flock of seagulls turkeys
August 1, 2011

I've been living on the pug farm for just over a year now and one of the things I love most about my house and land is the wildlife..I live in a pretty unspoiled section north of the town and I'm often treated to a variety of animal visitors: Bear, deer, red fox, coyote, birds of all kind and raptors too: hawks, owls, etc. Luckily I haven't seen any snakes yet because then I may have to move.

The wild turkeys are one of my favorites. They are creatures of habit and routine. Just like clockwork each time I mow the lawn, they come flocking in to eat all of the fresh bugs I've churned up in the grass and they linger around for days. I come home from work and there they are in my driveway or strutting through my back yard. I love it too because they eat all of the mosquitoes, ticks, and flies!

Usually I'm too slow on the camera, but this weekend I managed to get a shot of my gobblers..the babies are really cute.


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Things that go bump scratch in the night
July 18, 2011

There is a down side to being in a happy new relationship, and I'm not talking about the extra 5-10 love pounds you pack on from eating and living like a rock star when things are all new and limitless feeling.

No, I'm referring to sleep deprivation.

Something I'm not coping with very well.. It starts with an anxious, restless feeling. You can't wait to see the other person and then when they're finally there you don't want to, or can't sleep because you might miss something that you spent so many nights alone longing for...or your adrenaline is just too maxed out to sleep even if you wanted to...

But then a few months in - the Oxytocin hormones start to settle down and you move into the comfortable phase. This I believe, is when you start letting your guard down, which is awesome but it's also the time when you start to see little glimmers of the things that might end up irritating the crap out of you in the long run.

Snoring for instance, your partner inching over to your side of the bed to be near you when they still have 3 feet of space on their own side. Elbows bumping into your head, boney knees poking you in the shins, Puggles pinning your legs down and not being allowed to have my own trusty fan blow air on the bed because the "breeze" messes up their sinuses and makes them congested the next day.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. These are good problems to have and minor compromises to make. But the truth is, I've been an independent girl for a long time and as great as things are and as lucky as I feel to have found what I've found, it hasn't been easy giving up some of my basic freedom and space. Particularly my queen size bed space.

To make matters worse Angelo (the puggle) has been keeping me up the past two nights.

He hears something in the wall, something making scratching sounds. He sits on the floor near the wall staring at whatever it is and sometimes he scratches back with his paw on the wall and barks.

All hours of the night. I try to coax him to come up to the bed and go to sleep but he just sits at the foot of the bed staring at that wall and every 20 minutes when he hears even a glimmer of a scratch he propels his hind legs off the bed and lunges at the wall with the same ferocity he displays when he chases his basketball.


And each time I start to nod off again, he lunges again, and barks, and scratches at the wall...then jumps up on my side of the bed and starts licking my face to warn me that there is an interloper among us.

I'm also two days into one of my 3 day long migraines. And I'm hot and I'm not allowed to sleep with my fan on and I'm facing no sleep heading into a Monday morning of a long ass week.

As irritated as I am, I have to love the little 13 pound ball of fire with all the heart of a 150 pound guard dog. We've come a long way in a short time. Even though he's a total Daddy's boy, it's me he tries to protect now. It's me he wants to snuggle with on the couch, and me he comes to in the morning and evening for his special wet food with a squirt of Grizzly Salmon oil. Daddy never does that.

But the strange goings on with the noise in the wall took a spooky turn last night. At one point, around midnight, I got up and turned the hall light on to investigate and try to see if I could see what he sees.

But the hall light, which is connected to the wall he was staring and barking at, would ominously not turn on. I flipped the switch a couple times and nothing...so I choked it up to a light bulb blowing and mice possibly scurrying in the attic and I attempted to go back to bed.

It was about 20 minutes later when I was laying there in the dark, Puggle pinning my feet down so I couldn't move, his Daddy snoring to the left of me, sweating my butt off with no fan, and feeling like someone drove an axe into the right side of my eyeball...when suddenly the hall light went on all by itself.

Angelo leaped about 10 feet from the foot of the bed back to the wall and started scratching, barking, and biting at it..

Now I was scared. Maybe it wasn't a mouse after all...maybe it was those new dressers we picked up at the Tag Sale, maybe they were haunted...the pug farm was never haunted before they were brought in..old furniture scares me. All kinds of irrational thoughts starting zooming through my head.

It felt like I was living my own version of Paranormal Activity.

How could a mouse or a squirrel or whatever turn a light off, and then on? IT felt like something was messing with me.

And then I remembered how I came home the other day and 3 of my Adirondack chairs were tipped upside down, all in a neat row next to each other with no logical explanation of how they got that way - like in Poltergeist..

Its funny how men can sleep through just about anything; dogs barking, wall scratching, and lights spontaneously turning on by themselves...

I never did find out what the noise was. And I'm too afraid to turn the light switch back on right now. I hope it's nothing too sinister and it gets resolved soon because I'm seriously sleep deprived. I couldn't even drive a straight line into work.

Also, the new puppies are coming soon... I was planning on buying a new furnace this summer, but it's become painfully clear that the bigger priority is investing in a California King sized bed. And maybe some ear plugs, and a sleep mask.

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I've got a mouse problem
March 6, 2011

House Mouse.jpgNot a problem in the sense that they bother me or anything but from a health perspective it's becoming a problem. There are dead mice in my basement and there are live mouse droppings showing up in my cupboards.

The odd thing is I've checked all the cupboards and the only place I see the droppings is in my silverware drawer. I am getting a little tired of bleaching the drawer and running all the silverware through the dishwasher on anti bacterial cycle.

Now, I am not one to kill any living thing unless it is an outright threat to my survival. And so I find myself a bit torn over what to do with these mice.

I don't want to kill them and I don't even think I could handle seeing a dead mouse in a trap, let alone one that I was responsible for setting.

I am leaning more towards relocation traps that just trap the mice and then you can relocate them to another area. But isn't that cruel as well?

If I relocate them outside they will either freeze or get eaten by wildlife. And if they are lucky enough to not have either of those things happen, they will likely just find their way back in, and multiply.

Still I am thinking the catch and release method is the way to go. At least it's rolling the dice and letting nature take its course versus me having to kill a living breathing thing. And if I do say so, a cute one at that.

I mean, I was depressed for days after I had to kill those slugs last summer, and they are cold blooded spineless invertebrate with no brains.

Before you suggest it - I am not a cat person, so getting a cat to solve the problem is not an option.

Can anyone recommend some humane relocation mouse traps? All I can seem to find are traps that wound, poison, and electrocute mice. I can't bring myself to use any of those.

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my favorite oak tree
January 14, 2011

This lovely oak sits in my front yard. Winter is really the only time I get to enjoy it. It's even prettier with all of the snow balls resting on the branches. It reminds me of a Dr. Seuss tree.


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Blizzard # 2
January 12, 2011

I gotta say, being a new homeowner was much more fun in the spring and summer..

A view from the dog kennel. I hope Plummy realizes she will be peeing inside on her wee wee pads for a while..




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Decorating on a budget
September 28, 2010

Project - Dining Room

Roman Drape Shades - $9.90 ea. on eBay. free shipping.

Framed Fireplace Painting - $19.99, Michaels Craft Store

Antique Pug Painting - $19.99 Bombay Company purchased in 1997
Wall sconces - $8.99 ea., TJ Max purchased in 1997
Pug statues - gifts from over the years

Blue & Green Sari Dining Cushion - $14.99 ea., Pier One
Crystal Candlestick holders - $0.25 ea., church tag sale
Rubber Tree Plants - $9.99 ea. Big Y Supermarket

China Closet - free family hand-me-down

Putting it altogether



Who wants to come over for dinner?

Or a game of Clue?

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pugs not slugs
August 16, 2010

It all started a few nights ago when I was in the gym, having a particularly awesome cardio session. When I got off my elliptical machine I went into the kitchen to grab another water and I caught glimpse of Plum in the living room, peeing on my Yoga mat.

In her defense I should point out that the Yoga mat is the same color as her wee pads and she is battling some kidney problems right now (always defending the pugs).

Anyway I quickly grabbed the rubber Yoga mat and ran it outside to the garden hose before the ammonia had a chance to seep in...it was on my way to the hose that I stepped on a giant leopard slug and it went squish all over the place, DISGUSTING!! Thank God I was wearing sneakers because if it squished between my toes that would have done me in...

I started noticing the slugs on day 4 of living in the new house. It seems the pug farm is home to this freakishly giant mutant strain of leopard slugs. Up until this point they haven't bothered me all that much. They only come out at night when it has rained and they for the most part keep out of my way and I keep out of theirs.

Then I came home late Saturday night this weekend - of course I had left early in the afternoon and did not leave the outside light on for myself...it was dark when I approached my door so I didn't notice anything out of place.

I went inside and there was Plummy curled up in her cuddle bed which I placed under the breakfast nook in the kitchen, that's where she likes to lay sometimes when I'm not around..

It wasn't until I went inside and flipped the light on to let her out to pee that I noticed.....2 giant slugs suctioned to my glass door like leeches! And slug-slime everywhere..



It had become clear now that the slugs were trying to attack me and exact revenge for killing their leader the other day. So the war is now on. I didn't want to have to hurt the slugs, I wanted to coexist in peace with them...but never in all my years of living in the northeast have I seen slugs climb...like they are trying to get me!! Clearly they have not come in peace.

I am told that leaving out saucers of beer is the best way to get rid of them. Less cruel than dousing them with salt (I don't' need any more bad slug karma). They die happy this way.

I will be picking up a six pack of beer today.....If it doesn't work....I might have to move.

Story developing...

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summer guests
July 28, 2010

I have been busy readying the pug farm for our first official guests!

2-26-08martha1.jpgA dear old friend of mine whom I have not seen in over 20 years is in town from Colorado for his high school reunion and will be staying with me for a couple nights.

This is one of the reasons why I do like Facebook, it reconnects people who have lost touch over the years. Good people who you really and truly have missed.


Now off to tidy up the guest room w/ clean sheets and fresh towels...

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the bear is back
July 19, 2010

Last night he took my 95 gallon FULL garbage can and dragged it 200 feet down the road.

At first I thought it was vandals, after all it was only last week that some passerby flung a used condom out of his car window and the soiled prophylactic landed smack dab in the middle of my driveway. (my poor 70 y/o father had to pick it up with two twigs and fling it into the bushes, hoping some buzzard might take it away).

But then I saw tracks, and a big claw mark in one of the hefty bags and there was trashed strewn all along the roadside that I had to pick up on my way to work.

Pesky Bruin.

I read in the newspaper this weekend that another resident just a few roads over had a bear recently appear at her front doorstep and he actually reached out with his paw to within inches of her before she dove back into the house.

The DEP came and set up this bear trap in her yard.
beartrap2.jpgPhoto by Walter Kidd.

I don't know if it's the same bear or if he'll ever get that close to me...I've been careful to clean off my grill and not leave any garbage or food items near the house.

One thing is for sure, that bear is hungry, even desperate for food if he's coming that close to humans.

I am afraid he might try to eat Plummy. She is an awfully juicy little morsel.

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killing two birds with one stone
July 18, 2010

Mowing my 3 acres AND getting my recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D. Priceless.

Thumbnail image for tractord.jpg

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My First BBQ
July 7, 2010

I had my very first BBQ on the fourth of July. I think it went well despite the Triple H heatwave and this nasty cold I've been fighting for a week.

Here I am shucking corn at the sink! I am very domestic now.


What's that I see, a little pug head in the background begging for food?

My first set table before the vultures all swooped in..


It was a fine first feast.

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Her very own wash tub
June 20, 2010

One of my favorite features of the new house is the standalone dog tub, making it hella easy to give pug baths. Plummy on the other hand is not too keen on it just yet :)


Contemplating an escape but she realizes it's a long way down. Too long to make a jump for it...Plummy is totally reminding me of "the Lorax" in this picture.

Defeated and given up. But oh. so. clean.

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spooks and slugs and bears....oh my!
June 16, 2010

Does a bear shit in the woods?

I can now definitively answer the question beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes. Yes they do. They also shit on my flagstone walkway.

That's right - I now know for sure there are bear up in my neck of the woods. And one of them decided to leave behind his bear dung as a little "welcome to the neighborhood" gift to me. I would post a picture of it here but it's kind of nasty.

A few nights later one of my girlfriends came for a visit to see the new place. Before long we got into a few glasses of wine. It seems I'm becoming more of a drinker now that I'm a homeowner. I think it helps quell the reality of obligation and responsibility that I now carry.

It was a rainy night and when I went to walk her outside I noticed all over my walkway (the same walkway where I found the bear shit) there were several giant slugs that actually looked like leeches with antennae, about 4 or 5 inches in length .....leaving behind a trail of mucousy slime all down my flagstone path. Oh Mama!!


Now I consider myself a pretty animal friendly girl who is not afraid to rough it in the wilderness. I can take fish off of hooks (though I prefer the barbless kind that doesn't hurt them) I can camp in the forest, and love nothing more than to go for a long hike in the woods.... I am not afraid of spiders, bats, mice, lizards or frogs. I can even learn to live with the fact that there are random black bear roaming about my property at any given time and am fine with learning how to peacefully co-exist with them...

But when it comes to anything that is long and snakelike with no legs I immediately start to feel sick to my stomach. This goes for eels, worms, snakes, and I would have to put slugs in the same category. Especially the giant mutant brand of slugs that appear to call my front flower bed their home.

It doesn't help that I also have issues with slimy textures.

I have been told that leaving out a small dish of beer will attract the slugs. They will drink it, their stomachs' will explode and they die. Now as much as I hate the slugs I'm not sure I want to kill them in such a violent manner either. If only there was a way I could make them leave without hurting them? Is there? Anyone out there have experience with giant mutant slug infestations?

After some Google searching I learned they are Spotted Leopard Slugs...and I do not think they can harm humans, but I know they feed on plants and I've noticed something has been eating my beautiful red Japanese maples, turning the leaves all yellow. If I find out the slugs are the culprit, I will be going straight to the package store and stocking up on Bud Light. Good animal conscience or not.

Last night I came home from work late. I spent the day in the city at an industry conference. As much as I love the city, I love coming home to the country even more. The first thing I did was take a hot steamy shower to wash the stench of the city off of my skin and out of my hair. I was exhausted. I'd just gotten into bed and almost drifted off to sleep when Plummy started barking violently at....something. What? I still have no idea. It's not like her at all. The only time I have ever heard her bark is either at mealtime or when I come home. She has never, I repeat never barked like this. Jumping up and running to the foot of the bed letting out several warning, protective barks and she wouldn't stop.

Finally I had to get up and walk into every room of the house with her. Opening doors to each room proving to her that nothing was there. And she made sure to go into each room and sniff and check it out, like she was totally expecting to find "something". She even stuck her head into the closets to make sure nobody was hiding in there...

We checked the sitting room, the dining room, both bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room, the spare bedroom, the gym, the office, and there was nothing. I looked outside all of the windows and saw nothing out of the norm.

Satisfied, she trotted back into the bedroom, climbed up her stepper, let out a bewildered little sigh....and then drifted off to sleep.

I on the other hand, as exhausted as I was from traipsing around NYC all day, lay awake wondering what it could have been - was someone trespassing? Did she smell the bear outside making his nightly rounds? Did she see or hear something undetectable to the human eyes or ears?

Maybe she was barking at the Slugs! Maybe my house was built on an old haunted slug graveyard!!

Whatever the case - I can deal with the creepy crawly creatures that I can see and hear - but I decided right then and there that it would probably not be a good idea to watch any Poltergeist or Paranormal Activity type movies for a while...

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June 14, 2010

Now that I have figured out exactly how to use it....I can honestly say.... worth every last penny of my monthly mortgage payment.


Especially after a stress filled day at work or a grueling workout in the gym. Even if the gym is, right down the hall :)

Loving my new home!

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bubble trouble
June 13, 2010

I was all set to christen my big whirlpool tub the other night, kick back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Got my glass of wine, lit some candles, added some bubble bath and climbed in for the maiden voyage.


Immediately I felt the stress of the last few months literally melt away, making me feel like it was all worth it. Alas.

I turned on the jets and reveled at how each one seemed to hit just the right spot of tension: one on my back, one on my feet and one on each side of me. I was in a pure state of relaxation..

All of the sudden the bubbles started rising, fast! Nobody ever told me you aren't supposed to add bubble bath to a Jacuzzi. So I found out the hard way.

Next thing I know the bubbles were almost as high as my head. Even after I turned the jets off they kept rising.....and before I knew it, overflowing....over the side of the tub....onto the floor...onto Plummy's head who was an innocent bystander watching the whole parody unfold.

It took until the next morning for all the bubbles in the tub to drain.

Yet another lesson learned.

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scenes from the pug farm
June 11, 2010




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lessons in home ownership..
June 10, 2010

Hmmmm. Everyone keeps asking me how it feels to be a homeowner. So here's how it went down.

It was by far a smooth move. Certainly a lesson in submissiveness for a Type A personality like me - having no choice but to just let things spin out of control. Boy.did.they.

At the closing I had to come up with an extra unexpected 3 months of prepaid taxes because it took so long to close. There went my big screen TV.

The moving company took 3 hours longer than expected and of course, they charged by the hour. There went my much needed dresser so half of my clothes remain strewn about in large black hefty bags.

The first time I turned my sink on and flushed my toilets the water came out brown and I wanted to cry.

The first time I ran the AC the house didn't cool - all of my pipes froze and I quickly realized on the hottest day of the year that my central air unit was broken and could not be used.

The skylights and huge windows with no blinds were naturally pouring in nonstop amounts of additional heat.

I could not leave the house for the first 4 days because I had back to back deliveries scheduled and they only give you 4 hour windows when you have to be home.

I started panicking about Plum because it's not healthy for pugs to be exposed to 80 degree + temperatures and my house thermometer was reading a continual 90.

I opened the French doors to my balcony and a yellow jackets nest fell down right onto my bedroom floor. Bees started swarming me. I quick grabbed Plum and flung her to safety then proceeded to squash the nest with a broom.

I had to make nonstop trips between the old house and the new one. Taking everything with me but my two most important possessions which would be the last to go.

The telephone company neglected to switch my phone lines on Friday so I went all weekend without a land line.

The furniture company delivered the wrong sofa and love seat, the one I had picked out was discontinued so they sent me the upgrade which I hated.

When I went to pick up the other furniture it wasn't all packed in boxes and of course it started thunder storming just as we were loading on the pick-up.

It was about this point that I started hyperventilating and had to practice some deep breathing techniques.

Then Sears delivered my lawn mower to the old address...and I was desperate to mow down Plummy's dog run so she wouldn't get ticks from the tall grass that was making her allergies worse.

Then the cable company sent a third party scary guy to my house who didn't really know what he was doing. It took him and 3 other guys 5 hours to hook up my cable. And they left behind a big friggen' mess.

Plum's allergies began to flare either from stress or the new environment and instead of letting me sleep, she was so uncomfortable all she could do was sit up in bed and itch and scratch and rub and whimper.....keeping me awake with her. For days.

With the lack of sleep, I lost my appetite, which depleted my energy that I desperately needed to forge on.

That's about when the nervous vein in my right eyeball started twitching from stress.

"Welcome to home ownership," others would mock.

And just like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun and Diane Keaton in Baby Boom - there was that moment of buyer's remorse and wondering just WTF I had gotten myself into.

And then about mid week things started to shift...

Like when Diane Keaton started making the gourmet baby food and dating the veterinarian and Diane Lane had the steamy affair with that hot guy from Positano.

Things started to click.

I found out the water was only coming out brown because the previous owners had left the house vacant for 2 months and sediment built up in the pipes. I only had to let the water run for a couple hours and it started to clear.

I sucked it up and decided with all this greatness I can survive without my big screen TV for a few more paychecks.

I quickly realized I was just trying to do too much too soon. That I needed to relax and tackle just one box at a time and one room at a time.

Then my riding tractor arrived and once I took a few spins around the lawn I immediately felt calm and happy.

My brother was able to fix the AC - turns out the filter and interior was just clogged, no leaks and nothing major.

I started breathing easier...

Then my Internet was hooked up and I started to feel like my old self again.

The weather got cooler

My appetite came back

Plum is still itching but I booked her an appointment for Saturday.

My gym equipment arrived and I'm so looking forward to working out again.

I retrieved my two most important possessions in life: Pugsley's ashes and my grandmother's bible. Once I had them back with me, it started to feel like home.

I always try to look for the lesson in various situations and I'm pretty sure there are plenty of lessons to be learned as a homeowner.

One might be that I can't always have things my way. That sometimes things will be out of my control and I have to just learn to roll with it.

It's a lesson I know I need to learn. And I'm ready for it.

This is gonna be fun.

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It is a new world...
June 9, 2010













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I am a homeowner!!
June 3, 2010

the next time you read me I will be blogging from my new house!
aka, the pug farm...................or as it will more formerly be known: Pugs Place!

Peace. out.

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and then there is the fun part of buying a house....
May 27, 2010

Furnishing it and decorating!!!

I just ordered my new dining room table and chairs from Pier one Imports. I am so excited I can't wait to eat the first meal on it!!

I went with modern rustic - a big 7 footer with rich dark wood and just a little distressing but not too much + 8 chairs. I think it will look perfect in front of my red brick fireplace in the dining room. I have always wanted a huge hearty rustic dining room table with farm chairs, and now I will have it all!

For my kitchen breakfast nook I got this rustic looking table from Pier one as well. It has the old fashioned plank boards on top which I LOVE and also gives it a nice farmhouse feel. It will be right in front of my big bay window in the kitchen overlooking the pug farm!

I am thinking of doing chairs on one side, and a bench on the other...to make it more nookish.


I also ordered my sofa and love seat :) Soft brown squishy leathaahh....this is where I will be going belly up with Purdy after long hard days spent toiling in the sun mowing grass and doing yard work.


I was productive in other areas as well, I booked the movers - moving day is on for 6/4/10. Which, coincidentally is the same exact weekend last year that I took Plummy in as a foster!
When I think about how far we both have come in only a year it amazes me. She has been nothing but a good little luck charm for me, for sure.

I scheduled my phone line transfer, locked in a cheaper rate plan. Scheduled garbage pick-up - went w/ the refuse company who offered to give me a community service volunteer discount because I am an animal rescuer - I told them I have a lot of pug garbage and apparently that qualifies.

I booked the Gym Source people to come move my elliptical machine. It actually has to be disassembled in the old apartment and put back together in the new house. It's a $3,500 machine and I didn't want to take any chances with regular movers damaging it. I'm super excited to be able to start working out again. I'm going to turn one of my spare bedrooms into a home gym.

Still left to purchase: Big screen tv, tv stand, riding mower, push mower, weed whacker, and then just little odds and ends.

That's about it.

I am recycling as much else as I can. I'm keeping my very old bedroom furniture for now. And for the rest of the living room I've decided to keep my coffee table and end tables that I've had for the past 16 years. I bought them the same year Pugsley was born in 1994.

The main reason I can't part with them is they still have the Sausages baby teeth marks in the wood from when he was a little teething puppy.. I often run my fingers along the grooves he left in the wood. The coffee table has a special sentimentality as well. I am certain I will be able to refurbish those pieces to make them look nice without removing his precious little bite marks. I just can't part with them yet. Or maybe ever.

Some of you have asked when I will divulge the name of the pug farm. I did decide on the name but will probably not divulge until I'm moved in and the sign has been staked. That's when it will be official and I can show you some pictures. :)

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help me name the pug farm!
April 19, 2010

My artist friend has offered to paint a sign for my new house!! Yippe!! So now I have to come up with a name for it. I have 4 possible contenders (and I'm leaning strongly towards one) but I need your help to make the final decision.

Let me give you a little background - It's a country ranch house set on 3 acres of horse property with barns and paddocks and a big fenced in dog enclosure where needy pugs will surely be coming and going throughout the years.

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more on the pug farm...
March 24, 2010

If Oscar Wilde was correct in his Platonic Dialoge that the self-conscious aim of Life is to find expression, and that passion and Art offers certain beautiful forms through which it may realize that energy - then I believe that all of the stars in the universe were aligned perfectly for me to find and get this particular house.

I had seen about 20 other houses: Contemporaries, Colonials, houses on the lake, houses on Cul-de-sacs, houses on the street, houses in neighborhoods and developments, houses with big bright open spacious floor plans, gleaming cherry hard wood floors, huge center islands with granite counter tops in the kitchens. You name it, I saw it.

And even though I went into it thinking those were all of the things I wanted...somehow none of them really fit or felt quite right. Nothing really spoke to me until I walked into this one - a 4 bedroom, 2 bath country Ranch on 3 acres of horse property.

My new kitchen doesn't have granite counters or a big center island. But it does have a huge bay window overlooking my pug farm. It does have the perfect spot in the corner for a cozy little breakfast nook... and I can totally see myself cooking Plum's home made dog food and big Sunday dinners there.


In fact the minute I walked into this house it felt like home. I felt an immediate connection to it. To the way the house felt, looked, and even smelled. I could envision myself inhabiting there. Feeling inspired everyday by nature, beauty, and clean, simple living. I could see myself sitting out on my private balcony with a laptop and coffee, writing.

This house has a good soul.

It certainly wasn't the newest, most modern or fancy house - but it was the one that was the most inviting to me and suitable for my current lifestyle. The people that lived there before me were big horse and dog people - my two favorite animals! And so the gorgeous property is perfectly set up to accommodate both.

As I walked through the house for the first time - each room and special little feature delighted me more than the one before, and I started getting excited.

Little things I fell in love with like hardwood floors throughout with tiles in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. A double sided fireplace, private master suite on one end of the house and all the other bedrooms on the other side. And because it was fashioned after a farmhouse - I even have 2 dutch doors inside, where the tops open to block off animals from certain rooms of the house. Perfect for fostering and separating unruly or feisty pugs! And I even have zoned heating and cooling so I can control which areas of the house I want to set the temperature.

The last room I looked at was this one.

It's a laundry / mud room just off of the oversized master suite which has really been converted into a dog room complete with an exam table (perfect for fixing up all of Plum's ailments), and laundry tub (perfect for her twice weekly baths) and....wait for it.....

....A doggie door that goes directly out into a huge fenced in dog run! This really was the clincher for me. There was no turning back or even entertaining the idea of other houses beyond this point.


And I just know the Sausage had something to do with this.

I can't believe I now have to wait 30 more days to move into my new house. But looking at the bigger picture it's something I've been waiting for and working hard for the past 15 years.... so I don't think one more month is going to kill me....Is it???

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long time coming
March 12, 2010

Well friends, I am officially under contract.

If all goes well I move into my pug farm in 45 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pics to follow when I actually have the keys. :) :) :) :)

Meanwhile, I'll give you this little snapshot for now... my 2-stall horse barn and paddock. Giddy up!


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