September 4, 2012

We celebrated Moxie's "Gotchya" Day this weekend with a trip to the "Barkery" for some special toys and treats in honor of her adoption anniversary!! I am a little sad that I will never know Mox's actual birthday being a shelter dog and all, but at least we can celebrate the first day in her new spoiled life as Queen of the pug farm.

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staring at birds
February 6, 2012


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wintertime snuggles
January 25, 2012

As the winter rolls on it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave my warm little cocoon of black fur and pug smells each morning to venture out into the coldness of the world.

I think Moxie agrees...


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December 1, 2011

Somebody didn't want to wake up this morning...


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moxie is a tv watcher just like the sausage
November 28, 2011

I was recently thrilled to learn that Moxie watches television and follows plots just like my sweet Pugsley used to. Originally I had thought with only one eye she may not be able to see animals on TV, but she does!!

Here she is watching Marmaduke :)


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Moxie Update
November 23, 2011

Thanks to ETBP for reminding me that in my internet-less haze I completely forgot to update you on Moxie's biopsy results. Shame on me!

The bumps in between her toes were just viral papillomas. Basically canine warts that younger dogs with immature immune systems can sometimes get. Nothing to worry about. They have already gone away!



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proof that i'm still alive
November 21, 2011

Still no Internet connection at home.

It seems my wireless router and modem both blew in the storm...(note to self - purchase surge protectors) waiting on replacements, in the meantime here is proof that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!


In a way it's been kind of liberating to not be a slave to the computer these last couple of weeks.. I have been enjoying some fun fall offline activities. Like nature hikes and outings with the dogs and saw Breaking Dawn this weekend which was awesome..

Hope to be back online soon though :)

Happy thanksgiving to all if I am not back before then.

Gobble Gobble says Moxie the one eyed pug.

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November 15, 2011

Sorry for the lack of postings lately. While my power has been restored, my cable Internet still has not. That makes blogging hard so I'm limited to quick mobile posts for now.. Hope to be back up online soon!!

In the meantime I give you this important update.....

We have a little snaggle tooth beginning to emerge :)


All hail the snaggle!!

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November 2, 2011

Hello All - wanted to give you a quick update after getting slammed pretty hard by the nor'Easter here this weekend.

I had trees take down live wires that are now touching my house and the metal dog kennel fencing. We had to evacuate for safety and have no current ETA on when CL&P will be able to fix.

Moxie had her surgery the day of the storm and came through like a champ. It took 2 hours to drive her home in the storm on what is a typical 10 minute drive to the animal hospital.

Noway I was leaving her there alone though in a cold dark scary place because they lost power too right after her surgery!!

Within of few hours of getting her home - the little minx ripped open her stitches by pawing at the gate where I had her sequestered to use wee wee pads since her foot cannot get wet for 10 days until the stitches get out!!

Moxie has torn off her bandages which I've been fashioning out of gauze, medical tape, and baby socks no less than 15 times..She has been pretty unruly as we've been displaced and she is trying to heal. The pathology report is also delayed due to the lab losing power so still have no idea what we're dealing with. Just in survival mode at the minute..

Mox has been taking it all in stride...Mama, not so much.

Sorry if I'm not responding to your emails or texts - my cell phone is spotty and battery keeps losing it's charge!!

Will update more when I'm able. In the meantime here are some pics from the last 5 days.







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Starfest Dog Walk and Fall Festival
October 8, 2011

Moxie and I met Nick Batso this weekend, one of the guys from the National Geographic show "Rescue Ink"!

Nick was one of the celebrities on hand at the Starfest Dog Walk and Fall Festival to benefit animals in Stratford, CT.


It was Moxie's first official Curly Tail event! She enjoyed all the attention and did a great job representing the rescue!


Oliver, Moxie, Bella, and Chloe working the pen @ our booth, educating people about the pug breed and rescue.

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Moxie Sox
September 15, 2011

This morning I had to pull a piece of toy string out of Moxie's butt.

Good thing she's so cute!!


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mama's litle helper
September 12, 2011

Moxie was a good little helper this weekend, I had lots of work to do coding the curly tail calender contest web pages..... and in her own little way, she helped me work on it too. That is if you count chin resting on my lap the whole time because I wouldn't play with her, work :) a very typical pug alright.


In other news, she had her first vet check up and is recovering well from the parasites that she got at the shelter. Everything else looks healthy and great!

I am sure Pugsley, Plummy, and baby Norman are looking down from puggy heaven, making sure Moxie stays good and healthy for me.

The vet estimates she just is 6-9 months old. Awwwww puppy!!

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niece and nephew adorableness
August 30, 2011

the cute gene multiplies....


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sushi coma
August 2, 2011

My lunch today was a thing of beauty....

....and it tasted even better than it looked...

Pan seared sesame tuna w. sliced mango, cilantro & spicy thai sauce on the side.


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flock of seagulls turkeys
August 1, 2011

I've been living on the pug farm for just over a year now and one of the things I love most about my house and land is the wildlife..I live in a pretty unspoiled section north of the town and I'm often treated to a variety of animal visitors: Bear, deer, red fox, coyote, birds of all kind and raptors too: hawks, owls, etc. Luckily I haven't seen any snakes yet because then I may have to move.

The wild turkeys are one of my favorites. They are creatures of habit and routine. Just like clockwork each time I mow the lawn, they come flocking in to eat all of the fresh bugs I've churned up in the grass and they linger around for days. I come home from work and there they are in my driveway or strutting through my back yard. I love it too because they eat all of the mosquitoes, ticks, and flies!

Usually I'm too slow on the camera, but this weekend I managed to get a shot of my gobblers..the babies are really cute.


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Life Lessons from Joshua
July 7, 2011

Never get too serious to enjoy childish delights...

Ride piggy back, climb trees, make mudpies, jump in puddles, frolic in the water, swing on monkey bars, go on worm hunts, lie in the grass, dream big, build a fort, run barefoot, slay dragons, play in the rain, lick the bowl, reach for the stars, imagine, tread gently, sleep soundly, believe that you actually ARE a super hero......

Thanks to my sweet little nephew Joshua for reminding me of these important life lessons everyday.



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ah, summer..
July 5, 2011


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March 17, 2011


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stockings hung by the chimney with care...
December 5, 2010


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April 11, 2010

I spent the better part of the weekend packing. Even though I have 2 more weeks to go I definitely don't want to wait until the last minute. My plan is to tackle one room at time... packing up everything I can live without for now, leaving behind only the big furniture items that require heavy man-sweat and labor.

Thumbnail image for plumbox.jpgPlummy started looking very concerned when she saw the entire contents of the living room being loaded up into boxes and moved out into the garage. She kept coming over to poke her head in each box, then going over to sniff the toy basket to make sure I hadn't forgotten any of her things.

And to think this time last year she was down and out in the pits of animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment... and now how she has blossomed into the spoiled rotten pug that she was always meant to be.

Oh how I will love seeing my Plummy relish her new role as Queen of the pug farm.

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the heat has ended
March 16, 2010

Thank God my sweet little innocent girl is slowly returning back to her normal angelic self.
Ok maybe angelic is an overstatement but after living through the past 3 weeks of doggy hormonal hell I certainly do appreciate her non heat behavior more.

Now I have a long reprieve for another 8-12 months before I have to go through it all over again.

I told Purdy if she doesn't learn how to wear the doggy diaper before her next cycle, I will send her out to live in the horse barn for 21 days!!

Of course I wouldn't really......but SHE doesn't have to know that.


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March 10, 2010

the flamingo has landed...

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no lo parar estrus
March 1, 2010

translation = the heat won't stop

Ok not to be gross or all TMI...but exactly how long is the bleeding phase of a female dog's heat supposed to last? We are going on day 8 with no sign of it slowing down here. She bleeds more than I do for pity sake and she only weighs 17 lbs..

I'm getting tired of giving baths, washing blankets and cleaning up spots on the floor. And I have white couches!!

I attempted to hold her down with the assistance of a 200lb man trying to strap on a $12.99 per package doggy diaper and she nearly took our hands off with the all of 5 teeth she has left in her mouth..... and the friggin' thing slid right off her ass anyway..

Not to mention the doggy mood swings.


Not to mention we are both pms'ing at the same time.

I just read online that some dogs can bleed the entire 21 days of the heat cycle...I have a feeling Purdy may be one of those.

I was sick with food poisoning the other night laid out on the bathroom floor in the fetal position and instead of barking for help or something to that affect she plopped her rear end down next to my head and starting licking herself.

Someone, please tell me it will be over soon.

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I liked the donkey
January 25, 2010

My Realtor took me to see a ton of houses this weekend. I'm starting to get discouraged that I'm not finding anything in my price range I actually like or could see myself living in.

One of the houses was so bad there was literally only one thing that I liked about it - the neighbor's Donkey.
He was extremely cute, just hanging out in the front yard grazing.

My first thought was at least I wouldn't have to mow the lawn with him around.

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how do you kill 2 hours on the train?
November 3, 2009

It's easy with an iPhone and the free app that plays all my favorite retro tv shows.

The only question is: Love Boat, Facts of Life, Star Trek, or Gilligan's Island?



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daylight savings
November 2, 2009

I am so not digging the daylight savings time change today. While I gained an hour sleep this weekend I paid for it when I looked out the window at 4:30 and it was almost completely dark. Gah.


I would gladly give back the extra hour's sleep if I didn't have to drive home in the pitch black dodging deer and other night creatures on the rut.

On a side note I love the way the reflection of my pug painting in the window makes it look like there is a blue pug floating in the sky...

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there are few things in life that give me as much joy as silky pug rolls...
October 22, 2009

And my rescue pug Plum has a lot of them....


She might be part Shar Pei.

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