Happy Holidays from the Pug Farm
December 17, 2012


Just a reminder that you can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moxiethepug

God Bless the families in Newtown and the 27 angels who lost their lives to this senesless tragedy.

For the first year ever we are not having an Xmas tree or decorating. Instead we will honor their memory with our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.


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Ok so I have officially become a blog slacker..
October 6, 2012

I'm sorry to say I just don't have much time these days to keep the blog updated regularly along with all of my other social media updates..at this point I use it more for archive purposes than anything else.

But fear not!! Moxie has a new Facebook fanpage that you are invited to join. Just click the link and give her a "Like" "https://www.facebook.com/moxiethepug

She wants you to, really!!


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September 4, 2012

We celebrated Moxie's "Gotchya" Day this weekend with a trip to the "Barkery" for some special toys and treats in honor of her adoption anniversary!! I am a little sad that I will never know Mox's actual birthday being a shelter dog and all, but at least we can celebrate the first day in her new spoiled life as Queen of the pug farm.

Thumbnail image for babagotchya850.jpg


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Bone in the USA
July 2, 2012

Moxie says, Celebrate your Independence!!
Have a happy and safe 4th!!


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opposites attract, or not
June 15, 2012

I love how Didi just looks at Moxie like she is a lunatic.

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May 4, 2012

So I called the animal shelter where Moxie came from to find out more about her background. I thought it might help explain some of her quirky behaviors. I learned that she was not dropped off at the shelter as I had previously thought - no, instead she was found roaming the streets of South Central Pennsylvania by an animal control officer.

*Baba today

Poor Baba (her latest nickname) who was only appx 6 months old at the time, had the badly infected eye ulcer, only weighed 5 lbs! and the poor dear had 104 temperature upon intake.

*This was an early picture of Baba when I first got her, you can see how underweight she was..
Now I understand why she is constantly vacuuming the floor for any little crumb and why she always eats like she is starving, even if she just ate.

It explains why she is so scrappy and feisty, but also so sweet and loving at the same time.

It also explains why she seems slightly detached and independent at times.

The poor baby was a street dog hunting for food, not knowing when or where her next meal would come from :(

Of course I will never know the circumstances that led her to being homeless on the streets...

Was she let off the leash and escaped?

Was she abandoned by her owners who decided they couldn't afford to treat her eye so they let her loose?

Did she run away from home with a little stick and white bag thrown over her shoulder setting out on a mission to find a proper mama (aka me) who could take care of her the way she needed to be taken care of?

My fantasy mind likes to conjure up images of the latter.

The shelter folks, and the rescue org that pulled her from the shelter both feel that her eye injury occurred before she was homeless and that her former owners could not or did not want to pay for medical treatment so they removed her from the home. In what way, God only knows.

Now that I know this new information, I can only think she was very lucky to not have died from starvation or dehydration on the streets.

Lucky she didn't get hit by a car or attacked by another animal while she was sick and hungry and homeless.

Lucky she didn't get impregnated by another stray dog running lose in the streets.

Lucky she didn't get picked up by some thugs and used for who knows what purpose.

I find it amazing that of all her possible fates, she found her way to me instead! 4 states away!

My poor Baba.

I am holding her extra tight tonight, and every night.

I love her even more now that I know of her struggles.

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cuteness to the tenth power
April 15, 2012

I swear she just keeps getting cuter by the day....


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silly girl
March 30, 2012

I don't know what Mox is trying to imitate here but my guess is:

1. French Bulldog
2. Yoda
3. Fruit Bat


You decide.

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March 15, 2012

If all goes well for Sophia her adoption will be finalized this weekend. Mox is going to miss her when she goes. They have become quite the buddies. Cuddling and playing, and generally getting into mischief with one another.


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my girl
February 21, 2012


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staring at birds
February 6, 2012


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monday moxie
January 30, 2012

Moxie is afraid to go down the stairs into the basement. It's funny because she is so aggressive and fearless in most other ways but when it comes to walking outside when it's cold or wet....or venturing down into the dark basement she freezes and acts like a scardy-cat.

This picture, from this angle also demonstrates the "few extra pounds" she has put on this winter...

she is looking more "bulldoggish" by the day..


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doggy diet update
January 26, 2012

Moxie is not happy with her decreased food rations that the vet suggested.

She has definitely noticed a difference from the ½ a cup I used to give her to the 1/3 of a cup that they told me to give her.

The poor thing looks up at me all distraught like, "Whaaaa?" this is all I get? Did I do something wrong?

That is pretty heartbreaking for a pug owner to see.

Out of retaliation or sheer hunger (I can't decide which) she has taken to eating her wicker bed. She has been pooping out long sharp pieces of wicker and I have decided that it's probably healthier for her to be a pound or two overweight than it is for her to eat furniture.

So what if she is a pear shaped pug, and a little thick in the booty..


What I don't need is for her to eat something like sharp wicker that cuts her insides all up and could damage her intestines.

So now I have gone back to giving her ½ cup in the am and ½ cup in the pm with a tablespoon of wet added in so she thinks she is getting a little something extra.

She is enjoying carrots and green beans for healthy treats.

I guess the moral of the story is you can't always listen to what the vet's say, because like people each dog has their own unique set of circumstances and needs..

Instead I am going to work on finding her balance. Maybe it will be to exercise her more when the weather allows and just know that she will carry a little extra weight this time of year.

After all, she is a healthy growing puglet.... and don't we all carry a few extra pounds in the winter?

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wintertime snuggles
January 25, 2012

As the winter rolls on it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave my warm little cocoon of black fur and pug smells each morning to venture out into the coldness of the world.

I think Moxie agrees...


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Daily dose of Moxie cuteness
January 23, 2012


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pug eyes
January 20, 2012

This was Moxie's Petfinder profile picture when I adopted her.


As you can see, her left eye hadn't been removed yet though it is noticeably cloudy and ulcerated. I don't know much about Moxie's past before I adopted her, but I do know this could have been prevented and her eye could have been saved..

We suspect her previous owners never treated her eye injury, perhaps because they couldn't afford it or maybe didn't care.

For all I know she could have been a stray and the injury occurred while she was wandering the streets alone, in search of food which would also explain why she is in a constant state of hunger at all times!

Whatever events led to it, she was abandoned and somehow found her way to the animal shelter with a bleeding ruptured eye which by that point had sustained so much damage, there was zero vision left in it. The only thing for the rescue vet to do at that point was to remove it completely.

I try to use this blog for good and to raise awareness of important issues. My hope for this article is that it saves just one pug's eye! That alone would make my last 8 years of blogging worth it.

I hope Moxie's story serves as an important reminder to all pug owners to please take emphatic care of your pugs eyes and watch them like hawks.

Please know that the slightest scratch from the family cat or bump from playing too rough, or even a pug's own eyelashes or nasal fold hairs poking into the protruding pug's eye can cause corneal ulcers, leading to serious damage beyond repair..

It doesn't even have to be injured it could be a result of dry eye - or entropion, chronic conditions that many pugs face.

The key to saving a delicate pug's eye in all of these situations is always time. Time is of the essence when it comes to pug eye injuries.

If you know or suspect your pug's eye may be injured or see any sign of cloudiness or redness or anything looking askew - please do not delay. Take your pug to the vet immediately.

If you fear that you cannot afford medical treatment, you can talk to your vet about making payment arrangements. Many vets will work with you to come up with a payment schedule.

If this is not an option, please contact your local pug rescue organization for assistance. There is one in every state. If your state is not listed here, you can go to Google and type in "pug rescue [NAME OF STATE]" to locate the one nearest you.

Eye injuries and or eye illness caught early enough can be successfully treated and repaired.

Of course, it doesn't matter to me how Moxie looks now, only that she is happy and healthy, which she is. I love her just the same and all the more for what she has had to endure and how she has taken it all in stride.

It is a lesson in adaptation, ego, and vanity that we humans could all learn from.

As far as I'm concerned she is perfect and beautiful just the way she is now.

At the same time though - I would be lying if I said I didn't look at this picture from time to time and feel a bit sad for what could have been, because it was't fair to her!!

Please take good care of your pug's eyes....keep them healthy and free from injury.

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doggy diet
January 17, 2012

Since adopting Mox in September just 4 months ago she has gone from 10lbs to 18 lbs.

Now mind you she is at that age somewhere between juvenile puppy and young adult dog so a growth spurt during this time is not unreasonable.

Also keeping in mind when I got her she was full of parasites and it took a bit to get them out of her system.

moxteeth.JPGI am concerned however that there may be something wrong, only because she seems to be in a constant state of hunger. After I feed her, she immediately runs to the other dog's bowl to try to steal some of his food.

She is always hungry! Before meals, during meals, after meals, and all times in between she exhibits what I would call "vacuum behavior" where she roots around the floors of the house for great lengths of time looking for one little crumb of anything to scarf up. She even does this outside, unfortunately eating any poop she can find.

All of this and she is STILL hungry.

I get the idea that if I were to feed her twenty times a day, she would literally eat twenty times a day.

But with the rapid weight gain now being a concern, feeding her more isn't an option. It's not that she isn't getting adequate nutrients that she needs. She gets ½ a cup of food in the AM and ½ a cup in the PM with a squirt of Grizzly Salmon oil and treats in between. This should be plenty for a pug of her stature.

I took Mox to the vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong. They don't think so. They think this is just her personality: Greedy and gluttoness.They do want her to lose a few pounds, getting back down to a target weight of 15lbs.


Unfortunately that means I have to limit her daily ration to only 1/3 cup in the AM and 1/3 a cup in the PM. This is making an already ravenous pug all the more ravenous!

Now her unsatiated hunger has really gotten out of control.

Over the weekend she started eating pieces off of her wicker bed...she's eating even more bad things outside - she literally tried trotting inside the house with a poopsicle dangling from her mouth the other day....AND she stole some mango slices I had sitting on the nightstand!!

I'm not sure what to do. I want to follow the vet's advice because I don't want her to become obese and end up with heart, breathing, back, hip, or leg issues, or stress on any joints....I want her to live an optimal healthy long and comfy life!

BUT the constant state of hunger and deprivation she seems to be in stresses us both out.

I'm going to start giving her some healthy treats like carrots and green beans as "filler" that should help her feel more full without any additional calories..

Mox doesn't look fat in photos by any means but she is definitely carrying more weight than she needs to around her mid section (aren't we all!) and some extra rolls on her booty have led to a noticeable dimple on her backside that would not be there if she was normal weight for her size. She is also busting out of her size medium puppia harness and the bands are already maxed out to the largest setting.

In addition to that, more than one person who has come to visit after not seeing her in a month or two have let out plausible gasps at her how her appearance has changed over a short period of time! Going as far as calling her "tubby". That is what led me to seek out advice from the vet.

The little vixen doesn't have a lot of weight to lose, just 2lbs. But to a food obssesed pug, that seems like the world.

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Happy New Year
January 3, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful new year!!

I am not one for making futile NYE resolutions but one resolution I know that I CAN keep is not taking for granted all of the Moxie cuteness I have to look forward to throughout the year!!

Moxie wearing her new camo harness...

Chilling in her new bathrobe...

Being a big sleepyhead...

and on and on and on.........

I don't mind telling you, I am in pug heaven with this one eyed, black, shiny little puggy-minx.

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Dear Santa, I have been naughty and nice this year.....
December 12, 2011

But I would still like some new toys and treats anyway!




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December 7, 2011

So it appears my computer got completely fried during the storm. It has no power supply to even turn on. This is the reason for my lack of posts lately. I don't really have the cash to purchase a whole new system right now, so I'm working on some other creative solutions.

In the meantime all I can offer you is cute Moxie cell phone pics and videos..

Here is a good one of her tormenting Angelo the puggle. She doesn't give the poor Schmoopie a minute's rest.

I'll post more pics and videos soon!

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December 1, 2011

Somebody didn't want to wake up this morning...


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moxie is a tv watcher just like the sausage
November 28, 2011

I was recently thrilled to learn that Moxie watches television and follows plots just like my sweet Pugsley used to. Originally I had thought with only one eye she may not be able to see animals on TV, but she does!!

Here she is watching Marmaduke :)


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Moxie got boo boo's
October 27, 2011

I need to ask for some good doggy vibes and prayers for my sweet little Moxie socks.

Out of nowhere these horrible looking red cyst type lumps have appeared between the webbing of her toes, on both paws. It's really weird because the bumps are not smooth or symmetrical. They are misshapen and kind of odd looking.

Unfortunately she is too wild and squirmy to let the Dr. get a needle biopsy or scraping of the tissue, so now she has to be put under for surgery on Saturday. It is always a risk when pugs have to undergo anesthesia due to their challenged respiratory systems.

Please send some prayers for Moxie that she has a clean biopsy and procedure.

Mama will be a bundle of nerves until she comes out of her sedation, and until we get the pathology report!



p.s. Sorry the pictures are so dark..I need to upgrade to an 1Phone 4 stat.

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Just another heart in need of rescue
October 11, 2011


Moxie has Pugsleys chicken legs in the back and Plummy's out turned elbows in the front, and her feet are webbed like Plummy's too.

Her antics remind of the Sausage in his younger days and she has an old soul quality about her like Pugsley did too.

Yet.... she has distinctly "girl pug" mannerisms at the same time.

And her pink puppy belly reminds me so much of baby Norman's.

She seems to possess the best qualities of all my beloveds who have come before her.

Of course she has a unique little personality all of her own, and I am enjoying the process of watching it unfold everyday as she starts to feel more comfortable and let her true self show through.

Mox has been with me just over 1 month now and here is what I know about my sweet girl thus far.

She's got that wild puppy brain and energy. And then add the crazy black pug gene to the mix and what you have is like a breed within the breed.

Because she's a rescue though and has been through trying times, she also has a real sweet and laid back side.

Rescue dogs always seem to share this trait. You can see it in their eyes - the way they knowingly look at you when you're sad, rush to your face to lick away falling tears, and bark to protect you when something sounds amiss.

Every time you take them for a ride in the car there's that apprehensive look with ears laid back which seem to say, "Are you going to take me somewhere else and leave me now?"

It breaks my heart to think of her being scared and insecure. To think of how much she's been moved around already and had to overcome in her young life.

I just want her to feel happy and safe with me always.

Each day she gets more used to our routine. She's stopped bumping into the walls and she's started claiming her little places in the house.

Her new thing is whenever I'm cooking and busy prepping food or doing dishes, she likes to hang out under the kitchen Island. Like everything else she does, it's incredibly cute and endearing!

On a daily basis she empties her toy box which consists of no less than 20 stuffed animals that used to belong to the Sausage, and are now getting more play than they have seen in the last 6 years.

She is truly a toy-playing and bone-chewing machine. I find myself tripping over toys and sliding across the hardwood floors on nylabones as a regular occurrence.

When she wakes in the morning she doesn't bark to go outside or run to her food bowl to eat - she runs first to her toys and will happily amuse herself with them until I'm ready to get out of bed.

When I come home from work after a long day and she's been a good girl, holding it in all day - the first thing she does is greet me like she hasn't seen me in a year and then immediately starts playing with toys.

It's to the point where I have to hide her toys when I open the door to let her out because she will try dragging them all outside and play some more before she even has to empty her full bladder.

When toys become boring she reaches for my hands. I've tried to be consistent in breaking her of her mouthing but sometimes I give in and just let her have my hand because I know she's teething and I want her to have her way. She doesn't bite down or hurt; she just wants to have my hand in her mouth, for comfort I think.

Lately she has become obsessed with my belly button. When I'm getting dressed in the morning and my clothes are laid out on the bed and I'm leaning up against the side - she puts her two paws up on my hips and she sniffs my stomach and licks my belly button a time or two. Don't ask me why.

She is still too much of a squirming, writhing ADD puppy to enjoy a nice calm belly rub. When she's on her back and I try giving her belly scritches she tries to grab my fingers...when that fails she will put her hind feet in her mouth and start chewing those instead!

Recently she has begun getting into a little bit of mischief, I think she was waiting on her best behavior to make sure and now she senses that she has me wrapped around her curly tail, so she thinks it's ok...

In the past few days alone she has stolen my socks, pony tail holders, and hair clips. Jumped onto the kitchen table and bay window knocking over pictures frames.....peed on my yoga mat while I was mid elliptical machine session, tried stealing precious things off my meditation table ..and her new thing is she tries eating rocks and wild mushrooms every time I take her outside.

When she is feeling especially playful with pent up energy, she does pugtona laps around the bed, couch, and house at 50mph. stopping to spin and dig wildly at the ground before taking off for more laps, which always makes me laugh.

I could eat her up I love her so.

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September 29, 2011

It's been a long time since I've been able to torture my dogs with Halloween costumes and the like. Poor Plummy couldn't tolerate them because of her itchy skin ailments. The Sausage on the other hand LOVED Halloween and wearing any humiliating garb as long as it involved getting treats in return....I think Miss Moxie is going to be the same way!




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Moxie Sox
September 15, 2011

This morning I had to pull a piece of toy string out of Moxie's butt.

Good thing she's so cute!!


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foxy moxie
September 8, 2011

Had a big scare with Moxie last night....I went out to grab something in my car for a quick minute and let her join me round dusk off the leash thinking she would do a quick pee and come right back in.


Before I knew it she had dashed off under the horse paddock and took off running to the barn, near the property line. Each time I came towards her she thought I was playing a game and she would run the other way, fast!!

She had me running all over my 3 acre piece of land trying to coax her to come to me.
I started to panic thinking if she went off my property line behind the barn and into the woods, she would be lost and I would never find her. She would probably get eaten by the neighborhood coyote or bear or find her way to the road and get hit by a car..

Next thing I know, it was almost completely dark outside and I could barely see her because she is black as night.

I was screaming out her name in every which way (the neighbors must have thought I lost my mind) but she doesn't even know her name yet so that was useless!!

I tried kicking a ball towards the house thinking she would chase it, but she didn't..

Finally I stopped chasing her and she just decided to make a bee line for the back door, thank God!! I was never so glad to get a dog inside the house...

I don't think I talked to her for a whole half an hour after that episode..it took me that long to be able to breathe again.

Lesson learned and totally my own dumb fault. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I know better than to ever let a dog off the leash, especially a young one that doesn't know how to come when called and still thinks chase is a big game.

Here I preach to people as an animal advocate on a regular basis about the dangers of letting your dog unleashed even on your own property, and I was the fool this time. I almost lost her for good.

It's been a long time since I've had a puppy but I still know better and was so mad at myself for doing such a dumb thing.

Never, Never again. It's leash and harnessville until she is of geriatric age and I can outrun her.

In other news, I just got Moxie's fecal back and she tested positive for girardia and coccidia. Ugh! I am assuming she picked the parasites up at the shelter.

She has that same scary diarrhea that my baby Norman had before he died from the parvo virus..and I don't have to tell you I have been a nervous wreck about that.

We are starting her on meds stat!!

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Hi Smooshy Face!
September 7, 2011


We have only known each other for 5 days so far but I've already made some interesting observations about my new pugaletta.

First, she is the perfect combination of sweet and saucy.

Everyone warned me that black pugs, especially females can be really wild and crazy but so far what I see is just normal young pug puppy energy. She does like to play hard and play often, and she does put other dogs in their place letting them know who is in charge...but usually only when provoked.

She doesn't tolerate any humping from Angelo for instance, and has already let him know on several occasions that it's not ok.

What I love about her is for all of her sassy girl ways she can also be very chill and laid back. She appreciates just as many quiet easy going, lie down next to mamma and be lovey and gentle times.

Moxie has the softest silkiest coat of fur I have ever felt on an animal. And I haven't even started her on the grizzly salmon oil yet! I imagine she will be slick as a baby seal once I start adding a squirt of those Omega 3's into her food every day.

Black pugs don't seem to shed as much from what I can tell, it's nice to be able to wear black clothes again!

Being that she is still in the puppy phase, and I suspect Moxie is still teething, she does have a problem being a little mouthy and we're working on that.

Each time she tries to bite my fingers thinking they are her own personal chew toy I do one of the following:

Replace my fingers with a bone so she gets that toys are for chewing, people fingers are not.


Squeal like she hurt me and then take away playtime, because this is how dogs learn from their littermates when playing is too rough. Eventually they learn that if you want to play you have to play nice, with boundaries or you don't get played with at all.

Like most typical pugs, Moxie doesn't like the rain or stepping on wet grass. This has made our constitutional walks tricky the past few days, but she is slowly getting the hang of it.

Yesterday I had to leave her alone for the first time when I went to work. I left her in the dog / laundry room and when I came home I noticed some paint had been scratched off the double dutch door. She must have pawed at it for a while after I left. :(


Other than that she was very good girl and didn't do anything wrong. She is into all of Pugsley's old toys and Plummy's old beds, which totally warms my heart because they had sat empty for so long.. Today I left the radio on for her and I'm thinking of reinstalling the pug cams so I can keep an eye on things when I'm not home.

And did I mention the pug smells? Oh....the smooshy faced pug smells!! I am back in heaven again.

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My Moxie
September 6, 2011

mox·ie [mok-see] n. Slang

1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
2. vigor; verve; pep.
3. Aggressive energy; initiative: " The girl has moxie , you gotta give her that."

Introducing...my new little sweatheart!


"Sarah" as the shelter workers named her, was abandoned outside of an animal shelter in the middle of the night, presummably by her former owners.

Both of her eyes were infected, inlflammed, and bleeding and she had a temperature of 104. Poor Sarah must have been very confused about where she was and why she was forced to leave the only home and people she had probably ever known, and scared to be left outside in the cold half blind and in a lot of pain.

Despite the poor condition they found her in, Sarah was a little trooper and displayed nothing but a very positive, bubbly and courageous attitude through her ordeal.

Luckily a rescue organization intervened - pulled Sarah from the shelter and got her prompt medical attention for her eyes.

Sarah was diagnosed with a severe corneal ulceration in her left eye, most likely from an injury that was never treated. The vet determined that Sarah had zero vision in her infected left eye so the best course of action was to have it surgically removed. Fortunately,
Sarah still had full vision in her right eye and they were able to save that one in time.

While she is still adjusting to her new monocular world, Sarah is a perfectly normal, healthy and happy spirited young pug in every other way. She does not let her circumstances or the fact that she only has one eye bring her down in the slightest.

And I didn't let it I stop me from adopting her and giving her a forever home and a forever place in my heart.

Because of her strong pug will and courageousness, I have decided to name her "Moxie". Cause, she has a lot of it.

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