April 28, 2010

Oh.My.Gosh. How adorable is Sandra Bullock's 3 month old little baby Louie? Love him.

Good for her is all I can say!


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Be the water
April 8, 2010

And now for a random moment of awesome.

Thanks Josh.

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just when I thought Gerard Butler couldn't be any hotter....
March 15, 2010

Suddenly, he is.





Gerard's little companion Lolita is one lucky pug. She seems to have him wrapped right around her little curly tail. She's no dummy. I bet she even sleeps with her head resting on his chest. Sigh.....

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Rick Springfield Supports Curly Tail Pug Rescue!
January 14, 2010

rick springfield.png

Springfield is best known for his now classic #1 song, Jessie's Girl, his role on ABC's drama General Hospital and a twisted version of himself on the Showtime hit series Californication.

gomer_mini.jpgMr. Springfield is a dog lover, supporter of rescue, and Curly Tail in particular! Please visit his website to see our web banner there, updates on his dog Gomer & new album.....Venus in Overdrive.

Now sing it all with me....You know I wish that I had Jessie's Girl!!

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Tiger's wood
December 8, 2009

.....and I'm not talking about his Nike SQ 3 club, either.

Sorry, I know you are all sick of hearing about the Tiger Woods scandal, I just have one final thought on the matter and then I'll shut up.

Open letter to Tiger Wood's wife -

When male dogs stray because they cannot control their humping urges, the owners remedy the situation by taking them to the vet and having them neutered. They do this not to be cruel but for the dog's own good, and for the good of all parties involved.


Just saying...


So tempted to Photoshop an image of Tiger wearing a plastic cone around his neck and insert here.....but I digress.

Random Factoid
December 3, 2009

Did you know that for the movie E.T. Steven Spielberg modeled E.T.'s face after 3 characters:

  • Poet Carl Sandburg
  • Genious Albert Einstein
  • Pug dog


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to look or not to look THAT is the question
December 2, 2009

Tiger Tiger Tiger, you sleazy little man-whore. There I said what millions of women across America are thinking today.

After hearing that voicemail he left one of his mistresses, I hope the rumors are true that his wife kicked his ass and bloodied his lip.


Now we hear a lot about invasions of privacy and is it right to snoop or look. Well, in this case if she hadn't looked at his cell phone he would still be arrogantly and happily leading a double life, secretly making a mockery out of their relationship, wouldn't he?

So here is the question - If a man or woman you are intimately involved with is acting shifty, shady, or demonstrating some other sketchy kind of behavior that gives you cause for concern, do you look at their personal belongings or don't you?

Especially knowing just how it easy it is nowadays with all the various means of technology one has at their disposal, a virtual treasure trail of cookies and breadcrumbs to follow the telltale signs: Face Book, MySpace, email accounts, cell phones, text messages, caller id....heck there is even a tracking device one could plant on their vehicle.... In fact I think there's even an app for that.

It's not like the days of old when a partner could claim he was working late or drank too much and had to stay out with the guys, lost his cell phone, missed his flight, bla,bla, bla. Cheaters and liars now have to be clever enough to outsmart technology and let's face it if they are dumb enough to cheat in the first place then clearly most of them are not.

My take is that under normal healthy relationship circumstances when you completely trust the person you're with and they have never given you a reason to question or suspect their behavior then out of trust and respect it's a line you simply do not cross.

HOWEVER if something just doesn't seem quite right and all the pieces aren't adding up, your gut is screaming foul play then I believe you have every right to use whatever means are at your disposal to find out WTF is going on. Absolutely. Screw invasion of privacy, if this person is not going to be honest with you than what about invasion of your life because you wouldn't want to be with a sleazy little man-whore in the first place?

Tiger's wife is really hot too. What an idiot.

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This Is It
November 8, 2009

a movie review

I finally got to see the Michael Jackson "This is It" movie.
The film, which is a documentary of the preparations and rehearsals for Michael Jackson's ill fated comeback tour provides a rare glimpse into the man's creative process and work ethic as he was about to launch an elaborate, ambitious undertaking of what would have been a truly amazing show. I say show because it looked to be more than just a concert but the ultimate culmination of Michael Jackson's career: showcasing his best work over the past 4 decades layered with modern twists and new elements never before seen or contrived.

mjthisisit.jpgBut for me the best part was watching Michael; ever the performer and true professional embarking on this mammoth of a production as if it was just another day at the office.

There were some humorous exchanges between Michael, his dancers and the musicians laughing at his never-ending quest for perfectionism and for another take, "That's what rehearsals are for." he assures them justifying his command, "Let's do that one more time" gently reminding his cast, "It's all for love."

Watching the film you don't see a man addicted to drugs or on the brink of death. You don't see a disoriented, unhealthy fallen pop star in a scattered desperate attempt to resurrect his career.

Much to the contrary you see a creative genius at the top of his game and the pinnacle of his career. You see an unbelievable talent hyper-focused on his clear vision. Fully present and aware, poised to present the show of a lifetime that looked to be something between a Broadway production, a ride at Universal Studios, and a full blown pop opera.

Damn. What a shame "This Is It" never happened. That's what you keep thinking; you don't want the film to end because you know it will be the last new footage of Michael you'll ever see and you know he had so much more to give.

Was he little on the thin side? Yes, but that's probably to be expected from anyone enduring that kind of grueling schedule and rigorous dance routines. Truthfully some of the younger dancers looked a lot more exhausted and winded than Michael did at 50 years of age.

Was he holding back on his performance? Yes, because it was only rehearsal footage and he was conserving his voice and energy for the upcoming 50 shows: flailing hands in octave gestures up and down to indicate the notes he would hit in that sequence, you could really see that he felt the music on a deep emotional level and even performing at only about 25% of his capacity one could only sit there and imagine how amazing the show would have been just 8 days later.

His voice sounded crystal clear and in tune as he ran through his vast library of number one hits even at rehearsal level sounded exactly like they did on the records - completely untouched and in key. How many musicians can you say that about? Most times you hear a singer performing live they sound nothing like they do on their records - not MJ. His voice sounded impeccable, flawless making the film more sad and poignant.

You didn't see a man who was capable of hurting a child or of being devious in any way. On the contrary; you see an innocent, a pure heart, a gentle loving soul who inside was a like a big child himself. You see a man in total charge at the top of this massive pyramid but instead of being a bully control freak barking orders, you see a man being nothing but patient, kind and gracious to his cast, crew, dancers, and production team and in turn you see that they are completely in awe of him and moved by his magic.

There were two things that strike you through the entire length of the film.

One is that MJ was a true perfectionist, hands-on planning and executing every tiny detail and element to be able to deliver to the world the show of shows. You could completely see why he would be unable to sleep, being wired by the all consuming energy and pure adrenaline rush of it all.

To Michael, it seemed to be more than his own personal comeback. He was poised to launch a save the Earth campaign using his concert as the platform. He was going to prove to all of his critics and fans who ever doubted him and held him down and I believe he wanted to leave a lasting legacy for his own children who had never really seen him perform. He wanted to find a way to heal world and he believed this was it.

Second, if you are like me you spend most of the 2 hours wishing you were at the actual historical concert rather than watching it all post mortem. There was a strong sadness for what might have been and for the loss the world experienced, for losing such a talent the likes of which we will never see again. I am sure this was the film maker's intention and it succeeds.

One does wonder if Michael being the true perfectionist that he was would have wanted the documentary to be released in its raw state.

I have to believe MJ and the world would be grateful as it also succeeds in blowing away critics, naysayers, and some of the other unflattering video footage that went on with his approval, like that sleazy Martin Bashir interview where the film maker took utter and complete advantage of Michael's trust in a vulnerable state clipped edited out and portrayed him to the world as something he was not.

The film goes a long way in countering those visuals images you've been seeing splattered all over the TV Guide channel on repeat before the man was even cold in his grave. It dispels the rumors and media speculation that Michael was a washed up drug user who brought this all upon himself. It is clear that someone else, perhaps many people were negligent in his ultimate demise and I hope they use this footage as evidence.

Ultimately, "It" reveals Michaels true legacy: that of a creative genius, artist, barrier breaker, unparalleled singer, dancer, philanthropist, and humanitarian.

In short, go see it. The movie has it all.
This Is It.
And it's all for Love.


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as if we needed another reason to love anna paquin
October 11, 2009

anna2.jpgThe movie and television star recently took time out of her busy schedule to host the LA Dogworks event, "A Night of Emotion" to benefit Good Dog Rescue where both she and her fiance Steven Moyer (aka vampire Bill Compton) adopted their dogs.

But just in case you are still impervious to super talented quirky little blonde girls with killer New Zealand accents....go rent Fly Away Home or
the Piano...or
seasons 1 and 2 of HBO's True Blood.

Love. Her.

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RIP Patrick Swayze
September 14, 2009

1952 - 2009


Patrick Swayze lost his battle to pancreatic cancer today. So sad. Who will ever forget Johnny Castle, his incredible dancing and awesome one liners in movies like Roadhouse, Ghost, the Outsiders, and Dirty Dancing to name a few, "Nobody puts baby in the corner!"

RIP Patrick Swayze.

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So much for keeping his balls in a jelly jar
July 14, 2009

Dallas Cowboy's quarterback Tony Romo has reportedly dumped Jessica Simpson the day before her 29th birthday.


According to her Twitter page, poor Jessica is devastated and heartbroken as she was planning a Ken and Barbie themed birthday bash.

Hmmm..... I just can't imagine what went wrong..

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July 3, 2009

propofol.gifThe media is now reporting that Diprivan, aka Propofol was found at Michael Jackson's house and could possibly be the drug that killed him. WTF?

Having just been given Propofol last week during my surgery (and for several other procedures in recent years) I can't even fathom what kind of mental stress and issues this poor guy had going on that he needed a surgical anesthetic to help him sleep - or what Dr. would administer it in his home.

I can tell you the last thing I remember prior to my surgery was walking into the OR and looking at the gurney. That's it. Just looking at it. I don't even remember climbing onto the table or the anesthesiologist asking me to count back from 10. Nothing. The second they turned on the drip I was out. It's not like popping an ativan or zanax to help you sleep, it is some seriously strong stuff.

Propofol is also a drug that induces amnesia and exits your body really fast...which makes me wonder if it will even show up in his toxicology.

Really crazy stuff. And such a tragedy for his life to end this way...

I know others will disagree - but for the record I don't believe any of that BS about Michael Jackson being a child molester. He was acquitted of all charges because there wasn't enough evidence to convict him or prove it. And the first child who accused him admitted to lying, saying MJ never touched him inappropriately. I believe it was all an attempt to extort money.

In my heart I truly believe he was just so messed up in the head from the years of child abuse he suffered at the hands of his father - who used to beat all of the Jackson Five kids with a belt every time one of them got a dance step wrong - and basically robbed him of his own childhood so he could be the family meal ticket - I believe that inside of his crippled mind and heart he still was that scared little child.

If you look at it, all the evidence of MJ being screwed up points to his father. His father used to tell him he was ugly and his nose was too big. This is why MJ developed BDD (Body Dimorphic Disorder) and went to the extremes to change his appearance. This is why he was so gentle, soft spoken, shy, and painfully embarrassed in interviews.

This is why he was such advocate for children and donated so much of his money to children's charities - I believe the bond he had with children, though probably inappropriate and wrong for a normal adult (you have to remember Michael Jackson wasn't a normal adult) - for him was very innocent and probably was his way of trying to heal the wounds of his own childhood. Giving to other children the things he only wished he had growing up - in other words, love and kindness from a male role model.

Then the vultures came swooping in trying to claim child abuse to extort money from him and my theory is when he went through that humiliating trial, accusing him of the very thing he held so sacred I think it was the thing that finally broke him. And I don't believe he ever fully recovered. This is probably when his drug use escalated.

And when he finally felt strong enough to attempt a comeback, I just think it all came bubbling to head, it was too much pressure and stress and he probably couldn't sleep at night because all of these things still haunted him.

VH1 has been replaying the Jacksons, An American Dream movie and all I can think is the title should have been the Jacksons, An American Tragedy.

I am so glad Michael didn't leave a cent to his father or even make mention of him in his will. I believe it was the final f"ck you he always wanted to say but never could.

What I find truly amazing is that all of these obstacles never diminished his raw talent.

I feel strongly that it is a huge tragedy that Michael Jackson is dead -- and an even bigger tragedy that he was totally misunderstood while he was alive.

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RIP Farrah
June 28, 2009

I have to give Farrah due respect after her long battle with cancer and the grace, dignity and optimism with which she displayed in her final days. I was a big fan of Charlie's Angels and thought she did amazing work in the Burning Bed and Extremities.

I remember my brother's had this poster hanging on their bedroom walls for some time in the 70's - what teenage boy didn't?
The hair. The swimsuit. The teeth. The nipples..
And I remember wishing and hoping that someday I would grow up to look exactly like her. Well that didn't happen.....but I did have the wing back hair thing going on there for a while. I may have at some point had a Farrah barbie too.

Rest in Peace Farrah, there will never be another red swimsuit quite as memorable.

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RIP Michael Jackson
June 27, 2009

When I came out of anesthesia and woke up on the gurney, the first thing I heard was one of the nurses say Michael Jackson was dead.
I wondered if I was really awake....those drugs bring on some pretty weird thoughts and dreams. I wanted to ask the recovery nurses among their chatter if it was true.... but the only words I could utter were, "ice chips".

I spent the next 24 hours in a Percocet haze of Fox news coverage and retrospective. And now the whole media frenzy is just getting carried away. I guess you can say a lot of things about MJ.....but you can never take away his talent or contributions to the music industry. From his early Motown days to Thriller, there was nobody better. So sad.... but part of me feels like he was such a tormented soul that its good he is finally at peace.

One thing is for sure, as a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's with the new MTV generation I have a lot of awesome memories to his songs. I prefer to remember him during those simpler times.

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Sugar Britches
April 13, 2009

I finally figured out why it is that John Mayer thinks he's too good for Jennifer Aniston...

Because he is totally gay.

How else could you explain his recent performance on a carnival cruise ship appearing in a navy boy uniform - combined with his reluctance to commit to one of the sexiest, coolest women that he will ever have the good fortune to meet?

I always knew that relationship would not have a happy ending.... but as much as I loathe that smarmy Frankenstein head and his whiny sniveling music, I never, even in my wildest imagination, could have foreseen him prancing around on a gay crusie ship, sporting a mankini after their break up..

I can only imagine Jennifer is looking at these pictures now and asking herself, "What the f*ck was I thinking??"

Hopefully Jen finally realizes she is way too good for him.

Now - what about some George Clooney Jen? He is single, hetero, on your level, and way hotter in my opinion.


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