a little valentines day pug humor
February 8, 2012


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wintertime snuggles
January 25, 2012

As the winter rolls on it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave my warm little cocoon of black fur and pug smells each morning to venture out into the coldness of the world.

I think Moxie agrees...


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From our house to yours...
December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!





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Power is back on
November 11, 2011

It has been a looooong 13 days.


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lazy beach days
August 16, 2011


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August 9, 2011

Love - a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker. ~Author Unknown

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the art of racing in the rain
July 28, 2011

I just finished reading this book and wanted to recommend to my blog followers. It's a must read story for any dog lover. The book is narrated by the main character, Enzo the dog!

The story follows Enzo from puppy hood and written from his perspective explains how it is to be a dog with no hands, with no ability to form words, with only gestures in which to communicate what he thinks and feels. That theme carries through the book to his loyal master, an up and coming race car driver Denny, Dennie's wife, Eve and their daughter, Zoe. There are trials and tribulations the family has to endure but the plot humorously and sometimes painfully unfolds through the wise, loving eyes of Enzo.

I don't recommend too many books, but I do this one.



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swimming puggle
July 19, 2011

I took Anjo (as my nephew likes to call him) to one of my favorite swimming holes the other day.

I think his beagle hound instinct wanted to romp and splash in the water...but the pug in him.... the more dominant gene....kept saying, "screw this, I'm heading back to shore"





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It's a Full Moon tonight...
July 14, 2011

I am bound to turn into a Werepug.

Or maybe Pug woman....

For those of you who don't know - Pug woman is the protector and defender of helpless pugs on Earth. She creeps out at night in dark alleys, back roads, and city rooftops...seeking justice for the poor pugs that have been wronged in this world.

Among Pug Woman's supernatural powers: she can fly, wield a sword like a Japanese warrior, hypnotize unsuspecting cads by gazing deeply into their eyes, catch villains with her double curled tail using it as a whip and snare....and apparently Pug Woman rocks a mean corset too.


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got to adopt, not shop..
June 16, 2011

Lots of you have written asking if I am going to get the little black pug puppy from my "could I, should I?" post.

The answer is probably not.

It was more of a wistful yearning post I think, like a pipe dream, it was me thinking writing outloud because those black puppies are just so adorable. But in reality the puppy belongs to a breeder and I made a vow a while back that I would never "buy" a dog from a pet store or breeder.

I am sure this breeder is lovely and ethical... she is a friend of a friend and came highly recommended....but it's just a personal choice for me (and hopefully for many of you) to adopt, not shop.

There are so many special dogs in rescues and shelters all around the world - the lucky ones who make it there. And adopting one gives them a second chance that they so desperately need.

I am also pretty busy these days and will be traveling a lot this summer so it's not really a good time to bring on a new addition.

When the time is right I will adopt another rescue. :)

Don't be sad for me though. Right now I am happy and content playing stepmom to a crazy little puggle boy with a TON of energy and personality! He provides me with enough of a doggy fix for the time being. And then some... he is like the energizer bunny rabbit he just keeps going, and going, and going.

Plus - He lubs me. xo


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puggle power moves
May 24, 2011

This is Angelo, otherwise known as "Jello". That's what I like to call him (the dog, not the guy).


Boy those puggles can be jealous little devils when a new woman comes around and starts keeping time with their daddy's. Hence, the jealous nickname, Jello.

Lucky for me, I know every pug and beagle trick in the book. Heck, I probably invented a few of them myself...poor little Jello doesn't realize who he is dealing with or that I have been training pugs and beagles and preparing for this moment my entire life!

Slowly, he is learning to accept me and dare I say.....calm down and warm up to me just a little?

We had a breakthrough this weekend when we were chilling on the couch and all of the sudden Jello came charging up out of nowhere and dive bombed me, landing smack paws down crashing into my chest and then proceeded to use his head like a mad bull, wedging it in between us in a dominant power play to literally try to break up the snuggling action that was going on.

Tricky boy.


After about 2 months of this jello behavior, I decided it was about time that I reach into my arsenal of obedience training weapons that I haven't had to utilize since Pugsley's wild, out of control puppy days back in the mid 90's. I started with some very rudimentary dominance desensitizing and by calmly but firmly letting him know that he can't walk all over me. And more importantly that he has to learn how to share.

Poor Jello. I think I earned some respect from the little guy though. By the end of our first training session he was sitting calmly on my side of the couch, chin resting on my arm :) He even did a half roll onto his side in a submissive display allowing me to give him gentle little belly rubs and scritches .... progress.

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I have a new friend...
May 9, 2011

He is a crazy little puggle. I am dating his daddy...we play games in the yard while his daddy is inside taking afternoon naps :)

Isn't it funny how life works.

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March 7, 2011

Major flooding going on in my little town. Twenty families are trapped on a cul de sac just down the road from me because the river near their house washed away a 30-foot span along the street. In other areas they are actually boating people out.


Makes me glad my house is on a hill, away from water. High and dry.

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favorite couples
February 14, 2011

Valentines Day always makes me think of my favorite couples. The one's who seem to epitomize the perfect match. The ones who go together like peas and carrots, like peanut butter and jelly, like soppressata and provolone.

Those couples you look at and wish one day you had a love as great as theirs.

Here are my top 3 favorite couples:

  1. My Grandparents
  2. Rocky and Adrienne
  3. Shrek and Fiona

Who are some of yours?

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blood in the snow
February 8, 2011

I am not quite sure what to blog about today..

How the mayor of Dallas gave Michael Vick the keys to the city, or how at the same event he was confronted by the guy who adopted one of his dogs.

The crisis in Egypt and how gas prices are rumored to be going up to $5.00 / per gallon.

Or how I am terribly upset that one of the beloved dogs in our family has cancer and has to have her leg amputated tomorrow to stop it :(

The never ending Snowpocalpse / horrific winter we have been having here in CT that seriously hasn't let up for a minute. How my house looks like a scene from the Overlook hotel in the Shining and I've been feeling a bit like Jack Nicholson's character lately, not in a good way.

Or how I am burning oil at the rate of needing to fill up my 275 gallon tank every 30 days and will now likely be paying off my oil bill well into the summer months.

Then there are Charlie Sheen's hookers, Christina flubbing the national anthem, or my latest recipe for Crab Crostini and Blood Orange Sorbet.

How I've been spending all of my free time in the gym b/c there is nothing else to do when you're snowed and iced in week after week and missing your best friend but cook, eat and cardio.

TV sucks. It's the same thing day after day, every channel.

My upcoming ski date or how easy it is for me to write people off if they don't give me the what I need.

How the condolence cards keep coming in the mail (when I can actually get to my mailbox that is) and how one last night from the vet who was here on that day, made me cry and relive it all over again.

Or how the other week someone hit a deer and there was blood splattered all over the snow under my mailbox, big chunks of bloody snow.

I refused to get my mail for days because I didn't want to be near it. Had to recruit my dad to come shovel away the blood.

Then a day later I noticed blood in the snow right outside of my kitchen window, under the bird feeder where I leave sunflower seeds, suet, and food for the winter birds and squirrels.

And I saw a herd of deer earlier the day before, 10 of them or more...and one was lagging behind, a doe - she seemed to be limping and I wondered why.

I quickly realized it was her blood that was down the road in front of my mailbox - and it was her blood that was at my back door under the bird feeder. She was struck by a car driving by the road and somehow she survived. Somehow lame and injured she continues to trudge on - coming to my back door to feed on the birdseed, evidence only by the bloody cloven hoof prints in the snow.

Or how tonight I threw out some pellets and some apples and oranges to help her stay strong and sustain her energy in cold dark times.

Or how I totally identify with the wounded animal struggling to survive.

This is one brutal winter.

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Is anyone really surprised?
January 10, 2011

Every media outlet is reporting as if it's shocking news -

But is anyone really surprised that Elizabeth Edwards left John Edwards out of her will?

I think the real surprise would have been if she INCLUDED him in her will.

What a classy, graceful lady. Right up to the end. May she rest in peace.

As for JE - well, Karma will take care of the rest.

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Merry Christmas from the Pug farm
December 19, 2010

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am happy to report that Plummy is loving every minute of getting spoiled this holiday season. Everything from her stocking on the fireplace to her blue spruce christmas tree, the kidney friendly christmas cookies, and all the family and friends who have come to visit. It's another Christmas miracle!!


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lovin' life with a case of the growlies...
December 6, 2010

It is amazing how well Plum is doing despite her condition and the grave prognosis they gave me. I am so happy I did not listen to the vets and end her journey one month ago when they said I should. According to the doctors she shouldn't be alive....but I beg to differ.

She is presently holding her own with daily home cooked low sodium, low phosphorus meals, 30 mg of Cerenia for her stomach, calcium supplements, drinking lots of water and getting lots and lots of Lubbins.

Her quality if life is off the charts right now.

Lately she's even been taunting me with her toys. Her favorite game is to have me pretend that I'm going to steal the toy from her so she can curl her lip and wait for her move to lunge and attack my hand. Of course she doesn't make contact with her teeth, she just pretends to :)

Many of you have asked how she is doing, I posted this short clip so you can see for yourself.

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sunny sunday
November 28, 2010

Plummy sunning herself near the window while I make a big pot of sauce in the kitchen.

Ain't she purdy?


Wish everyday was Sunday.

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Strength of heart
November 18, 2010

The last week has been touch and go. Plummy became weak and stopped eating, she started spiraling downhill. Her blood work revealed her kidney values are sky high, despite the iv fluids, medications, and all measures. The vet said there is nothing more they can do, they gave me their on call number so they could come here last weekend and help her end her journey, peacefully.

Since then I haven't left her side and have been doing everything I can to keep her happy and strong. In turn she has been responding and fighting back.

She didn't want to eat but she took food from a plastic syringe that I fed her several times a day, lapping it up like she was nursing from a bottle and it was enough to sustain her. She started drinking a ton of water to hydrate herself. She wakes every two hour in the night to get up and drink water, I help her off the bed as she can no longer jump down and is too unsteady on her feet to trust her stepper. She's drinking enough to stay hydrated and her gums are still pink.

I've taken her on car rides so she can feel the warm sun her face. Her tail started wagging again and remains curled most of the time.

Her trembling episodes from the neurotoxins building up in her bloodstream have ceased over the last few days and miraculously, she has started eating on her own again.

The other night she started playing with a toy that she's never touched before, she was shaking it and throwing it at me like she wanted to play tug of war. She even got the growlies and her will to stay strong and stay with me, moved me to tears.

The Dr's are looking at the numbers on a medical chart and saying she should no longer be here. But what they don't see is her continuing to fight everyday, they don't see that she is still happy and has a good quality of life. She is in no pain or suffering, she is still eating and drinking and loving.

I know that can all change tomorrow and I'll have to make the call, or pray that God takes her so I don't have to.

I can't explain it other than to say as her master who knows her best that it can only be her strong spirit, love, and strength of heart that continues to power her on. She has truly become an inspiration to me, and I am thankful for every moment we have together.

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Entry 11.8.10
November 8, 2010


Still eating her regular home cooked food with between 600- 1,000 ML of liquid added in per day, depending on how much her stomach can handle.

what a good girl.

Hasn't vomited that much in the last week, just here and there.

Skin allergies are pretty bad. Keeps getting hot and oil slicked on her juicy parts: under her arms and legs, in all her nooks and crannies, skin folds and belly. Like the infection is sweating right out of her body.

Have increased medicated baths to 4/5 x a week in attempt to keep her skin dried out and under control. So far it's working.

Was back at vet on Friday to get 2nd course of antibiotic, Covenia for pyoderma and possible recurring UTI.

Goal is the get skin infection under control w/ medicated baths b/4 antibiotic wears off in 2 weeks.

Don't want to keep giving antibiotics b/c they create yeast and the yeast worsens allergies.

Going back for kidney blood work and urine re-test at end of week. Will determine where BUN value is at, shooting for 80 or better - then we can continue on this path. If it has shot back up may need to discuss subcutaneous fluids.

Overall acting good, maybe a little more tired than normal, but her tail has mostly been curled lately. When the tail is curled she's a happy girl.

She's been extra clingy. I say "extra" because if you've ever known a rescue dog who was ignored and neglected in their previous life you can always tell by how clingy they are. They would rather sit quietly by a human with a part of their body touching said human than just about anything else in the world, including eating and playing.

it is both sad and sweet all at once.

She has earned a new nickname, "Kinny". Kinny evolved from Plummy and then Plummykin, now its just "Kinny."

She likes when I give her new nicknames, she smirks when I call her by them.

Plummy was sad over Zenyatta's race outcome too but she was there to help comfort me.

Love her silly snaggle toothed faces and grins

Her favorite place to be is under the covers wedged up against my side.

Feeling stronger lately. Stress level is coming down, entering an acceptance phase of various things.

Might be something the Sausage taught me, how to hunker down and rise to the occasion. How to stay strong of mind, body, and spirit in tough times and do whatever is needed to see it through with the best possible outcome.

Got some good mojo happening lately, trying to figure out how to harness it and make it last.

First oil delivery was $2.799 per gallon for a 275 gallon tank. Currently burning through ½ a tank per month. Estimating I will burn though this oil before end of December at this rate.

Need to get a chimney sweep to my house so I can start using the fireplace.

Finally saw Avatar on HBO this weekend, holy 3 hour movie James Cameron! Thought it was cool but way too long. Started losing interest 2:05 hours in. Glad I didn't see it in the theatre.

Woke up to snow, hail, wind, sleet and freezing rain. Gearing up for a long, cold winter on the pug farm.

Already planning Thanksgiving menu, and started Christmas shopping too.

Looking forward to getting a BIG Xmas tree this year, and maybe even lighting up some of my outdoor pines.

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Vote Yes on Prop B and 19!
November 1, 2010

Would like to know when a politician is going to step up and start working towards putting an end to animal cruelty, puppy mills, laboratory testing, vivasection, horse slaughter, dog fighting, etc.

Show me THAT politician and I'll show you my vote.

I for one am getting tired of living in a society that allows these things to happen.

Sadly, in the whole entire state of our country....I have to say these are the only 2 props I care about right now:

Prop B to fight Puppy Mills and Prop 19 to legalize pot.

I realize these are not my voting states but they are definitely steps in the right direction.

If you live in Missouri get out and VOTE on Prop B on November 2nd

If you life in California put down your bong and go vote yes on Prop 19! http://yeson19.com/


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happy howl-o-ween
October 31, 2010


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Entry 10/29/10
October 29, 2010

No vomiting for the past couple days

Tinkering with fluid intake to see how much she can take in and keep down

Started massaging her back and scruff of shoulder blade skin, getting her used to me touching the area in preparation for the sub q fluids

Allergies are currently under control

She is a happy girl

No accidents in the house

Lots of cuddling and snuggling going on

Despite it all she is still cute as a freakin' button

And smells like a giant corn chip I want to eat up

When she is happy, I am happy!

♥ Lubbins ♥

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light and dark, darkness and light
October 27, 2010

Entry 10.27.10

she had a good day sunday and monday

tuesday came home to vomit everywhere: on the bed, on the bedroom floor, in the laundry room, in the dining room...

not sure if it's the phosphorus binder upsetting her stomach or all the extra liquids I've been giving her, or if her kidneys are just going downhill fast despite all measures.

gave her an anti nausea pill, kept her dinner and water down.

woke up weak and stomach still gurgling, hated leaving her in the AM, not knowing what I might find when I come home..

$1,000 last week in vet bills

mortgage payment due

can't afford for her to get sick again this week

we all have troubles I know and they are all relative, akin.

do not judge. and do not question that quality and comfort is my only concern.

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are" ~ Anais Nin

girlfriend, if you're still reading....we're not that different, you and I.

when the hell are they going to pass the HAPPY ACT bill? Please write to your US representative now and urge him or her to support and cosponsor the HAPPY Act, H.R. 3501!

have to fight the vicious vomit / dehydration cycle that inevitably ensues with kidney failure

not sure how. cant stomach the thought of needles and subQ

not much sleep last night, when she's restless, I am restless..

mind kept going places I didn't want it to go..

missing people and places and dogs and things

I send them love and light and hope it will all work out for the best

toss and turn, tortured with missing..

wonder why great love always has to go hand in hand with great sadness

I'm sure it's something biblical about suffering and the endurance of pain ultimately freeing ones soul

these are not kind thoughts at 4:00AM

not looking for any praise, sympathy or medals... it's not even a question or a choice, it's natural a reflex.

I am usually much more of a suffer in silence kind of girl, but sometimes just need the release

Like I told the USA Today interviewer, "if you don't like it, you don't have to read it."

it's uncharacteristically balmy for the end of October

rain rain go away, come again some other day

I love how dogs remind us to live in the present

may just turn the blog into Plum journal entries for a while, Dian Fossey style.

like this

the random and the factual

out of sync, jumbled, and messy.....just like life.

I see myself as sort of a Dian Fossey character for gorillas pugs

before she was murdered the last entry in her diary read: "When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate on the preservation of the future."

it is because of my unwaivering commitment to my dogs that I know I would be a great mother.

I am going to be an auntie again!

every happiness in life is peppered with bittersweet.

considering bailing on the annual Halloween party Saturday night...

mind says it would be good to get out and socialize with humans, let loose for a bit

but my soul is always more content and peaceful at home with the dogs.

it's a cross, or a calling

the next ones will be puppies, I know....and there's guilt for even thinking it right now.

day by day is how it goes

where it stops, nobody knows

keep picking the wrong week to break bad habits.

she's starting to age rapidly, starting to look how Pugsley looked not long before

one day they'll finally get to meet and have their little talk about me

scares me how weak I am when it comes to loss

but strong in faith and what is right

I won't be sad, I will exalt

you don't tell your God how big your problems are

you tell your problems how BIG your God is.

will do my job and be a good shepherd

the key to all healing is love.

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Thought for the day
September 30, 2010

Handle every situation like a dog.
If you can't eat it or play with it.....piss on it and walk away.


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Shame on you Philadelphia Daily News
September 22, 2010

This is what I'm talking about, the media glorifying Vick's horrifying involvement in crimes against animals with a headline like this, referring to him as 'Top Dog".

I think I actually feel smoke coming out of my ears.


It just makes me want to projectile vomit my lunch all over Philadelphia Daily News.com.


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July 13, 2010

I was psyched to see these beautiful blue hydrangeas bloom in my front garden. I absolutely love blue hydrangeas, they always remind me of Cape Cod.


And right next to the hydrangeas is this cool purplish pink plant I forget what it's called but it looks like cat tails..


This one isn't a plant, but you can see how she plants herself in my spot on the couch each time I get up...Plum cuteness.


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This butterfly was hanging outside of my office window all afternoon, just stuck to the side of the glass building above the rooftop, high up on the top floor, just about 3 feet away from my desk. I snapped this picture of him with my phone.


It's odd behavior for a butterfly. There is no nectar high up on the rooftops....it was like he was just hanging out visiting me.

It's special because I lost someone special to me and close to my family. The father of one of my best friends passed away 3 months ago after a long battle with cancer.

At his memorial service his family let go a bunch of butterflys and I gave a eulogy. One of the things I spoke about was signs and how if we stay on the lookout, we always receive them when our loved ones pass on. A way to let us know that they haven't ceased to exist just because they have left this world behind. It was my wish for the family, his children in particular, that they continue to receive the signs. I know they have. And today I think I received one as well.

Miss you Harry.

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Flying Cars - the future is here
June 30, 2010

Remember being a little kid watching the Jetsons and Back to the Future 's Delorean and wondering if in our time we would ever actually live to see flying cars? Well it looks like we will and before long!

From the NewYorkDailynews.com
Terrafugia Transition, a flying car that converts from automobile to airplane, receives FAA approval
BY Aliyah Shahid
Tuesday, June 29th 2010, 2:19 PM

It's a car, it's a plane...it's both?


The Terrafugia Transition, a light aircraft that can convert into an automobile, will soon go into production, according to Britain's Telegraph.

The vehicle received a unique exemption from the U.S. government, which allows the production models to be 110 pounds heavier than a normal "light sport aircraft."

Manufacturers could not fit in safety features, like airbags and crumple zones, within the 1,320 pound weight limit.

The exemption will make it easier and cheaper to get a license--A U.S. light sport pilot's permit only requires 20 hours of flying time.

The two-seater vehicle uses its front-wheel drive on roads at ordinary highway speeds. But once it arrives at an adequate take off spot, it can extend its wings, take off and glide through the sky at 115 mph.

The vehicle can go 460 miles and carry 450 pounds, but requires a runway that is at least a third of a mile long. It fits into a standard-sized garage.

The Transition has undergone development by startup firm Terrafugia, which was founded by MIT engineers in 2006.

According to the company, 70 people have ordered the Transition and have left a $10,000 deposit per vehicle. It is expected to retail for $194,000 and be delivered by the end of next year.

Terrafugia said one of the major perks of the Transition is that it can drive home if the vehicle is flying and encounters bad weather.

Wow. Just, wow.

This would definitely shorten my morning commute and allow me to sleep in a little bit longer.

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I am guessing my neighbor is not an Obama supporter...
June 18, 2010


WOW! I thought I was an opinionated person..
Click the image to view full size

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wont be long now!
May 25, 2010

Got my clear to close today!!! Won't be long now!!

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waiting sucks
May 23, 2010

Still haven't closed on the house yet


More delays.

Apparently the Town Hall did not have the measurements on record of the distance between the septic and the well so the bank is requiring the septic to be dug up and a Town official has to go out and measure and then provide certification!!

Can you imagine?

Supposedly this is the last hurdle we have to get through...but then they have been saying "last hurdle" now for a few weeks and this ridiculous stuff keeps coming up. For all I know they may come back and require the septic tank to be moved to another spot!

I am still living out of boxes so I can't even shake my Magic 8 Ball and ask it.....so I ask you...

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I never thought of myself as the tattoo type but...
May 4, 2010

A friend of mine is contemplating a new tattoo. I suggested he get a pug tattoo to honor his girl pug, Eloise.

Because IF I were to ever do it, there is only one name and image I could imagine permanently tattooing on my body. And now that concept has me pondering the possibilities......hmmmm






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April 28, 2010

Oh.My.Gosh. How adorable is Sandra Bullock's 3 month old little baby Louie? Love him.

Good for her is all I can say!


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Houston, we are in a holding pattern
April 26, 2010

3/4 of my life is packed away in boxes in storage waiting to be transported to the new house.

The other 1/4 is everything else that I can't live without until the day before we move, which isn't much

My closing was supposed to be tomorrow but now it is delayed

nobody will tell me why or for how long

Everything in my life right now is in a holding pattern

I can't transfer electric

Cant set up cable

Can't switch internet connections

Can't order the furniture

Or schedule deliveries

Or change my address

Or book the movers

There is even a chance this whole thing can still fall through

And if it doesn't I'm pretty sure what will happen is I'll get one days notice and then have to hump ass to make all of the above happen at the 11th hour

Are the Gods trying to torture me?

It is just like an episode of House Hunters where they get to the final phase and then something always goes wrong

There's not much more to do at this point but sit around and wait

finding various and sundry ways to amuse thy pug

Which basically means playing with the one dog toy that isn't already packed..

I don't even have the heart to blog right now

Thank God I didn't pack any of my electronics.

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bi-partisan bickering
March 23, 2010

Do you know what I find so annoying about the bi-partisan bickering?

It's those arguers who are so stuck in their own viewpoints, because they are supposedly such dedicated Americans, that they don't even respect or tolerate anyone else's opinion that may vary even slightly from their own.

I mean isn't that what being American is all about? Having freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and freedom of thought?

Isn't that the principal on which our nation was founded?

Isn't that what millions of good men and women have died fighting for?

"Our country 'tis of the sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing!"

I may not agree with other people's opinions but I certainly respect that they have a right to them.


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birthday balloon
January 7, 2010

Plumy doesn't like my birthday balloon. It's a walking mylar pug balloon with weighted feet ..she keeps barking at it and sniffing it's butt. Hahahaha


Is it mean that I have tied it to her curly tail so it follows her all around the house?

Poor Plum!

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Wishing you a very...
December 23, 2009


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a day in the life
December 17, 2009

7: 00AM rise and shine

walk Plum in 12 degrees. Despite layering her in dog shirt, sweater and coat she still just stands there and shivers doesn't want to move or pee

45 minute drive to work

work 4 hours

go to Animal Kingdom at lunch, spend hour there scoping out holistic section. thrilled to see they actually have raw. pick up some frozen rabbit, bison, and venison for plum and some hudenflocken too@

let the food trials begin

work 4 hours

45 minute drive home

stop at grocery to buy chicken for Plum

Arrive home - greeted at door by a howling Plum

feed Plum

walk Plum in 18 degrees, still just stands there and shivers

start the 3 hour process of making Plum's home made dog food

multi task while rice is bloating and chicken is cooling

squeeze in a couple hours of pug rescue work.

give Plum bath while she makes scary low growls at me

special shampoo needs to soak in her skin her for 10 minutes.

have to hold her down in the tub to keep her from escaping

she wet shakes her entire body several times soaking me

done with bath, proceed to towel dry

Plum fights me every step of the way attacking the towel, and me

Done with bath Plum kerplunks herself down at my feet waiting to be brushed

Return phone calls while brushing Plum

Administer ear drops to Plum

Back to kitchen to grind Plum's chicken in food processor

hear Plum howling at me because am not paying attention to her

realize am getting old because my back is starting to hurt

must.finish.making dog food tonight because we're going out of town for the weekend

plan to stock Ritz Carlton mini bar with bags of Plum's home made dog food

hope Plum doesn't howl in the room and get us kicked out...

have more packing and planning to do for the dog than for myself

finish grinding Plum's food in processor, add vitamins, stuff baggies and freeze
do dishes, dry dishes, put dishes away

return to computer to eek out a blog entry and finish Curly Tail work

Plum has to sit on my lap while at the computer

glance at calendar, realize must.find.time to finish Christmas shopping in next couple days

stop to return more calls before it gets too late


goldfish crackers and apple juice for dinner

back to computer to return several emails

eyes start to burn

dry / fold laundry

brush Plum one more time now that she's dry

11:00 pm, finally sit down and relax for first time

soon as my head hits the pillow Plum brings over a toy and wants to play

use last bit of energy to squeak toy and play pug of war with Plum

Lucky for Plum I have a lot of pug patience

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It's the Biggy!
December 13, 2009

A SUPER big thanks to Jan who sent me the best early Christmas gift ever, the Dr. Pepper Biggy Lip Smacker that I wrote about not being able to find for the last 6 years. Well she found them at her local pharmacy and shipped it all the way from heavensville.

I am way too spoiled.

Jan is my pseudo mother in law. I say "pseudo" because at one point she wanted me to move down south and marry her son (parents love me, even the ones who read my blog). Well I didn't...but I told her she can still be my fairy god mother in law, and today she really earned that title by sending me not one but TWO Biggy's. Whoo hoo! These are sure to last me through the winter.

Thanks Jan, FGMIL to the tenth power!! ~ Hearts all around ~

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Tiger's wood
December 8, 2009

.....and I'm not talking about his Nike SQ 3 club, either.

Sorry, I know you are all sick of hearing about the Tiger Woods scandal, I just have one final thought on the matter and then I'll shut up.

Open letter to Tiger Wood's wife -

When male dogs stray because they cannot control their humping urges, the owners remedy the situation by taking them to the vet and having them neutered. They do this not to be cruel but for the dog's own good, and for the good of all parties involved.


Just saying...


So tempted to Photoshop an image of Tiger wearing a plastic cone around his neck and insert here.....but I digress.

to look or not to look THAT is the question
December 2, 2009

Tiger Tiger Tiger, you sleazy little man-whore. There I said what millions of women across America are thinking today.

After hearing that voicemail he left one of his mistresses, I hope the rumors are true that his wife kicked his ass and bloodied his lip.


Now we hear a lot about invasions of privacy and is it right to snoop or look. Well, in this case if she hadn't looked at his cell phone he would still be arrogantly and happily leading a double life, secretly making a mockery out of their relationship, wouldn't he?

So here is the question - If a man or woman you are intimately involved with is acting shifty, shady, or demonstrating some other sketchy kind of behavior that gives you cause for concern, do you look at their personal belongings or don't you?

Especially knowing just how it easy it is nowadays with all the various means of technology one has at their disposal, a virtual treasure trail of cookies and breadcrumbs to follow the telltale signs: Face Book, MySpace, email accounts, cell phones, text messages, caller id....heck there is even a tracking device one could plant on their vehicle.... In fact I think there's even an app for that.

It's not like the days of old when a partner could claim he was working late or drank too much and had to stay out with the guys, lost his cell phone, missed his flight, bla,bla, bla. Cheaters and liars now have to be clever enough to outsmart technology and let's face it if they are dumb enough to cheat in the first place then clearly most of them are not.

My take is that under normal healthy relationship circumstances when you completely trust the person you're with and they have never given you a reason to question or suspect their behavior then out of trust and respect it's a line you simply do not cross.

HOWEVER if something just doesn't seem quite right and all the pieces aren't adding up, your gut is screaming foul play then I believe you have every right to use whatever means are at your disposal to find out WTF is going on. Absolutely. Screw invasion of privacy, if this person is not going to be honest with you than what about invasion of your life because you wouldn't want to be with a sleazy little man-whore in the first place?

Tiger's wife is really hot too. What an idiot.

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a sign of the times
November 16, 2009

This local roadside vendor presents a novel advertising concept with his "Business Sucks Sale" sign. I bought some honey from him today because I appreciated his honesty..... and humor!


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how do you kill 2 hours on the train?
November 3, 2009

It's easy with an iPhone and the free TV.com app that plays all my favorite retro tv shows.

The only question is: Love Boat, Facts of Life, Star Trek, or Gilligan's Island?



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flu shot or not?
October 27, 2009

With all these nasty bugs going around (Swine, H1N1, MRSA) I've been debating for the first time in my adult life actually getting a vaccine.

I know many will disagree but in general I'm against vaccinations unless you are among the: sick or elderly, are a pregnant women, child, have a weakened immune system, or happen to work in the health care system. And even then I think one needs to be careful.

I feel like if you're a generally healthy adult it may just be asking for more trouble. I personally don't like the idea of being injected with foreign strains and antibodies. My belief is supported by the fact that everyone I know who gets a flu shot ends up getting sick a week or two later....a coincidence?

Then you hear stories like this one - about a Cheerleader who got the flu shot and just 10 days later she can now only walk backwards and has suffered severe and permanent neurological damage. Very very sad.

So as I watch everyone around me scampering to their nearest clinic where flu shots are sold out I think I'm going to skip it and take my chances. Instead I'll just be even more diligent about layering on the antibacterial hand sanitizer every chance I get: after touching door handles, shopping carts, gas pumps, elevator buttons, public transportation, anything that may have come in contact with someone else's hands or bodily secretions.

Plus if I don't get one vaccine that leaves more for the people who do need the shot when it's already in short supply.

I'm curious to know what others are doing this year. Will you get the flu shot? What about the swine flu shot or H1N1 spray? There seems to be a lot of opinions on both sides.

On a side note, I recently found out that dogs can get MRSA from humans that are infected with it, and other dogs. Just an FYI.

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I knew I never should have....
October 26, 2009

Watched Marley and Me.


I knew it would completely wreck me.
Waterworks. Major waterworks.
sniff sniff :(

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Things I am loving right now
October 20, 2009


My new job

Listening to Michael Jackson's music


Nephew love

My iPhone (keep those apps coming)


Shopping for real estate

The power of positive thinking

Painting outside the lines

Pugs dressed up in Halloween costumes

Christmas present ideas that are going to make my loved ones very happy this year :)

Mi familia'

Full circling

Basking in the catharsis of it all

Remembering who you are

Project Runway

Bangs, I think I'm gonna get them with my next haircut

The autumn view from my office




Paying it forward

Blue cargo corduroys

Cooking for my dog

Where the Wild Things Are

Jon and Kate finally got cancelled - AMEN I say to you!

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app happy
October 18, 2009

I am taking recommendations for cool iPhone apps.

So far the coolest and most useful app I have encountered is Google's voice search:

You just put the phone to your ear and speak anything that you want Google to find and voila...search results without typing!

e.g. I'm just leaving work, sitting in the parking lot about to take off and thinking how I totally don't feel like cooking dinner tonight and have a mean hankering for my favorite Mexican takeout but (shudder) I forgot the number and there's no time to type or go fumbling through my address book. No problem...just say the restaurant name into my phone and like magic, the number appears!

I'm not sure there could be anything cooler than this. But if you know of any good ones, please share. I need more apps like this in my life.

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white wooly
October 15, 2009

Hmmmm, in all my years of tracking the weather patterns of the wooly bugger caterpillar I've never come across a completely white one before...until now!


I'm not even sure what this means but given that it's snowing here in the northeast today on October 15th...I'd have to say we are probably in for a wicked white winter....good, maybe I'll get to do some skiing this year!

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October 12, 2009

I spotted a raccoon in my backyard today out in the day light.... a sure sign that he might be rabid given that coons are nocturnal creatures and only venture out in the daytime if something is wrong.


I have no doubt a big crazed sick raccoon would try to go after Plum in a heartbeat so I've been taking extra care on our walks.

The last thing we need now is a wild animal attack.... and rabies.

That's what did Old Yeller in after all...


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making my own dog food now
October 4, 2009

If you've ever owned a dog with allergies you know how frustrating it can be to go item by item trial and error give and take away things that may be possible triggers to get to the underlying cause.

So far in the short time I've had Plum I've tried 3 different diet changes, numerous antibiotics, prednisone, vetalog cortisone shots, Atopica pills, vet prescribed IVD dog food wet and dry, Wellness brand wet and dry (which is typically great for the majority of our pugs), twice weekly medicated baths, Antihistamine every 4 hours...and despite all this, she is still not where I want her to be. She still gets pink and itchy more than she should.

At this point I have to suspect an underlying systemic yeast condition may be at play and pursue treatment by eliminating any and all sources of yeast including any form of root vegetables. Up until now everything I've fed her has had yeast based items and given that it's nearly impossible to purchase dog food without yeast - I am now just making my own dog food for her so I can control the ingredients. She is now on a strict homemade raw diet flush to purge her system from the inside out for a good month or 2 in hopes that this will do the trick and then we can transition her over to a non yeast based dog food.

It's clear by looking at Plum that in her previous life (which I know nothing about) the one thing I can tell is that her medical needs were completely neglected so there will be years of damage I need to reverse.

I've consulted with a number of other pug rescue rehabilitators who have successfully rehabbed their pink sticky yeasty pugs, as well as two of my vets: both traditional and holistic DVM'S and they all agree this is the next best move for her so I am committed.


• Boneless chicken or Turkey (brown and white, some gizzards mixed in too are good)
• Brown rice
• Frozen vegetables (NOT ROOT VEGGIES like carrot, potato) green beans, spinach
• Frozen berries - blueberries, cranberries
• Bone meal - powder (very important to have the proper calcium/phosphorus ratio).
• Yogurt Plain
• Multivitamin
• Banana

I cook the rice first because it takes the longest and let it soak in water overnight to blow it up (the vet said to do this).

Next I boil the chicken, let it cool and grind it up finely in the food processor.

Grind frozen veggies in food processor.

Grind frozen berries in food processor.

Put the stopper in the sink and throw in all the ground ingredients:
I make sure the ratio is 40% meat 30% rice 30% veggies

Sprinkle 4 table spoons of bone meal over the ground ingredients in the sink and mix everything altogether:

Next I take out a bunch of zip lock freezer storage bags and spoon in enough for 2 meals per bag. I make enough for 14 bags or a 2 week supply at a time. Then just de-thaw one package per day.

With each meal I spoon out a teaspoon or two of the yogurt and add in a little banana + a few teaspoons of warm water to take out the chill. I then give her a multi-vitamin once a day to make up for the vitamins and minerals she doesn't get from processed dog food.

As well, because the new whole foods diet does not contain any oils it's essential to supplement with a good oil containing omega 3's - I use Grizzly Salmon Oil and add a few squirts to each of her meals.

It's a lot of work I won't lie... but I feel damn good doing it because I know this is the first time in Plum's little life that anyone has ever really cared enough to get to the bottom of her issues and do whatever it takes to fix her up.

Plus, if I ever decide to move to Vermont like Diane Keaton in Baby Boom, then I have already done my field work on how to make really awesome Gourmet baby dog food. That would be cool.

*Note* I am not a veterinarian or expert please consult your veterinarian before embarking on a home cooked diet for your own dog.

For reference this diet was based on the book I highly recommend by Dr. Pitcairn - Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.

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sneak peak
October 1, 2009

It's that time of year again...

hallowcostume09.jpgI am so excited because I received part one of my Halloween costume in the mail today!

I can't tell you exactly who I'm going as this year just yet but <----- here is a sneak preview.

And the following hint:

She's a little blonde waitress who often wears her hair in a side pony tail, she speaks with an incredibly cheesy Louisiana accent..... and has a thing for hot vampires.

Who am I?

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Bye Bye BlackBerry
September 27, 2009

Hellloooooo iPhone!
3GS Baby. I don't know how I have managed without you for lo these many years.


And just so Pum Pum didn't feel left out.....I got her an iBone.

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You know you're a dog lover when...
September 22, 2009

6:30Am standing in the shower, eyes still squinted tightly closed from the night before, half awake when you reach for the shampoo bottle and proceed to soak up a thick lather working it through from root to tip.... when suddenly it strikes you there is something vaguely familiar but askew about the smell..

malaseb.gifThat's when you open your eyes, look down at the bottle and make the connection - Malaseb medicated dog shampoo used to treat bacterial and fungal infections in dogs, cats, and horses.

It was bound to happen......Plum has more shampoo bottles in the shower than me.

I don't expect to be doing any itching or scratching on my head or contracting ringworm anytime soon.

On a side note, I don't remember my hair ever being this soft and manageable.

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RIP Patrick Swayze
September 14, 2009

1952 - 2009


Patrick Swayze lost his battle to pancreatic cancer today. So sad. Who will ever forget Johnny Castle, his incredible dancing and awesome one liners in movies like Roadhouse, Ghost, the Outsiders, and Dirty Dancing to name a few, "Nobody puts baby in the corner!"

RIP Patrick Swayze.

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Woodstock week and why sometimes Facebook is cool
August 18, 2009

Wow, man. I've been stuck in 60's mode all week, wearing my Birkenstock's, long skirts and tie dye. I watched the 40th anniversary Woodstock DVD this weekend and am feeling all peace love and music, got to get back to the garden.


Sometimes I think I should have been a teenager or young adult in the sixties so I could have been with my kind. But I sort of feel that way about the 40's too... and the 20's and the 1800's and the 1500's.

Jim Morrison never made it to Woodstock - I think he was probably too cool or too dark and not really into the hippie movement. The Doors may also not have been invited after the Miami incident.....no one can really say for sure. In any event here I am doing my best Jim look. He was the King of piercing eyes and pouty lips.

I am the Lizard Queen.....I can do anything.

I could have lit his fire.

I'm not much of a Facebooker. I have an account but I infrequently post status updates or pictures there. I do think it's a great way for people to find you though, if you want to be found.

So the other day out of the clear blue I received a friend request from an old friend who I've been wondering about over the years.

He was the boyfriend of one of my good friends but we clicked and connected on a mental and spiritual plane that was hard to describe: completely platonic, almost brotherly / sisterly, but very strong.

There I would be, a sullen teenager chilling in my bedroom late at night and out of nowhere I'd hear a knock on the window and it was him. He was a big guy too even as a teenager, about 6.4 with broad shoulders. He had long dark hair that reminded me of Jim Morrison and he always wore this leather jacket. I was afraid the noise of his leather scraping up against the window panes as I pulled him in would wake the house.

We would climb up into the crawlspace of an attic that was above my bedroom and no more than 5 feet high with an unfinished floor. To this day I wonder how the ceiling never caved in and collapsed with the weight of us moving around up there. We sat with our legs crossed, facing each other with a candle burning in the middle and as we listened to the psychedelic music of the sixties (even though we were in the eighties) we would just ponder, pontificate, and ruminate the meaning of things over great music for hours. Somehow we figured out that all the answers existed in the Doors lyrics.

He was an old soul and introspective like me. Not a lot of other people we knew were like us, not at that age. As a teenager dealing with my parents divorce at the time it was a friendship that provided a distraction and meant a lot to me. I always looked forward to our chats. Even if we were out at parties with hundreds of people we would find our way off onto a trail in the woods or to a big rock overlooking the lake and just fall into these deep conversations that always left me feeling....inspired.

He was a few years older than me so he graduated before I did and then he moved away and we lost touch. I knew from mutual friends that he moved to Colorado and I heard he was touring with the Grateful Dead. I'd hear stories from the road over the years and I'd always think of him fondly and hope he was doing well.

Cut to twenty + years later and thanks to Facebook we're back in touch!

He said when he joined FB I was one of the people he was most looking forward to reconnecting with and he told me I look exactly the same as I did back then. That if he saw me on the street he would still be able to immediately recognize me in a crowd. And he recounted our connection the same way I had recollected it all of these years.

Far out.

He asked me if I still listen to the Doors, "of course," I said. I also think it's ironic that the universe reconnected us during hippie week.


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stimulate this
August 17, 2009

It's no new newsflash that companies large and small are cutting corners and making adjustments to the quality and quantity of products and services as a result of the current economic crunch we are in.

Surely, you have seen this on many levels in your own everyday lives: in your jobs, at the grocery store, local restaurants, etc.

Companies have been exploring cost containment from many different angles. Some have laid off valuable workers, some have increased prices, and some have lowered their production costs by substituting cheaper ingredients and materials. Some have done all of the above.

Hershey for example is now substituting vegetable oil for a portion of the cocoa butter it uses in some of its chocolates.

General Mills has cut manufacturing costs for Hamburger Helper by reducing the number of ingredient and spice pouches it provides to consumers.

Procter & Gamble has reduced the number of Pringles you get in a can!

And McDonald's is now selling double cheeseburgers with one slice of cheese instead of two. *Gasp*

Even on a more local level I have noticed that the take out salad I used to get from the Italian restaurant near my house has shrunken in half! It used to be a BIG SALAD in this huge container and now for the same price they are selling that salad half the size.

My Credit Card Company jacked my APR up to a WHOPPING 30%!!!

And I swear my sushi place is getting different "cheaper" salmon now. I've noticed the salmon has a lot more white than pink in it these days and an almost chewy texture. Blech.

Most recently I was really disappointed in the box of Mike and Ike's original fruit candies that I used to love. I used to get all excited to find the strawberries and cherries which used to be in equal number to the lemon, limes, and oranges. But much to my dismay the boxes now contain 95% lemon, lime, and oranges, and the other measly 5% is strawberry and cherry. I maybe got 7 strawberry and cherry candies out of the whole box. Apparently the berries cost more to make than the citruses.

Très décevant.

While I feel for these companies struggling through murky waters to stay afloat, I believe they need to get more creative when putting together their marketing plans. They should consider the impact of their decisions and how it will be received by consumers, because in the end, it is the consumers that keep companies in operation.

Piss them off by taking away their cheese, chips, and candies and how do you think they will react?

As for me I'll not be purchasing anymore Mike and Ike's. I've canceled my CC with that ridiculous interest rate, and I'll not be visiting my local sushi or Italian haunts for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for supporting businesses to stimulate the economy and keep them going.... but not at my loss and not for lesser quality goods than what I am used to.

End rant.

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August 6, 2009

I am headed here tomorrow....



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Thought for the day
July 29, 2009

Remember - when the world pushes you to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray.

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Hooked on "P"
July 16, 2009

Hands down Pug is my favorite smell in the world. That smooshy face odor that emanates from their mopy heads, waxy ears, and soppy wrinkles.

It smells better than sex and babies. Murphy's oil soap, eucalyptus, and chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

My nose delights in the circus of their smells.

I am an addict; I confess that I'm hooked on "p".

Plum likes to fall asleep nuzzling me w/ her head directly under my nose so I get a good whiff of what I imagine heaven must smell like.

I woke up this morning with a floppy pug ear on my pillow, directly under my nose. Somehow she had wedged herself into that empty space between me and the other side of the bed that's been vacant for years.

And for some reason I got that John Denver song stuck in my head -
"Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. Sunshine almost always makes me high."

See I talk a tough game, but deep down in the stillness of dawn I'm all, "Take Me Home Country Road" and Thank God I'm a country boy girl.

All John Denver'isms aside - any discerning pug owner knows of what I speak. They understand a house just isn't a home without pug smells emanating from every room. And I think it means more after going without for a long period of time.

It must be the same feeling for rescues, how they must feel to have a warm human hand touch them kindly after years of neglect and abandonment.

I am realizing it's not just the delicious pug eau'dor that I have missed so much about having a pug around.

It's the way dogs live in the moment. With no thought of the scars from their past or worries for their future. They just exist totally in the here and now. They don't think much beyond their next meal, walk, or belly rub.....and on a daily basis they remind us to do the same.

Ah, Canis Lupus - my second favorite Latin term that starts with a c and ends in an s.

clupus.jpgThink back to when you owned your first dog and all the life lessons they taught you. Things you experienced for the first time: responsibility, playfulness, unconditional love....things you still carry with you today.

In their company, your senses feel more alive. More acute. More aware.

Quite simply, I'm a better person with a dog in my life.

And having a pug in the house again reminds me that I am soft.

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summer reading list
July 12, 2009

With summer well underway and a number of good books already consumed, I decided to update my summer reading list with my next must reads.

Think, me. On a big beach blanket in front of a large body of water with a warm breeze, cold drink, wide brimmed straw hat, and a good book that I just can't put down. Even if the pages are getting all oily from my suntan lotion. Got that visual down? Good.

Here is my current reading list:

Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman
Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox
The Divine Comedy by Dante
Exploring Adobe Photoshop CS4
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Of course my mind is always thirsty for more....so if you have any must read, couldn't put the book down page turners that you think I would really enjoy - recommend away!

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I might need glasses.....or something
July 9, 2009

I was merrily scrolling through the TV Guide channel tonight with my clicker and at first glance I thought the movie, "the Savages" said the Sausages. Then I scrolled down a bit further and misread "the Forsaken" as the Foreskin.

A few hours later I was on the yahoo homepage looking at the days top 10 popular searches and I thought it was really odd that #7 was deep throat. Only upon a 2nd closer squinted look at the monitor did I realize that it wasn't deep throat at all....it was strep throat.

Not sure what all of that means, but I have a couple strong theories.

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The Mysterious Case of Plum Plummeting
July 8, 2009

We had to make an emergency trip to the animal ER last night....I didn't get home until 11:00.

plumplum.jpgIt all started about a week ago when Bebe arrived and Plum became very jealous and aggressive towards her. It wasn't improving over time, kind of surprising considering the info Plum came with said she got along really well with other dogs. This wasn't the case when my 2nd foster arrived anyway...

All I could think is this is the only time in poor Plum's life that she has been given unconditional kindness and love - cause I have all that leftover Sausage love to lavish on the foster pugs now - maybe it was too much and she didn't want to share that with any other dog.

Long story short we had to place Bebe in a different foster home. It was really sad and I cried the whole way home after I dropped her off, so easy to get attached you don't even realize it until you have to say goodbye....but I knew it was better for Bebe because she is the complete opposite of Plum - Bebe needs to be with other pugs that will show her some doggy love. She wasn't getting it here.

A few days ago I started to notice Plum wouldn't walk up the stairs anymore, where previously she had a little routine of going up everyday. I thought maybe she was trying to block Bebe from coming up, or feared she might have Lyme's disease...she also began acting really lethargic and the day before yesterday she was vomiting in the AM.

Yesterday she wasn't improving she just lay on the couch sleeping like a lug while I worked in the office. Around 4:30 I decided to call the vet and make an appointment for her the following morning. I was sure she must have had Lyme's b/c I remembered pulling a tick off of her eyelid a few days before...and her records showed that she never had a Lyme's test or vaccine.

A couple hours later Plum began to plummet ....I noticed she started trembling all over like she was really in pain. Of course the vet office was closed by now. I live in a really rural area where the closest 24 hour animal clinic is 2 hours away...She had been laying down for hours so I decided to lift her up and bring her outside to pee..her poor body was lifeless dead weight. I set her down on the grass and she could barely walk and most horrifying of all she started pooping bloody diarrhea...even after she was done eliminating I brought her inside and set her down on a pad where she was really trembling, hot, and there was still blood dripping out of her rear end.

I quickly paged the vet and phoned the rescue experts to ask what I should do...they agreed I needed to get her into emergency care asap. It seemed like it was taking forever for the vet to call back but actually I think it was about 20 minutes. I was sure I was going to lose her. All I could think is that I can't lose another pug in this house...Not this soon. It hasn't even been a year yet. I kept thinking next time I need to foster a young healthy one...but then I remembered how much I love the seniors too, and how I seem to get more attached when they are older, sick, and needier. And after all she took such good care of me when I was recovering from my surgery.

The hardest part with a rescue dog is you don't know anything about their history in some cases. For all I knew Plum could be riddled with tumors in her belly and not know because her owners never took her to the vet.

I knew Lyme's disease couldn't make blood come out of the rectum, but I did know cancer could...it was like having the Sausage here worrying about him all over again. Patting his head when he was sick telling him it would be ok. I didn't think I was strong enough to go through all of this again but somehow I held it altogether and was....maybe because I've been through it all before. Maybe because after losing my best friend, I know that nothing can ever hurt me that badly again... and I could survive just about anything life has to throw my way..

We met the vet at her office at 9:00pm. She ran about a million tests and different exams to try to determine the problem. Of course Plum wasn't going to make it easy. I had to help hold her down when they took blood and she thrashed and tried to bite me then the needle popped out. When we laid her down on the X-ray table she screeched and howled noises like I'd never heard before and she tried to bite the Dr. and she trashed so hard her patella popped out and the Dr. had to pop it back in..

It was during the 2nd X-ray that I was introduced to the most ingenious invention I'm sure I will ever witness in my lifetime - the pug muzzle. It was this thin nylon muzzle designed just for flat nose breeds that covers their eyes and mouth so they can't see or bite and leaves an opening at the nose so they can still breathe. Completely safe and harmless but so effective.... I immediately took note of the company name on the tag so I could order one at a later date. It is obviously for short term use only but something I think every feisty pug owner should have for trimming nails, putting in ear drops, all the things pugs won't easily let you do.

After about 2 hours at the clinic Plum was stable. Her heart rate was ok, bloodwork was perfect, she was not dehydrated, she tested negative for Lyme's, not anemic, X-rays looked good no signs of obstruction and her breathing was steady.

She did have a fever and her stool sample showed an overgrowth of bacteria in the GI tract. After ruling out everything else they diagnosed her with acute canine colitis of unknown cause.

Who knew dogs could even get that? It's like doggy IBS or Chrons. Because it came on so suddenly, it was most likely triggered by something she ate (she did get into my garbage a couple weeks ago and ate some rotten food), could be her new allergy medicine which we have discontinued for a few days, and the Dr. also said it can be brought on by stress related stuff when there is a change in their everyday environment, moving or boarding. It is very possible that having Bebe coming in really upset her and pushed her over the edge.

All is well now and she is resting comfortably. Of course all of this means it will extend her stay with me as she can't be placed until she is fully rehabilitated. Now we need to still get her allergies under control, get her colitis under control, and once that is all done she still needs to be spayed.

I teased Plum this morning and told her I think she is having all these mystery ailments that take a while to fix just so that she can stay with me a while longer.....she is a crafty girl.

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July 2, 2009

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June 30, 2009

I took in a new foster pug this weekend, her name is Bebe. Taking care of two needy pugs is hard work, similar to how I imagine it would be chasing after toddlers all day - preparing special meals, giving them baths, administering medications, changing diapers, making sure they don't kill each other...but it's helping keep my mind occupied as I continue to anxiously wait for my biopsy results.

Poor Bebe is an owner surrender who is very sweet and very sad. Her "owners" recently put down her pug sibling who Bebe was best pals with her whole life.... because they said she was "too old". Then they decided they didn't want dogs in their lifestyle anymore so they got rid of Bebe too! Luckily we got her before they found a vet to put her down as well...Now we need to help the little old gal find a forever home. Bebe walks funny and her back legs are incredibly stiff as a result of being kept locked up in a crate for years. I've been exercising her in the yard for an hour each day to slowly start loosening them up again.

Bebe has such a beautiful sweet white face and a lovely soft fluffy coat of fur with a cute silver / black stripe running down her back.


Its a good thing I never meet up with these people in a dark alley at night.....I'd be like some crazed pug loving super hero trying to avenge all the villainous wrongs done to the pugs in this world.. I'd be like cat woman, only I'd be Pug Woman! I wonder if that means I'd have a curly tail on the back of my black leather pug suit? I should write a comic book.

So I was hoping Plum would warm right up to her because Bebe is really lonely for her companion and she keeps trying to nuzzle Plum and play. BUT as it turns out Plum Plum is very jealous and isn't having it.

Here she is on their first meeting. Note the pensive ears laid back...and there they have stayed.

Sadly she hasn't warmed to Bebe, she is just barely tolerating her and there was a food aggression incident this morning.. I guess I've gotten Plum too spoiled all by herself here the last few weeks with me and now she doesn't want to share.


My house is becoming a wayward home for senior puggies. It's just like the pug farm that I have always dreamed of in my perfect world scenario; needy pugs always coming and going, helping them in loving memory of the Sausage.... I realize I am missing a couple other things from my perfect world...but I've been busy working on those too.. Nothing comes easy.

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RIP Michael Jackson
June 27, 2009

When I came out of anesthesia and woke up on the gurney, the first thing I heard was one of the nurses say Michael Jackson was dead.
I wondered if I was really awake....those drugs bring on some pretty weird thoughts and dreams. I wanted to ask the recovery nurses among their chatter if it was true.... but the only words I could utter were, "ice chips".

I spent the next 24 hours in a Percocet haze of Fox news coverage and retrospective. And now the whole media frenzy is just getting carried away. I guess you can say a lot of things about MJ.....but you can never take away his talent or contributions to the music industry. From his early Motown days to Thriller, there was nobody better. So sad.... but part of me feels like he was such a tormented soul that its good he is finally at peace.

One thing is for sure, as a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's with the new MTV generation I have a lot of awesome memories to his songs. I prefer to remember him during those simpler times.

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Dear Plum, Please stop getting cuter every day or I'll have to adopt you myself
June 23, 2009

Plum's new thing is she likes to plant herself on my lap while I'm working in the home office. Doesn't matter if I'm busy typing away, chatting on conference calls, or wiggling my legs around in the chair. She just plants herself there and hangs on for the ride.

Pardon the messy desk. It's on my list of things to do..




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Weekend to do list
June 21, 2009

1. Fix vacuum
2. Clean house, do laundry
3. Pay bills online
4. Give Plum a bath and groom
5. Get Father's Day gift, grocery shop for Sunday dinner
6 Work on Blog upgrades

Actual Accomplishments:

1. Fixed vacuum (forgot how much pugs shed)
2. Sort of cleaned house (Laundry piling up with allergy ridden dog in house).
3. Will procrastinate on bills one more day, nothing clears until Monday anyhow.
4. Will bathe Plum tomorrow
5. Hosted father's day get together. Cooked roast beef dinner for family. Dad loved gift. Lots of nephew time.
6. New MT v.4.2 sucessfully installed! Added Linkwithin relevant post script to blog entries.
Finally accepted into Blogher Ad network. Will try testing advertising campaign w/o being too intrusive to visitors or bastardizing blog. Don't hate me for earning ad revenue. Am still outta work, after all.

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pelted and welted
May 20, 2009

I was enjoying a nice lazy day in the sun this afternoon, stood up to apply some more suntan lotion and when I lay back down on my blanket a big fat yellow jacket stung me right on the shoulder blade.


I immediately took some bendryl and prayed for no allergic reaction as I tend to be sensitive to bee venom.
These jackets are very painful and I should know enough by now to scan the area before plopping myself down anywhere outside. Mostly I was ticked off that the jackets always seem to disrupt my tanning efforts. Bastards.

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mouse update
April 17, 2009


I haven't seen the little guy in a couple days.

I am guessing that means he figured out a way to let himself out :)

Another crisis averted.

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mouse in the house
April 14, 2009

It started the other night when I heard some rustling in the rafters over head. A few hours later, in the middle of the Ten Commandments, I was startled to see a little dark shadow dash across my living room floor. It was during the scene where the plague of frogs was cast on Egypt, which I found ironic.

Since then he's revealed himself 5 times more almost like he wants me to see him. I'll be sitting at my desk and all of the sudden I'll feel him scamper over my toes. I'll be on my couch with the laptop and out the corner of my eye I'll see him scurry over to me.

Today the mouse actually stood on his back legs like he was going to climb up the couch to get to me. Instead he realized he couldn't sink his claws into the leather so he stood there and looked up at me for a minute, and then dashed off when I made a fast move.

Each day he gets a little bolder and closer like he's trying to make friends with me. I've chased him to other rooms but he was too small and quick to catch. He's actually a cute little guy and I don't mind having him around. He looks like he might be a little baby mouse who lost his mother.

Mice don't scare me and I definitely can't kill anything warm blooded. I don't even kill spiders in my house. But I wonder, do they pose any danger health wise like rats that carry disease?

Is there a humane way to trap a mouse so I can let him outside? I don't like the mouse traps they sell at the store, they seem rather barbaric to me.

Also he seems hungry. Would it be bad if I fed him some cheese?

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Perfect day
August 3, 2008

Saturday was my kind of day.

Pugsley and I slept 'til 10:30, had a lazy morning snuggling and nuzzling

11:44: went to vet to pick up pill pockets and book check up for sausage

12:00: Went to see dad at brother's house and visit new nephew on his 7 month birthday. His eyes lit and he made a big smile when he saw me coming towards him...he is starting to recognize his auntie..Yay!

Dad gave me fresh veggies from his garden; zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers, string beans.

Played with baby for hour and a half, he didn't get cranky at all..

Baby said first words when grandpa instructed, "say Da Da", there was a silent pause for 2 seconds and in the sweetest little voice, looking at my brother he cooed, "Da Da" right then and there, on command. It was too perfect! We all clapped and he knew he did something really special.

2:00: Went to gym, had awesome intense work out. Hot gym guy flirted with me while circuit training.

4:00: Left gym, went grocery shopping, loaded up on fresh meats, fruits, and veggies

5:00: Came home ogled pug, made late lunch

6:00: Took power nap with Sausage, fell asleep with my hand on his belly

7:00: Woke up, made a batch of sausage and peppers using Dad's fresh garden vegetables

8:30: Took shower, got ready to go out

9:15: dropped Pugsley off with his nanny, tucked him into a fort and kissed him on the head

9:30: left to meet friends at bar: good food, good music, good company

1:15: Arrive home, collect Sausage and crash...

All days should be like this.

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