Life Lessons from Joshua
July 7, 2011

Never get too serious to enjoy childish delights...

Ride piggy back, climb trees, make mudpies, jump in puddles, frolic in the water, swing on monkey bars, go on worm hunts, lie in the grass, dream big, build a fort, run barefoot, slay dragons, play in the rain, lick the bowl, reach for the stars, imagine, tread gently, sleep soundly, believe that you actually ARE a super hero......

Thanks to my sweet little nephew Joshua for reminding me of these important life lessons everyday.



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June 8, 2011

Genes are a funny thing. And I've been thinking about them a lot lately.

Here we have my cute little cousin Nicole on the left and me on the right, strolling along the front street of the MET in NYC on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

You would never look at this picture and think we didn't know of each other's existence for the majority of our lives. We have actually only ever seen each other in person about 5 or 6 times. We never had the opportunity to pick up on similar mannerisms, wear our hair a similar way, sway or drape our arms in a similar way while walking. Just goes to show the nature versus nurture theory.

Nurture is the effect the people in your life had on you growing up. Nature is the genetics you received.

I only wish I wore my hair curly that day so you could really tell.


On two related notes:

1. The Alexander McQeen "Savage Beauty" exhibit at the MET totally ROCKS. I recommend you fashion lovers take it in if you get the chance.

2. I am so proud of my cousin for doing an 18 mile walk and raising over $3,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. San Fran is next, Go Nicole!!

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I'm an auntie again!!
May 13, 2011

My perfect little niece arrived yesterday morning, 7lbs 2ounces. She looks just like her big brother Joshie only with darker hair!!

Welcome to the world, Joyce Helena ♥


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the best medicine
February 20, 2011

= the cutest nephew


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feeling better
June 27, 2010

Thank goodness he is feeling more like himself now. He is smiling again too. Feeling like a bit of a tough guy if you ask me.


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boo boo
June 25, 2010

Nephew Joshua got a big boo boo. He fractured his arm and dislocated his little elbow in a freak accident @ the playground. Please send some prayers for the little guy to make a speedy recovery.

I can't stand to see him in pain. He just keeps saying, "Help me LuLu, help me."



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Easter goodness
April 4, 2010

This is my favorite face in the world:

Nephew Joshua is obsessed with tools and more specifically Bob the Builder. Now because I would do anything in the world to see a smile on that face....this year I painted Joshie a special Bob the Builder Easter egg for his "tool themed" Easter basket, complete with hard hat and tool belt too! It was the grand daddy of all painted eggs.


He was a good sport and found 4 dozen eggs all by himself on the egg hunt!! But I think my Bob the Builder egg was his most favorite of them all :)


Bob the Builder, "Can we fix it?" ...."Yes we can!!"

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High point of the weekend
March 2, 2010

Nephew Joshua who is totally obsessed with the Flashdance movie and soundtrack grabs my hand and pulls me onto the dance floor (aka living room in front of the big screen TV) to dance with him to "Maniac" and "What a Feeling".

He totally mimics all of the Jennifer Beals dance moves and OMG the boy has natural rythym ....he even gets down on the floor and tries to break dance!

At 2 years old he has figured out how to put the DVD into the player by himself and watch it over and over..... but he has to fast forward to the musical scenes.. when the music stops he gets all upset and goes, "more? more? more?."

In one simple gesture with his chubby little hand reaching for mine to twirl and spin him to his favorite tunes.....the little guy made my entire weekend.

And it should be noted that I put this High above some other pretty awesome things that have transpired over the past couple of days.

I could eat him up I love him so.


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more christmas cuteness
December 28, 2009

Here is nephew Joshua in his shiny new yellow Hummer! Awww, look how happy he is.

Plum, on the other hand did not share the same enthusiasm over her new pink Snuggie. Hee hee!

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pressing buttons
November 15, 2009

My not-even-two-year old nephew has an infatuation with buttons, specifically the buttons in auntie's car where he is happy to hang out for an hour just pressing buttons and observing what they do: radio, sunroof, hazard lights, cruise control, power seats, wipers, butt warmers, windows, you name it - he is all over it. Takes me another hour to restore all of my settings after he is done ransacking :)

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Joshie walks Plum
September 10, 2009

Nephew Joshua is officially a Curly Kid now!! He is proudly helping Auntie teach the rescues how to leash walk.

Josh is extremely gentle and patient with dogs, a total natural....and at just 19 months old, our youngest Curly Kid thus far. Be still my heart! Be still my heart!

joshie walks plum 2.jpg

joshie walks plum.jpg

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What a game!
August 20, 2009

My brother is awesome. Last night at the championship game for our local baseball league, his team was down 2 runs in the 6th inning.

The bases were loaded, there were 2 outs, and my brother came up to the plate.

My father (recently widowered) walks up behind him and whispers, "Hit one for the old man".

Strike one.

Next pitch he hits it deep into center field! It's a Grand Slam home run!! The first grand slam my brother has ever hit - and he has been playing since little league when he was 6 years old!!

The stands were packed to standing room only, the crowd was going nuts. Joshie was jumping up and down and clapping for his dada..

As he rounded home plate, the whole team came out onto the field, picked him up and carried him around. The cutest thing ever is all the guys on the team gave high fives to my nephew, who they call "Little Chetty".


They were able to hold the other team off for the rest of the game and won the whole championship!

After the game, several of his team mates went up to my father and told him that they won the championship this year because my brother carried them through. Dad was beaming with pride and he is still talking to everyone about it today!

The best part of all is at the end when the press came flocking in to take pictures of the new champions, Little Chetty was in the picture right next to my brother, with his two chubby little hands on the gold trophy!!! OMG, it was all too much. I am such a proud sister today.

I can't wait for the newspaper to come out tomorrow!I might scan a copy and post it here!

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Adventures in babysitting
May 21, 2009

I was on my first official babysitting mission for my 15 month old nephew. It was only the 2nd time he's been separated from his parents and the first time he was only about 5 months old and didn't really understand that they were gone.

My goal was to not let him realize his parents had left, to have so much fun with Aunt Lou Lou that he wouldn't miss them at all.

I was a little nervous about keeping him occupied because he's not a kid who will sit still for more than 20 seconds and he never sleeps. He's not a boy who will sit and snuggle (typical male). He hadn't taken his afternoon nap either so I knew I was on borrowed time until the crankies kicked in. I called my other brother to come over with his guitar for back up and reinforcements but he wasn't home..

Also he's not talking much other than saying names that consist of Da Da, Ma Ma, Na Na, Lou Lou. Right now he only communicates by pointing to things, shaking his head back and forth for a "no", flashing a big smile for a "yes!" And heaven's forbid, nerve shattering cries for when he is upset about something.

I knew he wasn't gonna cry on my watch. I'd make sure of that.

I was determined for both him and his parents to prove that he would be ok for a short while without them. My plan was to come up with many distractions...

When they first left I whipped out the Baby Einstein video in my arsenal of tricks. I recited the word titles, made funny faces and sang along:


Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!!

He clapped and seemed to like that. He didn't even notice they had gone.

Meanwhile I let him play with my electronics: Blackberry, camera, flashlight. These seem to be his favorite things. He especially likes unzipping my purse and finding them all by himself. He isn't interested in baby toys at all. He likes the grown up gadgets with buttons, wheels, and flashing lights.


And on that farm he had some chickens,
Ee i ee i oh!
With a cluck-cluck here,
And a cluck-cluck there
Here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a cluck cluck
Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!!

Next I moved on to tickling, giggling, and making funny faces.

When that wore off I took him outside and we threw rocks, played ball, and sat in the jeep while he pushed buttons, pretended to steer the wheel, honk the horn, and clapped as I sang:


And on that farm he had a cow,
Ee i ee i oh!
With a moo-moo here,
And a moo-moo there
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo
Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!!

We went back inside because I was afraid they may call to check on him and I wouldn't hear the phone ring and they might panic.

He was really interested in my hair so I let him pull the headband off my head and play with my braid.

Then more electronics....

Then the Baby Einstein video again....


And on that farm he had a pig,
Ee i ee i oh!
With an oink-oink here,
And an oing-oink there
Here an oink, there an oink, everywhere an oink oink
Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!!

He moved on to ripping stuff out of my purse, playing with my feet and trying to pick the rhinestones off of my big toes. Of course I had to wiggle his toes back and play little piggy:

This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed at home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went...
"Wee wee wee" all the way home...

I thought he might be hungry so I tried feeding him some mashed potatoes, but he wasn't having it. He shook his head in a defiant no and turned away.

He proceeded to toddle over to the DVD player when Baby Einstein stopped and pointed at the TV to play it again...


Old MacDonald had a farm
And on his farm he had some sheep
With a sheep-sheep here, and a sheep-sheep there
Here a sheep, there a sheep, every where a sheep-sheep
Old MacDonald had a farm

When it ended and went to replay I knew I couldn't watch it for a 4th time. He started getting antsy and a little whiny so I dug deeper into my bag of tricks and changed the DVD to the Temptations movie, a biopic about the 60's singing group.

For some reason the boy loves Motown. He's got a natural rhythm that kicks in whenever he hears it, he bends his knees and moves his hips to the music. It makes him giggle, clap, laugh, dance and smile so I oblige. And let's face it, Motown was sounding pretty sweet after a mind numbing overdose of Baby MacDonald.

But it's not enough to just play the movie anymore. He likes me to do the dance moves and he tries to copy: complete with hand gestures, finger snapping, rock forward on left foot, shift weight back onto right foot prepping right heel to the right (during these steps roll fists around each other in front of body )

I actually have to perform for him, all the while singing the songs and he gets really into it too.

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
You know that I love you
I can't help myself
I love you and nobody else

In and out my life(in and out my life)
You come and you go(you come and you go)
Leaving just your picture behind....(ooh)
And I've kissed it a thousand times(ooh)

FINGER SNAP.....sometimes stopping to pick him up and twirl him around

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May.
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin' 'bout my girl (my girl)

We danced and sang in the living room for 20 minutes....Smokey Robinson would have been proud.

But eventually the novelty wore off so I let him play with my water bottle, which he loves. He doesn't like to drink out of Sippy cups he likes to have the big people water bottles. Of course he dumped it all over himself and got I had to change my first ever diaper.

Don't ask me how I made it well into my thirties without ever having to change one but I did. Probably because I am the youngest in my family. Lucky for me it was clean on the inside.

It was around this time that he started rubbing his eyes, falling down, and making little moan noises, wandering around the house looking for them.

I tried going back to the electronics, tickling and giggling which worked for a while but eventually he would keep going back to the door, tapping on it with his chubby little hand and in the saddest little question mark voice say, "Da Da, Da Da..?"

It was then that I knew I had no choice but to bust out my Cheeta laugh. I can laugh really loud just like the Chimp from Tarzan. It's one of my talents. Well as droopy as the little guy was he went crazy for my monkey noises and faces. He was mimicking me with his mouth open really wide trying to copy it.

All of this took place in the span of 2 hours.

Just as his door banging started to escalate and his lower lip begin to quiver, and even my hysterical Cheeta laugh was losing it's effect - just in the nick of time there came lights in the driveway!


Somehow we had made it through the first night sans parents without one cry, tantrum, or problem, and I was so pleased that he had a big old smile on his face when he saw them approach the back door. I knew for certain in that moment that I would be at the top of the call list for future babysitting assignments.

They flung open the door anxious to greet the little one (I think leaving him was more traumatic for them).

He took one look at them and started balling uncontrollably!!

Said Aunt Lou Lou in a very innocent voice, "Gee he didn't make a peep the whole time..."

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Caption this
May 12, 2009


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nephew cuteness
April 27, 2009

Have I mentioned how smart my nephew is?
The child is already swinging a golf club and making contact with balls..
If I tell him to go get my shoe he gets it, brings it over to me and tries to put it on my foot.
If I had to use two words to describe him right now at 15 months, they would be "into everything".
In the matter of about 20 seconds last night he had unzipped my purse, pulled out my curly tail pug rescue pen, travel toothbrush, hairclip, checkbook, aloe vera gel, unscrewed the cap to my Visine and was trying to squirt it into my bag.
He's very curious about the way things work and how they go together, and he's very good with his hand coordination already. I think he might be an engineer or surgeon someday.
I'm such a proud aunt!





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How we cope
April 21, 2009

When faced with losing a loved one, our gut instinct is always to hold on tighter than ever before.

But there comes a point when the loved one is only holding on for our sakes, for fear of leaving us behind with a broken heart even though they might be in an incredible amount of pain and suffering as their quality of life has deteriorated beyond the point of any return.

I have learned that sometimes the most unselfish, ultimate act of love one can make is to let go.

When I was losing Pugsley and wading through the vortex of emotions, there were only three things I knew for sure:

1. The pain of losing him would never be greater than the joy of knowing him.
2. I would be able to rejoice in the fact that he was free from any pain.
3. If I continued to lead a good happy life and do the best I can, one day we would be together again.

These are the thoughts that I held onto and still hold onto everyday. Thoughts I now find myself sharing with my Dad to help comfort him in the wake of my stepmother's passing.

Rest in Peace, Maria.

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the only thing in the world cuter than a pug
March 17, 2009

is a baby that is related to you by blood


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cute and crafty
January 12, 2009

All pause for an adorable nephew update....

First off can you handle the smile and chubby cheeks? I can't.

That smile melts my heart the same way the Sausage did. Speaking of the comparison -- the older my nephew gets the more I notice a similar personality trait in the sense that he is crafty as the day is long.

Let me tell you how mischievous this little guy is....

He just had his first birthday which happens to be 5 days before mine. We will forever share cakes and celebrations now. Winter babies.

I was at my brother's house for my birthday dinner and it's a snowstorm outside. I took my Ugg boots off (not the ones I am considering buying, an older pair) and I put them in the hallway on a towel so they wouldn't track water through the house.

At the end of the night my truck was warming up outside and the little bugger knew I was getting ready to leave. So he toddles off down to the end of the hall when he didn't think anyone was looking. He took one of my Ugg boots (which is more than half his size), carried it into the living room and mixed it in with all of his toys.

The funny part is that he has a tiny little pair of snow boots that look very similar to the Uggs. They are the same color and syle. So what does he do? He proceeds to toddle off to his bedroom, pick up one of his boots and then sneaks back down the hallway where he replaces my Ugg boot that he took....with his little boot! Hahahaha. He set it down next to my other boot and trotted off giggling and clapping his hands together like he had just accomplished a big coup.

How crafty is that?

He knew that he wanted that bigger boot but he wasn't gonna leave me hanging with just one boot he was clever enough to replace the one he took with one of his own. Hoping I would never notice, I presume.

Not that I am biased or anything.....but I found that incredibly smart for a one year old brain. He is a Capricorn, after all.

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La La
December 27, 2008

Guess what baby Josh got from his auntie this year for Christmas?
A "Pugs Rule, Babies Drool" baby bib.
He'll have a little more growing to do before it fits right, but I think he wears it well...don't you?


The little guy can say his L's now, but he can't say his O's, R's, or I's just yet. He does have a special name that he likes to call me though -- I am LaLa.

It came shortly after Dada, Mama, Nana, then LaLa.. I think it may be the best knickname I've ever had.

La La La La La La La

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November 28, 2008

In Thanksgiving's past I used to be working hard in the kitchen with a hungry pug rooting for crumbs on the floor. Now I have a curious nephew who is newly mobile getting underfoot, tugging at my pants while cooking the Thanksgiving feast.

It was all worth it though to see him taste his first turkey and mashed potatoes. So cute!

Oh, I didn't forget to update you on my remodeling project either. There's been a delay in phase 2; my desk still hasn't arrived due to holiday shipping schedules so I won't give you the final project recap until it is here and set up. For now I'm working with my new 24 inch monitor on the coffee table. I hope it comes soon.

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first steps
November 9, 2008

In other news, my nephew is taking his first steps.....hands free!
He also has two front teeth...
And he ate some of my spaghetti and meatballs (pureed of course) for dinner tonight, which he loved.
Smart kid.
Good taste.

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It’s the little things in life….
September 25, 2008

For the first time my 8 month old nephew recognized me as a source of comfort, as someone he intuitively understands will always be there for him no matter what.

He was getting overtired because let’s face it, he is not the kind of boy who can be idle for long without growing restless. I admire his curiosity. He has this sweet independent streak that reminds me of Pugsley in many ways. He’s a little man who is constantly on the go and does not want to miss anything. He hardly ever sleeps, he isn’t a baby you can just hold and coddle or sit and read a book to. If you try he will squirm to get out of whatever confinements he feels are keeping him from exploring his new world. Which makes what I’m about to say all the more precious.

After a few hours of playtime he started to get a wee bit cranky, realizing he could no longer fight his own exhaustion. The darling bottom lip began to quiver, a telltale sign that a crying fit was about to ensue. His head and face turned bright red and his eyelashes grew damp from the welling tears. He could have crawled to anyone in the room for comfort; his dad, his mom, or even his grandpa. But instead his chubby little legs made a bee line from across the room, launching into a full on speed crawl directly over to his auntie. He wobbled under me using his perfectly rolled Michelin man arms to pull himself up onto my shins. With one tug on my pant leg he looked up at me with big teary brown eyes and told me that he wanted me to pick him up and make it all better. So I did.

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Dude, how cute is my nephew?
September 16, 2008

Not that I am biased or anything...
Hee Hee!

Click the picture to make it bigger. Go on you know you want to.


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July 28, 2008


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another one of my many marketable assets
July 21, 2008

So in my spare time which I've had a lot of lately while laying low and spending quality time with Le Sausiege, I've been working on designing a website for my brother's new appliance business.

I am happy to say I finished the job, got him up and running and he phoned rather excited to inform me that he just received his first call from a customer who "found him on the internet" thanks to my awesome Google page indexing and design capabilities.

The first job has already paid for his yearly hosting fee and domain registration. Way cheaper than the newspaper or yellow pages.

And......if you think I am using my blog as an advertising platform to shamelessly promote my web skills here for monetary might be right.

What can I say....mama's got a lot of vet bills to pay off.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So.....if any of you in the local area are reading (and I know that you are based on my webstats) and you have a broken appliance that needs service or repair, look no further than My brother is the best in the business and offers the most affordable rates!

As for me, I am available for freelance work.

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June 30, 2008

Lately I've been thinking about my Aunt Mary Lou who was my grandmother's sister and one of my idols growing up. Mainly because she led kind of a glamorous, charmed and artistic life but remained a very sweet and classy lady through it all. I've always been fascinated with the 1940's and that whole era too.

Even though we didn't spend much time together I always felt close to her in a special way. Both of my parents and mostly everyone else on both sides of my family have dark hair and eyes. But I ended up with blonde hair and green eyes like my special aunt. We're both the same height and weight and I even ended up the nickname Lou Lou, which comes from her as well.


Aunt Mary Lou was a professional figure skater in the forties and fifties, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show and as a regular cast member at Radio City Music Hall for close to two decades performing in various ice shows.


During that time she lived alone in an apartment in Manhattan with her beloved cocker spaniel named Dreamboat. She didn't settle down and marry until she was well into her forties. Something that was unheard of for a woman of that era. When she did finally retire from the ice show scene she married an older gentleman who treated her like a queen.

So I'm probably past the point where I could pack it all up, move to NYC and become a fancy show girl [besides the fact that I have no natural dancing abilities without being at least 4 drinks deep]. But I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to chase a dream like that and live the lifestyle. Also I think it's important to remember those who've gone before you and the different paths they blazed.

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June 10, 2008

There is nothing like a new baby in the family to buoy your spirits in times of sadness, disappointment and uncertainty. If not temporarily replacing those negatives with the joys of hope, promise, and possibility.

Something about being akin to the innocence of infancy is especially rewarding for me. I relish my new role as aunt and being in the presence of a mind so curiously fresh with delight and mired in frustration at the same time by all the things it wants to do but can't quite maneuver yet with his awkward little body.

I am fascinated by my 5 month old nephew.

I am in awe of his every gurgle and sputter. The way he rolls his tongue and purses his perfect little lips. How his chubby arms outstretch searching for answers, pawing at his new world. His little hands still learning how to grip, touching faces and pulling hair, stuffing feet in his mouth, eating new foods for the first time. How much his eyes are unmistakably my brother's eyes.

After our visits I can see the newness of life on every street corner: High school graduates embarking on new paths, birds building nests in trees, the first summer blooms, a young couple holding hands on the side walk and visions of the future and all that he can be.

He will be athletic like his father and spiritual like his mother. He will golf, fish and excel at team sports. His grandparents will adore and spoil him like no other because he was the first. He will be an exceptional student whose teachers will still talk about him long after they retire. He will be musically gifted and if his uncle has any say he will learn to play the guitar at a very young age.

From his auntie he will learn to be true to his heart and steadfast in his convictions. He will be a gentleman; considerate and polite, kind and caring. He will grow up to be respectful of women and mindful of their feelings. He'll have charisma and strength but will only use those qualities for good, never for his own selfish gain. He'll play by the rules but will have the heart of a rebel. Everyone, women especially, will be drawn to him because of that. He will inherit a great love for animals and an appreciation for the peacefulness of nature. Of course he will not be perfect. He will make mistakes along the way, but his strong character and integrity will allow him to fix it and make it right. Hopefully he will not acquire my stubborn streak or someday be too embarrassed that I posted naked baby pictures of him on my blog.

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he's got the music in him...
May 18, 2008

Here is my 4 month old nephew learning how to dance. He's being propped up a little by his grandpappy but I think it's amazing the way he can already almost stand up on his own....and when he does his little legs start kicking like he's ready to go! He's taken a liking to his uncle's guitar playing too, we can all see that he is very musically inclined.. And I could be wrong, but I think he's a bit partial to Pink Floyd and the Violent Femmes...

Hee hee!

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uglier than a bag of bullheads
April 25, 2008

I wanted to be the first person on the internet to coin that phrase. After a quick Google search, I believe I succeeded.

Bullheads, that's country speak for northern catfish. They were feeding tonight and boy are they fun to catch. Bullheads come out at night, which is my kind of fishing. I'm not one of those get up at 4:00AM to catch the big ones gal. I prefer night fishing anytime.

I must have reeled in no less than 15 bullheads tonight. Not the easiest fish to take off the hook with those prickly barbs on their sides. They are kind of mean but surprisingly tasty for mud fish. Bullhead meat is pink like salmon. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute' it. There's beer battered bullheads, pan fried, deep friend, stir fried, bullhead stew, blackened bullhead, Cajun bullhead, bullhead cakes, bullhead casserole.....

Lest I continue on with my best Bubba from Forest Gump imitation, here are pictures from the great Bullhead expedition of 2008 with dad and the uncles. We filled 2 buckets of bullheads in about 2 hours.

As you can see....between fishing and golf I've been embracing my inner tomboy lately. I will catch up with some girly blogs soon, I promise. I've just been having too much fun in my extracurricular activities of late.

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funny faces....
February 17, 2008

So at 1.5 months old my nephew is making all sorts of funny faces. It seems like he is still trying to figure out what his mouth and eyes can do. It's precious. I can hold him for hours and just watch him look around and make different faces and sounds. Tonight he fell asleep with his head on my shoulder and made little baby snores in my ear. I just sat there rubbing his back and breathing him in. It was heaven. Here are some new pics of the little fella. He has already gained close to 5 lbs and is resembling the Buddha with those chubby cheeks and wild eyes!





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of love and foreskin
January 17, 2008

After my nephew was circumcised they wheeled him into the nursery where I was waiting. His mom was asleep and dad was out running errands so it was just the two of us.

The nurse unwrapped him from his dressings and she started swathing on lotions and ointments inserted fluids and then suctioned them out while I stood over him protectively asking a million questions.

"Why does his skin look so dry?"

"What is that lotion for?"

"Is it supposed to be that red?"

When she dabbed Vaseline on the little red ring where his foreskin had been he screamed in a way that I never heard a baby scream. It reminded me of a feral cat you hear late at night outside your bedroom window wailing in protest or agony at some sort of adversary.

She assured me he wasn't crying because he was in pain. He was crying because he didn't like being unswaddled, outside of his warm blankies being wiped and touched, rubbed, and siphoned.

Still it unnerved me and upset me all at once.

I reached my hand into the basket offering him my index finger. No sooner did I place it in front of him than he latched on, wrapping all four of his fingers in the tightest little fist he could muster as the nurse continued to work on him.

He had quite the grip for a little man of 3 days old. I think he's going to be a bruiser. With my free hand I stroked the soft tuft of dark brown hair on the crown of his head and just then he opened his eyes and I saw them for the first time.

Eventually he calmed down after he was swaddled back up into his blankie and head cap.

Aside from our little bonding experience, the unanticipated caterwauls, and selfless love I already felt for this little soul.....there were two things that struck me as kind of odd in that moment.

First, that it has taken me thirty something years to hold a newborn baby's hand while he cried and how I'll likely be embarrassing him for years to come with the retelling of this story.

And second that I've somehow managed to go the same length of time without seeing the actual uncut version on an adult male.

I will file number one under the category, "Things to look forward to."

Number two will be filed under, "Things I'd be okay with never seeing."

Although I hear there is an increased sensitivity factor for the female. But that's for another entry, another time.

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there outta be a law....
January 9, 2008

against this much cuteness..

I mean much cuteness can one actually take before they implode?
It's too much. Much much too much I tell you.
I am operating on cute overload here...
Only 5 days old in this picture and already such expressive faces. Already looking like such a little man.

P.S. in case you were wondering if I'm going to be one of those super annoying aunts who is always bragging about her little nephew, taking pictures and telling tales guessed right.

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I'm an Auntie!
January 2, 2008

Meet my new nephew, Joshua Michael.

Born at 1:15 PM and weighing in at 7 lbs 7 ounces.

Joshua is the first New Years baby in our town so he's been showered with all kinds of gifts from the hospital and his picture will be in the local newspaper.

He is about 5 hours old here. His has his mothers nose and fathers eyes...and he has a little divot under his lower lip just like his auntie :)


He is a little cranky here because someone disturbed him when he was sleeping. Also, just like his auntie..Eeeee Hee Hee Hee!!


I don't know why but I feel like shouting Mazel Tov! And I'm not even Jewish!

How is it possible to Love someone so much when you just met them?

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a river runs through it
June 17, 2007


I probably never would have learned to fly fish had I not grown up with 2 older brothers and a father who were all avid fly fisherman. If I wanted to have something in common and spend time with them, I had to learn how to fish. I'm glad I did because now it's a sport I truly enjoy.

First you wait to see a trout rise. Sometimes it's just a ripple and sometimes they jump out of the water as the river bugs hatch. It's what they eat. You look to see what kind of fly is hatching off the water, they change all the time. It might be an alder, a caddis, a blue winged olive, or a look at the bugs coming up off the water, maybe they're flying around your head or when it's a thick hatch they're landing on your clothes.

After you figure out where they're jumping and what they're eating, you pick your spot in the river. Half the challenge is walking through the river to get to the jumping trout. Wading through slippery rocks, and negotiating the heavy currents and sudden drop offs. It's quite a workout for the legs; I never have to go to the gym on the days that I fish.

Then you start stalking the fish getting closer and closer, sneaking up behind him. Wading out carefully, quietly. Getting close enough to cast within his reach but not so close you scare him away. One more check to see what kind of flies are coming up off the water. They may be different than the flies on shore.

With the right fly on your hook you begin to cast at a 10:00 o'clock and 2:00 o'clock pendulum rhythm not letting the fly land behind or in front until you're ready to lay it down upstream from the rise, letting the natural river currents drift the fly down just over his spot without letting it sink. Before it sinks you whip it out and cast again. You jiggle the tip of your rod a little playing with it to mimic the natural fly hatching pattern. It's an art really.

When he bites, he bites hard and fast, you jerk your rod up to hook but I don't start pulling in right away, I let him nibble on it a little, teasing him, maybe even allowing him to take it down stream a little more, then I plant the hook in further by pulling all the way up and then I start pulling him in closer and closer, slowly and carefully so I don't lose him...

I'm getting better at not getting myself tangled up in my line and net. But it's hard not to get excited when your reeling in the big one. Its catch and release where I go and I like to use barbless hooks so I don't hurt them. When I have the trout my net, I hopefully haven't made him swallow the hook too deep, so it's easier to pull out. Once out, I hold him in my hand underwater facing upstream, letting him swim a little in hand so he can breathe in some oxygen before letting him go. He swims away and it's on to the next one. Last week I out fished all the men in my family for the first time. It was a milestone and my Dad was so proud.

It occurred to me writing this why I like fly fishing so much. Being outdoors of course, the peacefulness and the physical sport and competitiveness yes but I really like the hunting aspect, the strategy and challenge behind it all.

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Rainbow Bridge
June 3, 2007
Rest in Peace Maggie
May 1990 - May 2007

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

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day one SF
April 24, 2007

First night in San Fran was spent with Cousin Nicole and Nick. We dined at Blowfish in the Mission district and then had a night cap at the Clift Hotel. I made an important discovery: Lychee Sake, cold. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm. So tasty, too. Another important thing to note, that Peach Bellini and Sake don't go very well together. Still not bad after 3 airports, 8 hours of air travel, a 3 hour time change and somehow Istill made it to the hotel gym this morning. Don't ask me how. maybe something to do with adrenaline or endorphins..

Thanks guys, for making my first night in town a blast! Better see you tommorow night at the Blue Phoenix party...

Sake to me
Sashimi on dry ice
Pyramid of tar tar, mexican style

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digging out
February 16, 2007

Two months into winter and finally some snow worth talking about. It made for a nice cozy snowed-in Valentine's Day with my best boy. Speaking of another one of my favorite boys, my brother knowing that I wouldn't be able to shovel snow with my neck came over and shoveled us completely out. I didn't even ask him to. He just came over while I was at work and shoveled, so I came home to clear walkways and everything. It was that really heavy packed down snow too. How's that for awesome, caring, and thoughtful? I heart my brother!

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The Importance of Family
December 15, 2006

Who knows all of your little quips and quirks? Who else can push your buttons, get your twisted sense of humor and tug at your heart strings all at once?

The following card arrived from my father. The envelope was addressed not to me but to “Mr. Pugsley”.


It reads:

Mr. Pugsley,

May you get lots of pig ears and bull sticks for Xmas and may you and your master have good health all year long and may you have a good supply of cat poop all year long when you are out sniveling around. You Sniveling Little Sausage You!

To Mr. Pugsley

From Grandpappy

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Going back to Cali
August 17, 2006

Six years ago was the last time I was in California. It was before I knew I had a first cousin living there. Had I not been previously denied the knowledge of her existence, I surely would have destroyed my schedule to meet her back then. Long story on how it took us decades to even find each other, but things always have a way of coming out when you need them to.

Well, like Rafiki says, “It’s in the past, in the past!” In 6 more weeks I’ll be going out to sunny San Francisco again where she lives! I’ll be there on other business, but there is no way I’m getting in and out of that city without seeing her this time! Even if she has to visit me in my hotel room at midnight, which is a scant walking distance from her apartment! In the short time we’ve known one another, we have come to learn that we have much in common. Could it be genetic or just freaky coincidences? I don’t know. What I do know is we are both blonde. Or at least we were before she recently changed her hair color. We both wear size 6 ½ shoe. Both love dogs, work to rescue and help them. We both have blogs, heart shaped butts (or so we've been told) and a penchant for drunk blogging, fine food and fashion. There is more but the important part is we still have much to learn about each other. I’m very much looking forward to the trip and seeing Nicole, Audrey, and Nick.

What I’m NOT so looking forward to is the actual flight. See, six years ago also marks the last time I had to fly. I say “had to” because I hate flying. I hate waking up at 3:00am to make it to the airport in time. I hate the hustle and chaos of the airport. Loathe everything from driving in to checking luggage, to boarding and taking off. I hate being so high up in the air in a confined space for hours and hours. I get claustrophobic. It’s one of my weaknesses and I hate it because I don’t like to be weak. I don’t let it stop me from flying but I definitely don’t enjoy it. And that was how I felt about flying before all the terrorist crap.

With the most recent threats that were fortunately, foiled…I don’t know whether to feel safer in the air now or more in danger. On one hand, officials are on high alert which means there will be added security and more attention to details they may otherwise have missed or become lackadaisical about. I am just hoping by October there will be more of a controlled calm in the air.

According to the TSA website which gets updated regularly as things change, the way it stands at the moment, it looks like I’ll be able to bring everything I need in my checked baggage. I’ll have to remember to pack my lip gloss in my luggage and not my carry on. I can live with that. The good news is laptops and cell phones can still be brought on board. Thank heavens. I’m still uncertain where my camera needs to be packed, but I do know it’s coming along for the ride. Tonga room, here I come!

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The Last Supper
March 26, 2006

It's T-minus 2 weeks and counting to the wedding. I know that I'm not really losing a brother but gaining a sister in law. And believe me when I say, there is no other person in the world I would wish for happiness more than my brother, not even myself. But it's Bittersweet too. At the same time my heart sings for his happiness, I'm also saying goodbye to some things I will desperately miss. And I know I'll still have those things, but they'll be different. They'll be him only more guarded and protective. More anxious to get home early and he'll have to call to check with her first. I didn't feel this way at all when my other brother married SL. Probably because SL and I had been friends since we were kids, I introduced them. She was already family. When I go there to visit, most times I'm going to hang with her. This is a totally different thing.

When I heard the news and gave my obligatory sisterly speech – the one request I made was a "Last Supper" just the two of us, like times of old. I didn't even have to say the words "Last Supper" out loud. He said them, as I was thinking them. In one of those mind reading moments that can only come with time, from siblings, by blood.

So, yesterday I went to my brother's house for my last Slump dinner and a movie. That is to say, quality sister / brother time before the new bride moves in and the whole dynamic shifts. It's not really about the Slump (although that's a big part of it) I have the recipe and can make it myself. But It always tastes better when he makes it for me.

I know it sounds dramatic but there was a time not too long ago when dateless Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons would not be cause for melancholy or wallow because there was always a hot pot of Slump on the stove and some classic movies with cheesey one- liners that only we would find disturbingly funny. Like Mommy Dearest "No wire hangers!!!" Coal Miners Daughter, or Urban Cowboy, "Sissy, I wanna 'pologize clear back to the first time I'ah hit you!" A toasty glass of merlot, and the good company of one of the only men in the world who truly understands me. The way only a brother can.

When we were little, we would fight like cats and dogs. I would become furious when he would call me "blow lip" because I had these big lips and it took me a while to grow into them. We were competitive and we'd play cobra snake pellets the ones you'd light on fire and they would grow and hiss. Rockem' sockem' robots and super elastic bubble plastic. Later we would stay up all night having Atari and Nintendo wars and he didn't even get mad at me when I got older and started dating his friends. Instead he welcomed me into their fold as a sister and a friend.

I always worried it would be me to settle down first, leaving him in the boat I'm in now. The unmarried one. The one who gets singled out at family functions and pinned in the corner from the well-meaning aunt, "So when are you gonna be next dear?!" Trust me it's already happening. In a way, I'm glad it's me dealing with that crap and not him. I think I'm better equipped with the smarmy one-liners and quick comebacks that always make them regret saying it. Until the next time.

I guess some small part of me always pictured us being old fogies, still eating Slump in our 70's, still single, still laughing at the same old movies, but not alone b/c we'd have each other. It sounds funny I know, but now I have different vision in my head. Now I have this thick lump in my throat that's making me both sad and happy at the same time. I know I'm going to cry at the wedding even thought I detest losing my composure in public. This is a huge problem for me. I think I know how a father must feel walking his daughter down the aisle, giving her away. In a way that's what I feel like is happening here. It's the end of an era…

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The Wedding Planner
March 12, 2006

I got the call at 6:46pm Friday night that my brother needed help coming up with some last minute invitations. Since my printer is on the fritz, I wrangled up SL who was swilling at the bar and by 8:15 we were at Staples picking out fancy card stock that would work with her printer. By Saturday evening we had printed out 100 invitations and response cards ready for mailing. Save for a couple hairy moments when we had technical difficulties and a frazzled SL told me I was being a pessimist and I reminded her that I was being a realist – in the end, I think we did a fabulous job!


Keep in mind we were working on a fixed budget, limited time, a brother who is clueless about weddings and his bride who doesn't speak much English. Basically, this weekend we turned the house upside down with wedding preparations. Somehow we took over the planning and started making lists of everything that needs to be done in the next 35 days. Invitations, cake, phone calls, tuxes, addresses, decorations, flowers, pictures, music, wedding song, vows, etc. etc.

Somebody asked me why such short notice on the wedding after only dating 8 months. I guess the answer is, they are in love and don't want to wait. We didn’t mind because I personally would rather be there to witness my brothers marriage than to have him run off and elope. Also, that’s what families do, they come together in times of joy and crisis. They offer help when there is a job to be done, they rise to the occasion when a challenge is set. These are the things my family is good at. And reminders that happy endings do occur, when and where you least expect them.

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Sweet Fancy Moses!
March 2, 2006

Brother #2 is getting married ------ next month!!!!

Are there any documented cases of brains spontaneously combusting?? Because, I think my head is going to explode! more later...

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How to Make An American Quilt
December 26, 2005

“There's beauty in the patterns of life.”

In March 2003 we lost a beloved member of the family. My SL’s younger brother, Jason. I can only Blog about it now because it’s taken all this time for the wounds to heal. Not that they will ever really heal for Jason’s family - his Mom, Dad, Sisters, and extended family and friends. Because once you know a Quality Human, your life can never be the same.

Jason Robert Rothe 1975-2003

You often see SL’s comments here and should know for the sake of this story that SL has multiple meanings” Sister in Law, Sister Lori, and others that can’t be repeated in a public forum. SL you see, is one of my oldest dearest friends in the wide world. She and I share the same name among other things. Lori and Laurie. I used to sleep over her house and watch Jason run around in his Spiderman underoos. And she used to sleep over my house and watch my older brother run around in his shorts. As it happens, SL ended up marrying eldest brother years later. Must have been the shorts! Life was good for a long while. Our two families commingled, meshed, we holidayed and barbequed together. Jason, SL, and I even worked together at the e-tailer It seemed like everything had come full circle and was as it should be.

Jason was many things to his SL: her Sibling, her cheerleader, her strength, humor, character, her soul shine, a Quality Human. In March 2003 something happened to take it all away. A horrible car crash. And just like that, Jason was gone. So tragically, so unexpectedly. I worried for a long time that SL may never be the same. She was suffering in wicked heart pain and I felt like I couldn’t reach her. But I also knew how strong she was and I knew in my heart that she would use all those strengths and qualities that Jason bestowed on her. In her own time, on her own rhythm of grief, with her own patterns of life.

I knew that she would find peace in honoring him which is what I’ve watched her do everyday in everyway for the last 2.75 years. It wasn't that long ago she honored him with the Sibling tattoo. And it lays peace to my own heart because I know that if anything ever happens to me, SL will honor me in the way that is true to me, my spirit, and the way I lived my life.

Now let me tell you something about SL. About her determination and conviction and passion to honor the memory of her brother. About October this year she got it in her head that for Christmas gifts to her parents she would make memory quilts for her brother. The woman had never sewn a stitch before in her life save for a lone button in junior high Home Ec. Class that fell off the coat 2 days later.

The memory Quilt fabrics consisted of the contents of Jason’s clothing. His old t-shirts and pants, logos from his favorite baseball and football teams. Places he’s worked, casino’s he’d visited. SL started the Quilts in early November. Quite an undertaking for someone who’d never quilted or operated a sewing machine before. I watched her toil and stress like an obsessed artist for weeks wondering if she would pull it off in time. Planning and Prep began in mid October. Cutting started the 1st week of November and sewing started in mid November. I was there to document the progress and lend my moral support. SL had help from friends but she did most on her own. But she had love on her side and passion in her heart. Miraculously, both quilts were finished on 12/23 at 2PM.

These quilts were made with love
From fabrics of Jason's life

To have and to hold
To wrap you in comfort

To remember with love
A Quality Human Being
Jason Robert Rothe



Unfortunately I wasn’t there when SL’s Mom and Dad opened up their quilts but I hear it was very emotional and there were a lot of tears of memories and joy. For today’s entry, I’m turning the Blog comments over to SL, friends and family to tell the rest of the story. For me, this entry is as much about honoring SL for the Quality human that SHE is, as it is to honor the Quality human that Jason was and always will be.

Click to see How to Make an American Quilt

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Christmas Wrap Up

How well does my family know me?? Gift certificates to the Spa, King Kong DVD's, Pug gifties, and Junior Mints for starters :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Click here for more Christmas pics:

IMG_1369 copy.jpg
Two Kong DVD's and a coupon for when the new one comes out

IMG_1304 copy.jpg

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December 16, 2005

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

~ Bruce Lee 1940 - 1973

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Blood Roses
December 8, 2005

Blood Roses
Blood Roses
Blood Roses
Back on the street now
Can’t forget the things you never said
On days like these gets me thinking
When chickens get a taste of your meat
Chickens get a taste of your meat girl

You gave him your blood
and your warm little diamond
He likes killing you after you’ve died
You think I’m a queer
I think you’re a queer
I think you’re a queer
Said I think you’re a queer
I shaved every place where you’ve been boy
I said I shaved every place where you been...

God knows I know I’ve thrown away those graces
The Belle of New Orleans tried to show me
Once how to tango
Wrapped around your feet
Wrapped around like good little roses

Blood Roses
Blood Roses
Back on the street now
You’ve cut out the flute
From the throat of the loon
At least when you cry now
He can’t even hear you
When chickens get a taste of your meat
When he sucks you deep
Sometimes you’re nothing but meat


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All I Want For Christmas
December 6, 2005

Is You

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December 4, 2005

It’s not always easy being a single gal. Take a glimpse into my world and let me show you what "One" looks like. Sure some things are easier like not having to go to two different places on holidays. Not having to purchase all those extra presents. Not having to worry about leaving Pugsley when we go away for the weekend. Not having to answer to anyone or worry the new guy won’t understand that I’m just not and never will be a morning person. And that sometimes it takes me a good hour after waking before I can even talk to anyone. Definately not before coffee.

But there are just as many things that are hard to go without. The little things you take for granted when you have them. Like someone strong helping to lift heavy things, someone tall to grab something from the top shelf, or someone to shovel snow so you don’t have to. The daily list of these little chores certainly adds up. Its especially difficult during the winter holidays when you think, wouldn't it be nice to have someone to share the burdens.

I've been shouldering my own burdens for so long now that I don't remember what it's like to have help or support. But I don’t let singledom stop me from doing much. Brothers are good for picking up the slack in between boyfriends, but they have their own homes and their own lives so I try really hard not to ask them for things unless it’s an emergency.

I mow my own lawn in the summer. I shovel my own snow in the winter. I paint my own walls when I get bored with the color. When my toilet bowl breaks I go to the hardware store and buy one of those repair kits with the funny instructions that say things like “tighten the nuts” and “the shaft enters the body of the valve through a hole in the nut” or my personal favorite, “lift the ball cock.” It might take me 8 hours and a lot of cursing all the while Pugsley sits staring at me with his ears pushed back, tail uncurled, and one eyebrow raised like I’m a crazed madwoman, but I eventually get it done. And there is always a sense of pride and accomplishment that I didn’t need a boy to help me.

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November 22, 2005

Well, it’s that time of year again when we gather together to give thanks and remember what we’re grateful for. Just like the Pilgrims did, you know the story. Of course I’m thankful for the health and well being of loved ones. Thankful for Pugsley and great friends. A roof over my head and a paycheck in my pocket. But I’m also thankful for all those little things that work behind the scenes everyday to help cancel out the bad.


Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Puggies
Blogging new entries - IM’ing with buddies
Waiting for comments, submitting RSS Pings
These are a few of my favorite things.

Fawn –colored Puglets and crisp Foot Cheese Pizza
Slump and mashed potatoes and jeans that still fit ya'
Men the day after who bother to ring
These are a few of my favorite things.

Dogs in white collars with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on Pug’s nose and eyelashes
Fly-Fishing rivers with Dad in the Spring;
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the Hellgrammite bites
When the PMS stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.

What are you thankful for??

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Anatomy of a Tail and other Ruminations
November 10, 2005

It's not real, it's PMS. It's not real, it's PMS. It's not real, it's PMS. It's not real, it's PMS.

Street sweepers shouldn't be allowed on the roads during the morning commute. Same is true for dump trucks, school buses, tractor trailers, tractors of any kind, leaf peepers, drivers who pull out in front of you and then go 25 mph, people who don't use turn signals, and anyone over the age of 70.

Man, it felt good to fire that Shot Gun..

Why don't people say "Far Out" anymore?

I wonder what it must feel like to have a tail. An extra limb, extension of oneself. Perfectly centered at the base of the spine with so many nerve receptors that it involuntarily wags back and forth when you're happy and curls down between your legs when your sad. It can go completely flacid or erect at the slightest of stimuli. I imagine it must be similar to having a penis.

Sometimes I wish I was dog, just for a day.

Multum in Parvo

My Indian name would be Dances with Pugs

I'd rather be a dog with a tail than a man with penis.

My boobs looked bigger this morning.

Thank God that rash is gone..

Deliciosa Labio suave y rosa... baby Piel de miel, dulce y silenciosa. Te parece confundida Su pasion esta escondida Nunca sabes lo que va decir Cuando empieza a sonreir...........

I liked the way his 5 O'clock shadow felt rubbing up against my flesh, it created some unexpected sensations.

I need a new Loofah...

Men can be such simple life forms. Eat. Sleep. Scratch balls. Watch sports. Fantasize about things they can't have. Masturbate. Rinse and Repeat.

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Bear Medicine
November 2, 2005

It's cold and dark outside and I'm f*cking bored. I shouldn't be because my social calendar has never been more full. There are people who need to constantly be on the go or they get antsy. I’m just the opposite. There are people who have to jump from one relationship to another because they can’t stand to be alone. I am NOT one of those people.

I don’t need to be the center of attention. In fact it makes me uncomfortable to be there. I think that’s why I enjoy blogging and what keeps me coming back to my laptop post after post. Because it’s the one place where I can remain behind the scenes but still be heard.

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Two Wolves

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility,
kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

~Author Unknown

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Date with Dad
July 5, 2005

It was a beautiful 82 degrees with no humidity here in New England this weekend. The Perfect weather for heading out to the Lake on Dad's little fishing boat. We had some quality father / daughter time. I caught 3, Dad caught 5 or 6. When I got home I cooked trout and bluegill for supper. Mmmmm, I have a yummy fresh water fish recipe if anyone is interested.

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Daddy's Girl
June 17, 2005

Dear Dad,

For Fathers Day this year, I made a list of the Top 101 things you've given me. In no particular order here they are:

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Sun Over the Moon
May 30, 2005

All SL wanted for her birthday was a tattoo. Not the impulsive wish of some wild biker chick....But a Sister who lost her little brother way too soon. A nice tribute to Jay and the sunshine he brought into her life. A way to make sure he is always with her.

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Gone to the Dogs
October 24, 2004

Aside from my normal weekend activities and frolicking about with Pugsley, I also visited my brother and his Gaggle of Beagles to watch cheesy Halloween movies like Pumpkinhead. A pretty mellow weekend but fun nonetheless..

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Take me out to the Ballgame
August 23, 2004

Pugsley was feeling well enough to have his first outing since the surgery. We had beautiful weather on Sunday morning so we went to see my brothers Baseball game. His team, the "New Milford Yankees", made the playoffs so Pugsley showed up sporting his Yankees bandana for team spirit!

Click Here to see pics!


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