he was taking his medicine and eating, etc. I missed his stinky ears and senior pug breath. I missed giving his little pink belly kisses and scritches. I missed his silky cheek moles and the whiskers that poke through. I missed picking the crusties out of his wrinkles and velvety black ears and spunky personality. I couldn’t wait to see my little sport. He only snubbed me a little bit when I got home, but he got over it as soon as I whipped out a new toy and told him that I had to travel all the way to California just to get him the special toy. Actually it was a caterpillar neck cushion that I picked up at Ohare because I thought he would look cute with his head resting on it like a pillow when he sleeps.

    Was I wrong?


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    February 12, 2006

    Wow, we got hammered with about 2 feet of snow here in the northeast Saturday and Sunday. Poor Pugsley gets very disgruntled when his poopie spots are limited. He likes to have options -- but mama wasn't into breaking her back shoveling too many trenches in this kind of blizzard. I made an eye round in port wine sauce with mashed potatoes for dinner tongiht, but for some reason I'm still starving.

    IMG_1749 copy.jpg

    Being snowed in worked out good for me since I had to stay home and fix the issues I've been having with my Dell Notebook that all stemmed from the damn Vundo virus. I basically spent all weekend stripping it down to nothing. First I tried repairing and restoring my hard drive, but still had the same problems. Finally I'd had enough, said F*ck it -- put in my original XP Operating disc, took a deep breath and reformatted the whole mother loving thing, starting over from scratch.

    It was wierd when I booted back up and had nothing on my desktop or system tray but an empty recycle bin. I had to reload all of my frequently used programs. Excel, Word, Frontpage, Publisher, Norton, Adobe, my Digital camera software, you name it. Not to mention all the drivers. I also lost my internet connection which took a good 4 hours to figure out how to get back. So after ipconfiging and checking and resetting and troubleshooting my TCP/IP settings and network connections -- I narrowed the problem down to missing drivers that I had to reload after deleting sytem restored drivers because my LAN and WAN autoconfig settings were getting all confused about which network drivers to talk to. Ugg. But Microsoft doesn't make it easy, they lump all your drivers from the boot disc into about 70 folders marked with numbers, so you have to go hunting for the right driver that goes with what you need. Which in this case was my linksys Wireless G network adapter. Who the F would know Dells driver for that is called a Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller which was only detectable in the drivers reload disc by the cooresponding #R54631. Can anyone say needle in a f*cking hay stack?? Well, I finally got my LAN connection to work after loading the drivers and utilities but my WAN connection is still down. I'm getting some wierd error that says PC cannot connect with AP. No clue what that means. So I called the linysys 800 number and after being on hold for 1/2 an hour I gave up. I also have a screwy network cable that keeps popping out and an overheating problem -- so for now I have to keep tape on the back of my laptop until I can make it to Staples. The main thing though is that dirty bastard of a virus is gone and I'm back online now without those annoying little winfixer boxes popping up and then kicking me off the net. I never even made it out of my pajamas today. Then, I spent the remainder of my Sunday working on a website for a friend who doesn't care.

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    House Hunting
    January 29, 2006

    So now that I’m in a position where I can afford a bigger place, I’ve decided renting is the way to go. Sure, I’d like to own a house. But unless a windfall of cash drops out of thin air and onto my lap -- it would take me 5 more years of living where I am to save up a decent down payment. I know that I can’t stay where I am for another 5 years, I've completely outgrown the space and am going stir crazy.

    I know that I don’t want to do the roommate thing again, unless of course the roommate happens to be a hot guy who I’m totally into and is good to Pugsley. Condos or apartments are not an option. Nothing that is attached to someone else’s living quarters. For privacy reasons and I would be too afraid they may leave their oven or iron on during the day and Pugsley would catch fire when I wasn’t there to save him. I'm paranoid-neurotic like that.

    Hence, my house hunting has begun. I am looking for a house with at least 2 bedrooms that is spacious and private. This weekend I went to look at a cottage type house in a private lake community. It had a porch which was a plus; I’m a big porch girl. The landlord was okay with small dogs but she wanted to meet Pugsley first. No problem there, he's a total people pleaser and knows how to lay on the charm. I knew once she met him she would see what a good boy he is. Sure enough, once she took out a bag of liver treats, he launched into his vast array of tricks. The sit pretty, high five, play dead, sit stay, speak, roll over, crawl, give kisses, and the leave it/ take it maneuvers. She was putty in his paws 5 minutes in.

    IMG_1532 copy.jpg
    View from the Car

    IMG_1521 copy.jpg
    Begging for a freeze dried liver treat from the Landlady

    IMG_1524 copy.jpg
    Pugsley Loved the screened in porch facing the woods -- This is his "Oh Mama can't we move here so I can lay out on the porch all day and take long naps with the breeze blowing on me" look...

    IMG_1539 copy.jpg
    A view of the Lake

    IMG_1540 copy.jpg
    Surveying the private beach area


    Woodland setting
    Private lake community
    Beach Rights
    Kayaking in the summer
    Cool screened in porch and BBQ Deck
    New washer and Dryer


    It’s very small
    Outdated decor (e.g. wood paneling, pink tub and tile)
    Electric heat
    Tiny kitchen
    Not much closet space

    Overall, it was nice with some cool ammenities, but just too small. I don't think there is enough room in the kitchen for some serious Slump or Foot Cheese Pizza making. Pugsley did however go home with a belly full of liver treats. Next.

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    Snowy Sundays Were Made for Slump and Bulls Penis
    January 15, 2006

    It’s brisk and dank outside; gusty drafts are wafting uneven piles of snow up to my backdoor, like a secret lover who wants to get inside. Pugsley is too low to the ground to hop through the mounded snow banks. He reminds me of a bunny bouncing through champagne colored meadows. I have to keep going outside to shovel him trenches in my knit hat and Ugg boots.

    Inside, I’m making up a nice batch of Slump. Maybe my best batch yet.


    While the Slump sauce simmers I alternate between writing, working out, trying on clothes, and battling the Vundo virus that’s infected my notebook. Girl stuff. Geek Stuff. I may have to reformat my hard drive. It’s toasty inside. I am getting hungry. But the Slump tastes better the longer it simmers..There's an All In the Family marathon on TV Land. Awesome.

    I love to multitask. I feel most alive while doing 5 things at once, otherwise I get bored. Of course Pugsley is a constant at my feet watching me run manic through the house. On the treadmill he lays next to me chewing away at his bully stick. Somehow watching him gnaw happily on a penis, powers me through my run.

    Next it’s trying on clothes. Pulling this one and that out of the closest. There’s the rescheduled holiday party on Friday and I haven’t had occasion to dress up in quite a while. He takes breaks from his Bully to lift his head up at me here and there. He tries to help by telling me which outfit looks good or bad. Particles of clothing are flying; trouser socks are strewn across the floor in muted shades of gray and navy. There goes a slip I haven’t seen in about 4 years… a lone bra strap lands on his head so he’s wearing it around his neck like a Hawaiian lei. I think it’s funny so I leave it there. A half cocked head means the outfit looks good and a pug pout or a snort means, “I don’t think you can pull it off lady”. Lucky for me, everything I try on still looks good. The hard part will be deciding which thing to wear.

    In the kitchen making Slump is Pugsley's favorite place to be, he stands at my feet waiting hopefully with eyeballs like saucers for a noodle to drop. His most important task in Slump-making is to test the pasta and let me know when it’s Al Dente. 4 hours of cooking waiting and hoping for a couple shells to fall. He doesn’t care. He’s just glad we’re inside and cozy. It’s his proof that I’d rather be with him than anywhere else in the world. The noodles and penis are a bonus.

    The Slump has been eaten now, a big hearty bowl full that's made my stomach expand temporarily.. I'm done trying on clothes for tonight. I've settled in wearing my Eddie Bauer Fair Isle socks with pom poms dangling. I can’t stop wearing them. On Ebay, I'm waiting to win the bid on a pair of Yanuk Indigo worker jeans that I’ve been wanting for a long time. The icing on the cake is that I have tomorrow off for M.L.K. Day, so we can sleep in as late as we want. The only thing that would make it a more perfect day is if there was a man of the house to enjoy the show. For now I digress and take solace in the company of my dog and my pocket rocket. At least a vibrator can‘t force me to watch football..

    Hmmmm, I wonder how the Yanuk's will look with my Uggs.

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    September 8, 2005

    I'm so depressed, I just filled up my car with gas and I paid $50.00 for 15.24 gallons of gas @ $3.27 for regular. In my check register -- I now record all gas related debit transactions as "Fucking Gas" or sometimes I write "Gas Fuck". Next time I might write "They Fuck you at the Gas Pump" or simply "Bend Over".

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    Fonzie Loves Pinky
    August 17, 2005

    Growing up in the 70’s sitcom era there were a ton of TV characters I could relate to. It was a happier, simpler time. None of this Reality show crap with characters who are ANYTHING but real.

    In my formative years, I always identified with the tough independent chicks, not the girly girls. I was more Laverne than Shirley. More Jo than Blair. More Mary Anne than Ginger.

    When it came to Happy days, aside from the fact that she had two older brothers, there was nothing about Joni that really appealed to me. Jenny Piccalo was more interesting with her boy-crazy antics and the way she was always getting Joni into fixes, leading her astray. I definitely had a lot of Jenny Piccalo type friends growing up.

    But for me at that time, a young, impressionable, and somewhat dark kind of girl -- I really didn't think there was anyone cooler than Pinky Tuscadero. The sexy motorcycle queen who was able to wrap the Fonz right around her little finger with her signature two snaps and a double clap ...She made him lose his cool.

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    and P.S.
    August 16, 2005

    If my last post wasn't proof enough that Life Isn't fair. How's this? Thanks to the spike in oil prices and the constant need for AC - - It now costs me $90.00 a week to keep enough fuel in my car to get me to and from work. That is close to $500.00 a month. Double the amount of my monthly car payment.

    How is it fair that I have work my ass off every week to be able to drive a nice car (and keep Pugsley swaddled in toys and treats with a roof over our heads) only to have pay an additional 100% on top of it -- just to be able to make the fucking thing run???

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    Weekend Happies
    August 14, 2005

    Rummaging through Ebay Auctions. It’s like a virtual Flea Market only I don’t have to leave my house and wade through the heat and crowds. I can do it all from the comfort of my couch or bed.

    Tomato Guacamole dip from Stew Leonards with Stone Ground Tortilla chips. Mmmmmm

    My Blue Cult Cargo pocket jeans, Love them.

    Slump I could probably live on Slump, cheeseburgers, & Tuna Fish and be totally happy.

    My Blog, it feels like home.

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    Scattered Friday Thoughts
    July 1, 2005

    My Singles Soundtrack - Grunge rock will never go out of style in my world. Listening to it is like reliving my Hey day.

    My mini iVibe Pocket Rocket in Lime - I'm thinking of giving one to all my girlfriends in the their Xmas stocking this year. It's the gift that keeps on giving....

    Apparently there is a porn star named Lori Lust who appeared on Howard Stern this week to get naked and be evaluated for Playboy. You would not BEElieve the amount of traffic this has inadvertantly been driving to my website. I looked her up and she does have nice abs though..

    Why does Pugsley keep eating shit??? What could be missing from his diet....I have to get to the bottom of this!

    I wonder if I will have a date this year for the fireworks...
    Signs point to yes.

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    February 28, 2005

    A lot of you chimed in and commented on the last entry and it gave me some valuable insights. So as an ongoing theme if any of you have topics or requests of something you'd like to see here at pugsplace or on any blog for that matter, send them my way. For now, Toni has requested daily pics. Since I'm not set up with a photo blog, I will make an effort to update my profile pictures more often. If you can think of anything else, drop me a line or post a comment. I will do my best to accomodate all reasonable requests.

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    Random Thoughts
    December 16, 2004

    Random Thoughts for the Day

  • All diets and excersize are off until mid-January, what's the point?
  • Why do I continue to laugh everytime my spellcheck program tries to change "Pugsley" to "Parsley"?
  • I am LOVING my early Xmas gift to myself - a Black Juicy Couture Sweatsuit that I won on's the little things in life
  • If dogs are incapable of "thinking" like the skeptics say, why then does Pugsley sit under his Christmas stocking passing impatient stares from the present-filled sock to me? As if to say, "Come on Lady, how much longer are you gonna make me wait?"
  • Why are all Irishmen so cute and charming? I have yet to meet one who has been anything but dashing.
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    October 21, 2004

    Happening in my Life Right Now:

    1.) The Red Sox WON Last Night, FINALLY, hip, hip, hooray!
    2.) I caused a controversy at Dunkin Donuts this morning by wearing my Red Sox belly tee shirt
    3.) Sadly, I did NOT win Powerball last night..
    4.) It's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning with the colder weather and autumn darkness
    5.) I'm watching Pugsley on Pugcam1 from my desk at work an hour away, wishing I could be home snuggling with him..
    6.) This tribute to Pug Rescue work made me Cry

    Won't somebody hold me?

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    Country Fair
    September 12, 2004

    This blog was in need of some lighter blogging so here are some pics from the Country Fair I took in on Saturday.

    Click on the Cow to see fair pics:


    Fun was had.

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    Bernard Pivot Questionnaire
    August 10, 2004

    Do you ever watch "Inside the Actors Studio" on Bravo? I do, and when it comes time for the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire, I always think about what my answers would be so here they are:

    01. What is your favorite word? scallywag

    02. What is your least favorite word? copasetic

    03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? an undeniable connection or chemistry with someone when you feel like you are totally "clicking" with them and they feel it too

    04. What turns you off? dishonesty in any form

    05. What is your favorite curse word? Horse shit

    06. What sound or noise do you love? Pugsley snoring

    07. What sound or noise do you hate? the alarm clock going off

    08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Film director/screenwriter

    09. What profession would you not like to do? I would not like to be a snake milker

    10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

    Excellent job down there, you made me proud. Let me take you to your family, friends, and all the pets you have ever loved. They have all been waiting here for you to spend eternity with them..


    Fellow bloggers, I would love to hear your answers, feel free to post this quesionnaire on your site and let me know so I can go check out your answers!

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