I still love you
October 3, 2011

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hurricane irene update
August 30, 2011

Thanks to those of you who asked, I am ok! But day 3 of no power on the pug farm.
Am just glad there was no damage to the house or property though.

Gotta look to the positives in these situations..so here is my Hurricane Irene anthem!
This song makes me want to skip around and dance :)

"I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone
I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song"

Hope all of my fellow east coasters are safe and unscathed too.. If you have a minute drop a comment here and let me know!

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sex and candy
July 5, 2011

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Listening to....
June 22, 2011

perfect cd selection for a dark rainy hump day..

Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions


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Songs That Save
June 21, 2011

Hey fellow dog lovers! I am happy to announce that for a limited time only we are selling the Curly Tail "Songs that Save" CD Rescue Remix for just $9.99 + s/h!

Brought to you by Curly's miracle puppies: Sophia, Butter, and Flannery!

This is a super fun way to donate to our pugs in need and receive our Limited Edition Curly Tail music CD containing 20 all dog / rescue themed songs!


Track # 1 "I Will Survive" - "extended version as sung by Frank the Pug" from the Men In Black film!!

Track # 18 "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson - Sophia's Personal Theme Song

and much, much more!!



Click here to go to iTunes and preview all of the songs! http://c.itunes.apple.com/us/imix/curly-tails-rescue-remix/id440373643

100% of the proceeds go directly to benefit our rescue pugs!
Click the Buy Now button below to order yours today!!

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songs that save
May 26, 2011

Fellow dog lovers - I am excited to announce a little project I have been working on for about a year now is finally done and ready for public consumption!

The official Curly Tail's Rescue Remix - "SONGS THAT SAVE" CD is complete and ready to ship out!

We are running a contest that starts today and will run for 2 weeks.

All of the songs are dog / rescue themed!

All proceeds from the donations will go directly to our Curly Tail Pug Rescue pugs in need!.

5 lucky winners will be chosen from a raffle drawing. Simply make a donation in any amount and each $1.00 of your donation will count as 1 raffle ticket.

Click the Donate button to enter today!!

You can preview the songs on my iTunes account here: http://c.itunes.apple.com/us/imix/curly-tails-rescue-remix/id440373643

cd artwork: front cover and track list insert:


Visit the Curly Tail website for a full list of contest details!!

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I stil love eddie vedder

I don't care if he is a commie.

And I LOVE this song. it's an older one but it's at the top of my playlist right now. You might recognize it from the Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack, or the Dead Man Walking soundtrack.

In the early 90's I wanted to pack up my life and move to Seattle just so I could wear flannel, be a grunge chick and follow Eddie everywhere.

Of course I didn't, but I wanted to really bad.

"We all walk the long road"

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Rolling in the deep
May 17, 2011

I just recently discovered Adele. I know I'm late to the bandwagon because she's been around for a while, but damn. She is so awesome and I love this song!!

Now in case you haven't heard of her either, let me be the one to introduce you.

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November 24, 2010

Today is the 19th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death. He would have been 64 years old this year, and I'm sure still singing his heart out - seducing the audience with his massive stage presence.

Rest in peace Freddie, you will always be the king.

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is this the real life?
September 17, 2010

I just learned that Sasha Baron Cohen has landed the role of Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic about Queen. And I have mixed emotions. I'm just not a big fan of his films. The characters he plays just are not my cup of tea. So it's hard to make that leap in my mind.


When I first think of Sasha, I think of clown. And when I first think of Freddie I think of musical icon, genius. How could this possibly work?

The screenplay is by Peter Morgan, the "Frost/Nixon" playwright and writer of historical films like "The Queen" and "The Last King of Scotland." The film's producers include Tribeca Productions (Robert De niro's co.) and Queen Films.

It does make me feel better to know that Brian May and the surviving members of Queen are behind the film, and I believe they would not allow Freddie to be portrayed in unfair or inaccurate manner.

For now I am giving Sasha B.C. the benefit of the doubt because he is after all an actor, and all those ridiculous movies he's made like Borat are not really him, but him portraying a character. I just hope he can do Freddie justice.

The physical resemblance is there. But Sasha will definitely need a mouth piece, some fake teeth, an eyebrow wax, and perhaps a prosthetic nose. He will of course need to grow a mustache and I would imagine he will also have to work with a voice coach to get Freddie's toothy lisp down. I'm not at all concerned with him being able to pull off Freddie's flamboyant stage demeanor and wardrobe, we have already seen him do that.

I'm also assuming he will lip sync the songs because Freddie was the hands down best male vocalist ever. And even if Sasha can pull off his looks, mannerisms, and stage presence there is no way he could sing any of Freddie's songs the way Freddie did.

Still remaining open minded thought because I remember when I first heard Val Kilmer was going to play Jim Morrison in a movie about the Doors, I was outraged...but then after seeing the transformation and how much he put into the role, I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully this will be a similar case. I will reserve my judgment for when the film actually comes out.

I do believe the juxtaposition would have made Freddie happy and amused. He was very much into "camp" and had a great sense of humor so I think in a way, he would be pleased with Sasha as the casting choice to play him.

For the rest of us die-hard Freddie fans, it remains to be seen.

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Gimme Shelter
September 2, 2010

I thought of another song to put on my Pug Rescue Remix CD - Gimme Shelter by the Stones! it works perfectly with the whole "rescue" theme I'm going for.

Also how appropriate for today with Hurricane Earl sweeping in.....

I f*cking LOVE the power of this song. Especially the opening and the refrain.

and I love how Scorsese used it in the Departed.

Happy long holiday weekend!!

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Your help is needed!
August 24, 2010

I am working on a little fundraising item - creating an all dog song themed CD for the pug rescue org. to both play at events and to use as raffle / contest giveaways.

My goal was to have about 17 songs to fill up the CD but the problem is I have only been able to come up with 12.

So I'm hoping my dog loving readers will be able to step in and offer a few suggestions, for the good of the pugs.

The theme of the CD is "Pug Party Rescue Remix" so the songs can't be anything sad or slow or depressing. It Is an adult CD so kiddie songs like "How much is that doggy in the window", etc. won't really work for the format.

We are looking for upbeat songs that are danceable and / or can be rocked out to. The song can be about dogs (or wolves), contain the word dog in it, or better yet if you can hear dogs barking in the song. The song can also just convey the work we do in rescue for the dogs.

Here are the tracks I've chosen so far:

01. I Will Survive - Frank from the Men In Black movie
02. Atomic Dog - George Clinton
03. Who Let the Dogs Out? - Baha Men
04. Woof! There it is! - Shaggy Dog soundtrack
05. Been Caught Stealin' - Jane's Addiction
06. Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
07. Lil' Red Riding Hood - Sam the Sham and the Pharoah's
08. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
09. Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf
10. Every Dog Has his Day - Shaggy Dog Soundtrack
11. It's a Dog - Shaggy Dog Soundtrack
12. Rescue Me - Fontella Bass

C'mon guys I know I am missing some good ones that just aren't coming up in my iTunes search - I just need 5 or so more if you have any to recommend.

I thank you, and the pugs thank you.


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Across the Universe..
August 3, 2010

Sounds of laughter shades of earth
Are ringing through my open mind
Inciting and Inviting me

Limitless undying love
Which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the universe

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In the Flesh
May 3, 2010

I reached that part of the whole packing process where I came to the bottom of the drawer that I haven't look inside for the past 14 years. It was the one where I had all of my old special memories and photographs stowed away for safe keeping: undeveloped film strips from over 2 decades ago that I figured someday I would turn into priceless pictures, heirlooms of loved ones and times gone by; concert tickets, hallmark cards, and love letters (sent and received, some returned after the relationship ended). The thing I find most interesting now reading back through them all was not so much what I wrote to the boy, it was reading my own words and trying to recall where I was in my own mind at that time and reflecting on how I have grown and gained perspective over the years. So much so that it is now difficult to imagine ever having been that other person.

And then the realization that in some ways I am still so much exactly the same, and most likely always will be. Of course I won't share the actual content of the love letters but on the back of this one, as a wee teen I recalled penning down the lyrics to "In The Flesh" off of side 1, track 1 of the Wall.


So the moral of the story is while I have come a long way since then and some things have evolved drastically since my angst ridden teenage years, it was comforting, in a way to see that some things never change. Like my love for Pink Floyd, and my elusive use of classic rock and roll lyrics to deliver passive aggressive messages to the opposite sex.....and then see if they're smart enough to decode them. Rock.

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February 8, 2010

Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care
Leave but don't leave me
Look around and chose your own ground
For long you live and high you fly
And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be
Run, run rabbit run
Dig that hole, forget the sun,
And when at last the work is done
Don't sit down it's time to dig another one
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race towards an early grave.

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I'm so 3008, you're so two-thousand-and-late
February 5, 2010

If only life were as harmonious and danceable as a Black Eyed Peas song.


For a little Boom Boom Pow! Click the big arrow on the pink music player.

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still love tori amos
January 22, 2010

Caught a Lite Sneeze, in the studio, circa 1996. amazing.

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Rick Springfield Supports Curly Tail Pug Rescue!
January 14, 2010

rick springfield.png

Springfield is best known for his now classic #1 song, Jessie's Girl, his role on ABC's drama General Hospital and a twisted version of himself on the Showtime hit series Californication.

gomer_mini.jpgMr. Springfield is a dog lover, supporter of rescue, and Curly Tail in particular! Please visit his website rickspringfield.com to see our web banner there, updates on his dog Gomer & new album.....Venus in Overdrive.

Now sing it all with me....You know I wish that I had Jessie's Girl!!

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Never judge a book by it's cover....
January 6, 2010

What do you get when you pull a homeless man off the street for a random radio promotion? You ask him, "what's your story"? He replies, I'm a musician (everyone chuckles). You hand him a guitar from the studio next door, and tell him to have at it.
This is what you get...

Here is a little back story: On December 11th, 2009 as part of the Opie and Anthony's Sirius XM radio show - they brought this homeless man on - not having any idea that he could sing. It was just going to be a radio bit promoting their upcoming "homeless shopping spree." During the interview it came up that he has written some songs and could play guitar. So they went and got him a guitar (he did not own one himself). He then proceeded to blow everyone away with his unique and amazing rendition of Radiohead's Creep.

Mustard sings with more raw emotion, heart and soul than anything I have heard...kinda reminiscent of Joe Cocker in my opinion.

Just goes to show you never know what is inside someone's heart, what circumstances may have led to their present fate..or what kind of talent they have to express.

It reminds me of a familiar quote, "Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up."

Someone please get this man a record deal!

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January 5, 2010

You say the hill's too steep to climb
You say you'd like to see me try
You pick the place and I'll choose the time
And I'll climb
That hill in my own way.

~Pink Floyd

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If you can't be with the one you love honey, love the one you're with
December 10, 2009

After many years and many life lessons learned, I have finally come to understand the lyrics to this Crosby Stills and Nash song:

If you're down and confused, and you don't remember who you're talkin' to. Concentration slip away, 'cause your baby is so far away.

Don't be angry, don't be sad, and don't sit cryin' over good times you've had. There's a girl right next to you, and she's just waitin' for something to do.

And there's a rose in the fisted glove and the eagle flies with the dove, and if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with, love the one you're with, love the one you're with, love the one you're with.

Dit dit dit dit dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit dit dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit dit dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit, dit dit dit.

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Friday the 13th
November 13, 2009

Spooky. I wonder if anything out of the ordinary will happen today...
If it does I'll be ready for it.

Haven't done a radio blog Friday song in like, for EVER!
Here is my TGIFT13th pick..

"So tonight - Gotta leave that 9 to 5 upon the shelf
and just enjoy yourself
Let the madness and the music get to you
Life aint so bad at all, all all
When you're living off the wall"
~ MJ

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September 14, 2009

What did you think of Janet Jackson's tribute to Michael last night at the VMA's? I thought she did an amazing job.
I liked Madonna's speech beforehand as well.
Here is the clip in case you missed it.

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no surprise
August 28, 2009

I've practiced this for hours, gone round and round
And now I think that I've got it all down
And as I say it louder I love how it sounds
Cause I'm not taking the easy way out
Not wrapping this in ribbons
Shouldn't have to give a reason why...

It's NO SURPRISE I won't be here tomorrow
I can't believe that I stayed till today
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was NO SURPRISE

It came out like a river once I let it out
When I thought that I wouldn't know how
Held onto it forever just pushing it down
Felt so good to let go of it now
Not wrapping this in ribbons
Shouldn't have to give a reason why

It's NO SURPRISE I won't be here tomorrow
I can't believe that I stayed till today
There's nothing here in this heart left to borrow
There's nothing here in this soul left to say
Don't be surprised when we hate this tomorrow
God knows we tried to find an easier way
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was NO SURPRISE

Our favorite place we used to go
The warm embrace that no one knows
The loving look that's left your eyes
That's why this comes as no, as NO SURPRISE

If I could see the future and how this plays out
I bet it's better than where we are now
But after going through this, it's easier to see the reason why

It's NO SURPRISE I won't be here tomorrow
I can't believe that I stayed till today
Yeah you and I will be a tough act to follow
But I know in time we'll find this was NO SURPRISE

The kiss goodnight, it comes with me
Both wrong and right, our memories
The whispering before we sleep, just one more thing that you can't keep
Our favorite place we used to go
The warm embrace that no one knows
The loving look that's left your eyes
But I know in time we'll find this was NO SURPRISE

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RIP Michael Jackson
June 27, 2009

When I came out of anesthesia and woke up on the gurney, the first thing I heard was one of the nurses say Michael Jackson was dead.
I wondered if I was really awake....those drugs bring on some pretty weird thoughts and dreams. I wanted to ask the recovery nurses among their chatter if it was true.... but the only words I could utter were, "ice chips".

I spent the next 24 hours in a Percocet haze of Fox news coverage and retrospective. And now the whole media frenzy is just getting carried away. I guess you can say a lot of things about MJ.....but you can never take away his talent or contributions to the music industry. From his early Motown days to Thriller, there was nobody better. So sad.... but part of me feels like he was such a tormented soul that its good he is finally at peace.

One thing is for sure, as a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's with the new MTV generation I have a lot of awesome memories to his songs. I prefer to remember him during those simpler times.

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I still love you Freddie
May 18, 2009

Has there ever been a better male vocalist than Freddie Mercury?

My personal opinion is no. I believe he was seriously one of the greatest vocalists in contemporary music. His remarkable voice covered a span of nearly four octave ranges allowing him to sing in both the baritone and tenor.

Simply put Freddie and Queen together were awesome. I caught the Live at Wemblely concert this weekend on the Logo channel and was reminded of just how awesome they were. Watching the performance now is even more moving knowing that Freddie was probably aware of the severity of his illness at the time. He was diagnosed with AIDS in the spring of 1987 and his health began to deteriorate not long after. His death broke the silence surrounding AIDS.

Whatever you feel about Frieddie - you could never deny the power of his voice or his charismatic charm and commanding style.

I have decided that when I am ready for another pug, it will probably be a little black pug and I will name him Freddie.

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love of my life
December 5, 2008

I haven't done a music video in a while, so today I pick one of my favorite bands, Queen. Simply put I think Freddie Mercury was the best male vocalist / performer ever. Every live performance was like a rock opera.

And this is from maybe the best concert ever, Queen Live at Wembley in 1986. It was right before Freddie got sick. Boy do I miss him and wonder what he'd be doing now if he were still alive. I bet Pugsley is hanging out with Freddie at the big Wembley stadium in the sky.

It's a beautiful little song, I hope you like it too.

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Across the universe
October 24, 2008

I wanted to share this with you today. It's one of my favorite songs by the Beatles and it always makes me feel better in trying times. It's funny how a simple song can move you like that. Make you feel all Buddha and Zen like, remind you of the bigger picture.

Of course it makes me think of the Sausage and imagine him somewhere beautiful out there "across the universe"...still thinking of me, the way I still think of him.

"Sounds of laughter, shades of life, are ringing through my open mind inciting and inviting me....Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns and calls me on and on across the universe"

Jai guru deva om
"I give thanks to you, heavenly teacher"

I hope it means something to you too..


Video Closed

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paradise, not for me
September 30, 2008

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first concert poll
September 28, 2008

I was thinking about my first concert in 1985. It was the English rock group known as The Firm, a band comprised of former members of Bad Company and Led Zeppelin.

While the band only put out 2 albums, the first record titled, "the Firm" is still in my Top 20 of all time. I actually still have the original tape cassette in my car. I can even tell you what I wore to the concert - a red and black checkered 80's top with Levi's jeans and black shoes. I wore my hair curly and my bf found a cigarette case on the floor of the stadium that was filled with $50.00, 18 cigarettes and two joints. I was sitting in the 4th row with Jimmy Page directly in front me. What I remember the most about him is how incredibly long and nimble his fingers are and how crazy his eyes, almost like a deep hypnotic purple color.

You might remember this song which was popular back then..

I am curious to know what your first concert experience was. Not the "best" concert you've been to but what was the very "first" plus any memories you want to share. And no cheating if it was some really cheesy band of the times like Milli Vanilli or Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

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Dark Side of Oz
June 24, 2008

Because I'm still in a Pink Floyd state of mind....so the urban legend goes if you start Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album at the same time as you start the Wizard of Oz movie, there are undeniably moments where the film and the album appear to correspond with each other.

Of course this synchronicity is enhanced by ingesting some foreign substances beforehand...or not depending on how trippy you might be naturally.

Here is a little Dark Side of the Rainbow for your hump day.

Do you see it?

One of my all time favorite movies (hello its about a lost little girl and her dog) and one of my favorites albums too.

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my entire life summed up in a U2 song
March 3, 2008

I've been listening to my U2 greatest hits CD and it occurred to me that every major relationship I've had can be summed up in a U2 song. There is some kind of attachment to it. For Pugsley's first Daddy it was "New Years Day". That became our song because our first date was on News Years Eve and our first kiss was at midnight. I know, corny. But it worked for a while. His second Daddy's song was "With or Without You". Every line in the song basically explained the 5 year affair from start to finish. He was Ross, I was Rachel. It was exactly like that only without the happy sitcom ending. The song was so right on though.

Isn't it amazing the way a song can conjure up a feeling that brings us back to that place to that time? Even if you hear the song decades later or are living it in this very moment? The way we are able to attach such vivid memories to a song they can almost hurt. There are some songs I cant even bare to listen to. Like after my grandmother's funeral I heard Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven on a jukebox and to this day I still can't listen to it. Have to change the station when it comes on.

And then there are others I hear that remind me so much of a pleasant moment when I stumble onto a radio station playing it, boom! I'll be in a great mood for the rest of the day.

For my first crush Joe, it was Men Without Hats. The Safety Dance.

I can't really explain why but it might have had something to do with him being a farmer and memories of dancing in the cow pasture (like the guy in the video) with a cheap bottle of Boone's Farm one summer night.


My favorite SL song moment goes to the tune by Julian Lennon called Valotte. She knows what it means.

For Jules it's "Tie Your Mother Down" by Queen because we used to follow a band that played it near the end of their second set just when our buzz was kicking in and we started to dance. Of course we ruled the dance floor..

Anything by the Grateful Dead reminds me of my beautiful hippie friends A and C.

Deep Purple Smoke on the Water is about driving home from the country fair in an orange duster with a crazy driver hitting guard rails.

A lot of my song memories seemed to take place in cars for some reason...

Prince, When Doves Cry makes me think of a white station wagon, bodies piled on top of bodies. Pit stops, grain alcohol and singing on the top of our lungs.

Kansas "Carry On Wayward Son" is a memory of driving to New York State in a blue Chevy Nova for beer after the package stores in CT closed with two boys who I dated (not both at the same time). Loud singing. Good times.

Spandau ballet "True" reminds me of camping in the woods with my best friend, smoking True cigarettes that were lifted from some random adult, flashlights and tent crashers with yellow eyes.

38 Special reminds me of a weekend road trips to Mass and the madness that ensued. amusement parks, motel rooms, Great concert. Young love.

Pugsley has some songs too that make me think of him. Like Hakuna Matata from the Lion King, Chris Daughtry's Home, and Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction because on Saturday mornings I'd listen to it while I cleaned the house and every time without fail in the opening part of the song a dog barks and Pugsley would always bark back at it.

And then there are those songs you used to like but some negative event happens and it forever ruins the song for you. I'm thinking of a time when I went to a Jethro Tull concert with an ex. But not long after that I found him in bed with his ex girlfriend, walked in on the two of them actually..Guess what happens now when I hear any of those songs on the radio? It was not a great loss as it turns out because I would not put Jethro Tull high up on my list of music that I can't live without.

I would venture to say I'm not the only one with entire albums that remind you of certain phases or periods of your life. A few stand outs of mine: Van Halen Diver Down. Pink Floyd the Wall. The Doors first album and an American Prayer. Led Zeppelin 1-4 + Houses of the Holy. Whitesnake. Nirvana Nevermind. Pearl Jam Ten. Tori Amos Little Earthquakes. Johnny Cash reminds me of my Dad because I grew up listening to his old records. And Glenn Miller, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald remind me of my grand parents and their old victrola. And for some reason beef stew. That could be a whole other entry on food memories....

Even me now in my current relationship (the one I'm having with myself) can be summarized in another U2 song. The one entitled "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".

What are some of your favorite song memories?

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Caught a Lite Sneeze, Caught a Lite Breeze
December 3, 2007

It snowed overnight here in the northeast leaving a fresh wintry mix on the roads for my morning commute. Now because I'm crabby BC [Before Coffee] I needed a quick fix in my new echo gloves and Hollister down jacket, in navy. I needed retro comfort in white to go with my blue. Immediately I flung open my center console and reached for my now vintage (scary) but still easily accessible Tori Amos Little Earthquakes CD. And I woke myself up by singing Winter in the only place I dare sing. On the road.

Snow can wait
I forgot my mittens
Wipe my nose
Get my new boots on
I get a little warm in my heart
When I think of winter
I put my hand in my father's glove

I run off where the DRIFTS GET DEEPER
Sleeping beauty trips me with a frown
I hear a voice
"You must learn to stand up for yourself
Cause I can't always be around"

Cut to 9 hours later and I'm driving north in the opposite direction. Away from winter but still in a Tori state of mind when I reached and found....Boys for Pele.

I suppose like everything else I did it a bit backwards. South to Winter, North to Heat. I am slightly dyslexic like that.

Caught a light sneeze, Caught a light breeze caught a light weight lightening seed
Boys on my Left Side, Boys on my Right side, Boys in the middle and you're not here... caught a light sneeze
dreamed a little dream
made my own pretty hate machine

And during Horses and Blood Roses, I was reminded of Christmas trees with sappy pine cones, smoking and laughing fits on the floor with fairies tickling my stomach from the inside out, to the twinkling of lights. I miss that. I miss Tori circa 1996. Icicle, Crucify, Precious Things. Irreverance.

For the same reason I dream in chocolate and I think all chocolate should be dark chocolate. Bitter and raw but satisfying. None of this milk chocolate or white chocolate over processed under simulated nonsense. Same reason why the depraved parts of me look forward to Nip / Tuck on Tuesday nights, Pugsley's bully stick breath, and naked truth. And here is a Tori video because I don't like Mondays either but I do like feisty red heads writhing on a piano bench. It never gets old to me.

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Weird scenes inside the goldmine
September 27, 2007

Dedicated to SDNH

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes...again

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand
In a...desperate land

Lost in a roman...wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west, baby

Ride the snake, ride the snake
To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
The snake is long, seven miles
Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold

The west is the best
The west is the best
Get here, and we'll do the rest

The blue bus is callin' us
The blue bus is callin' us
Driver, where you taken' us?

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die

This is the end

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one for Jim
July 3, 2007

Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day
The day's divinity
First thing you see.
A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by it's quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy
The music and voices are all around us.
Choose they croon the Ancient Ones
The time has come again
Choose now, they croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake
Enter again the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream
Come with us
Everything is broken up and dances.
Indian scattered on Dawns Highway bleeding
Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind
We have assembled inside this ancient and insane theatre
To propagate our lust for our life,
And flee the swarming wisdom of the streets.
The barns have stormed
The windows kept,
And only one of all the rest
To dance and save us
From the divine mockery of words,
Music inflames temperament.
Ooh great creator of being
Grant us one more hour,
To perform our art
And perfect our lives.
We need great golden copulations,
When the true kings murders
Are allowed to roam free,
A thousand magicians arise in the land
Where are the feasts we were promised?
Where is the wine, the new wine, dying on a vine?
On this day in 1971, Jim Morrison was found dead in his bathtub in Paris. If Jim were alive today, he'd be 64 years old. It's hard to imagine someone who died so young, who was so beautiful at his peak, what he'd be like now. A burnt out rock junkie some may say? Maybe. But I don't happen to think so. I like to imagine if Jim were still alive he'd be making films, he'd be involved in the internet somehow. Innovating. Creating. Showing up at the Grammys, receiving lifetime achievement awards and standing ovations. Maybe even an Oscar for a low budget flick that went mainstream. He would have loved that I think.

Call Jim what you will; a reckless drunk, strung out hippie, the Lizard King, a Shaman. god of rock, god of cock, Adonis, Dionysis, the most influential artist of the 20th century...I grew up on the music of the Doors and the poetry of Jim Morrison. An American Prayer, the Lords and New Creatures. The Graveyard Poem, Horse Latitudes, the Soft Parade. As a teenager, I devoured all of his biographies and consumed his favorite authors like milk and bread; the Greeks and the beats. Ginsberg, Rimbaud, Kerouac. And Blake, Yeats, and Nietzsche. I wanted to know what he knew, feel what he felt. Be inspired by what inspired him. The written word. I guess we'll never know what might have been and maybe its better that way. Maybe some lights shine too bright too fast to go on burning forever.

Today, 36 years after the death of Jim Morrison, I'll share with you a few of my favorite selections of Doors songs for your Tuesday listening pleasure. When I hear them now, each one is like a beloved old friend with a special place in my heart. They bring back memories of times and places that are long gone but definately not forgotten.

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a sorta fairytale
June 8, 2007

Here's my pick for Radio Blog Friday, I don't know why I was just thinking of this song today.

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Flashback Friday
May 11, 2007

Remember this one?? A little Rapper's Delight for Radio Blog Friday....

Still makes me want to lace up a pair of Roller Skates!

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An American Poet
April 13, 2007

Jim_Morrison.jpg So I was out to lunch with a friend the other day and over just a little too much white wine and spicy tuna rolls with eel sauce and crunchy tempura flakes, she asked what the saying on the Jim Morrison header means. Wow, it was hard for me to imagine anyone not knowing that line, having been weaned on every lyric to every Doors song and devouring every one of Jim's written and spoken words as a teenager. Not to mention the subject of some of my very earliest erotic thoughts. He was right up there with Captain Kirk from the Star Ship Enterprise and Tarzan slaying jungle predators in his loin cloth. To me, Jim was a true American poet, the fact that he joined a rock band and they made music of it was just an added bonus, a platform for his real work.

Since it occurred to me not everyone is such a Morrison freak as myself, the line comes from the Doors song, The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) from their final album in 1971, L.A. Woman. And if you feel so inclined to listen as you read, just click on the radioblog arrow below:

I wanna tell you 'bout Texas Radio and the Big Beat
Comes out of the Virginia swamps
Cool and slow with plenty of precision
With a back beat narrow and hard to master

Some call it heavenly in it's brilliance
Others, mean and rueful of the Western dream
I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft
We have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping
This is the land where the Pharaoh died

The Negroes in the forest brightly feathered
They are saying, "Forget the night.
Live with us in forests of azure.
Out here on the perimeter there are no stars
Out here we is stoned - immaculate."

Listen to this, and I'll tell you 'bout the heartache
I'll tell you 'bout the heartache and the loss of God
I'll tell you 'bout the hopeless night
The meager food for souls forgot
I'll tell you 'bout the maiden with wrought iron soul

I'll tell you this
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn


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You need coolin', baby I'm not foolin'
March 8, 2007

I'm gonna send you back to schoolin',
Way down inside honey, you need it.

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February 9, 2007

I followed American Idol for the first couple seasons, I thought Kelly was alright a little too popish for my taste. Ruben was cool but did he ever get any airplay? Last season I lost interest in the show and only turned it on one or two times. I happened to catch the one where Chris Daughtry (who subsequently got voted off) performed Hemorrhage by Fuel. I was truly impressed, moreso than anything else I'd heard on Idol before. He rocked it out. Well, he didn't win Idol, but he did get a record deal and I think it might be # 1 on the Bill board charts right now. Anyway, the single, It's not over is starting to get a lot of play and I thought it was worthy of a Radio Blog Friday mention. I find myself humming along to it in the car. TGIF!

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January 19, 2007

I'm thinking of bringing back Radio Blog Friday's again or Friday song requests, dedications, etc.. Let me know what you think or if you want me to dedicate something to someone.. In the meantime chew on this....just because I am and I can.

Click the arrow to play:

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What is and What Should Never Be
October 22, 2006

Well, the Met’s are done. Two chances with the bases loaded and they couldn't pull it off. I don’t want to talk about it.

Now I’m in a Led Zeppelin frame of mind.

And if I say to you tomorrow. Take my hand, child, come with me.
It's to a castle I will take you, where what's to be, they say will be.

*Catch the wind, see us spin, sail away, leave today, way up high in the sky. But the wind won't blow, you really shouldn't go, it only goes to show That you will be mine, by takin' our time.

And if you say to me tomorrow, oh what fun it all would be. Then what's to stop us, pretty baby. But What Is And What Should Never Be.

So if you wake up with the sunrise, and all your dreams are still as new, and happiness is what you need so bad, girl, the answer lies with you.

But the wind wont blow and we really shouldn't go and it only goes to show. Catch the wind, we're gonna see it spin, we're gonna...sail, little girl do do do, bop bop a do-oh, my my my my my my yeah. Everybody I know seems to know me well but they're never gonna know that I move like hell. Baby, Baby, Baby, Babe………

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Rock Star
October 9, 2006

So, I bought a guitar this week. Pugsley is still unsure what to make of it. Though he does seem to enjoy it when I strum on the strings, he stretches out with his belly facing me. I've been wanting to learn acoustic guitar for a while. Now with the help of an online tutor/friend and assistance from my guitar obsessed brother..... I am already learning chords and playing the opening riff to dualing banjos. Soon I'll be playing Zeppelin and Floyd. As you may have gathered, I'm a person who needs a lot of creative outlets....

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From Sausage, With Love
October 4, 2006

Pugsley wants me to send out this song as a dedication to all the kind folks who have been sending him good thoughts and well wishes. Many of you have been asking how he's doing. I think the picture says it all.

Click the arrow and turn up your speakers:


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August 11, 2006

I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned
Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten.

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond
July 11, 2006

Roger Keith Barrett
January 6, 1946 – July 7, 2006

Sad news in the music world today as we learned that Syd Barrett, co-founder of Pink Floyd has died at the age of 60. He passed on Friday July 7th of complications related to diabetes.

Barrett was the co-founder of Pink Floyd in 1965 and he wrote most of the bands early material including 2 of my personal favorites, Arnold Layne and See Emily Play. But as Pink Floyd grew in popularity and attracted a larger audience, the pressures of fame contributed to Barrett's increasing psychiatric illness which was exacerbated by continued experimenting with the psychedelic drug LSD. It was during a US tour in 1968 that he started to show signs of instability and erratic behavior oftentimes standing motionless onstage. The band had to cut the tour short hoping Syd would recover. They went back out on the road enlisting a friend of Barrett’s, guitarist David Gilmour. But over the next few months, Barrett suffered a breakdown and left the band, retreating to seclusion and losing touch with his band mates.

So the legend goes, it was during a recording session for Wish You Were Here in 1975 that an unannounced and unrecognizable Syd Barrett showed up to watch the band record Shine on you Crazy Diamond , which was coincidentally a song they had written about him. Syd was overweight and had shaved off all of his hair off, including his eyebrows. He had a tooth brush and was jumping up and down trying to brush his teeth. It has been reported that when they finally realized who he was, Roger Waters was so distressed that he was reduced to tears.

Syd Barrett lived out his remaining years in Cambridgeshire as something of a recluse, gardening, painting and refusing visitors. His creative genius though has lived on to inspire many including his former band mates who never forgot him or his legacy. They made sure that Barrett received all royalties from his work with Pink Floyd. Roger Waters song-writing and ongoing theme of mental illness would carry on through many of Pink Floyds later albums especially Dark Side of the Moon and the Wall. On the Brain Damage track, Waters made a specific reference to Barrett’s condition in the line, "the band you're in starts playing different tunes." Wish You Were Here was also a powerful tribute to Syd Barrett. In the 1981 film version of the Wall, Bob Geldof’s character “Pink” was based on Barrett. The tragic reluctant rock star succumbing to the pressures of life and fame, in one scene shaving off his eyebrows. In July 2005, Pink Floyd reunited to perform at the Live 8 concert and sang a heart warming rendition of Wish You Were Here. As the band launched into the song Roger Waters said, "This is for the people who can't be here - especially Syd”

The surviving members of Pink Floyd — David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright issued the following statement, “We are very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barrett’s death. Syd was the guiding light of the early band lineup and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire.”


Remember when you were young, You shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there's a look in your eyes, Like black holes in the sky. Shine on you crazy diamond.
~Pink Floyd's tribute to Syd Barrett on Wish You Were Here, 1975

Click the arrows to play the songs:

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June 21, 2006


Memories are just where you laid them
Drag the waters 'till the depths give up their dead
What did you expect to find?
Was there something you left behind?
Don't you remember anything I said when I said

Don't fall away, and leave me to myself
Don't fall away and leave love bleeding
In my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleeding
In my hands, in my hands
Love lies bleeding

Oh hold me now I feel contagious
Am I the only place that you've left to go
She cries her life is like
Some movie black and white
Dead actors faking lines
Over and over and over again she cries

Don't fall away, and leave me to myself
Dont fall away, and leave love bleeding
In my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleeding
In my hands, in my hands
Love lies bleeding

And I wanted
You turned away
You don't remember, but I do
You never even tried

Don't fall away and leave me to myself
Don't fall away and leave love bleeding
In my hands, in my hands again
Leave love bleeding
In my hands, in my hands
Love lies bleeding


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Best Line From a Song
May 24, 2006

Here are a few of my favorites:

“And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our soul”
~Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven

“The sea was red and the sky was grey, I wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today.”
~Led Zeppelin, Going to California

“You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day….tried to run tried to hide….break on through to the other side”
~The Doors, Break on Through

“Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain and all the children are insane, waiting for the summer rain”
~The Doors, The End

But it was only fantasy….the wall was too high as you can see. No matter how he tried, he could not break free…..and the worms ate into his brain.
~Pink Floyd, Hey You

What are some of yours?

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Still of the Night
February 10, 2006

Today's Radio Blog selection is one straight from my personal 80's hair band collection. So you have to CRANK this one up really loud if you can!!


From the Whitesnake soundtrack -- here is:
Still of the Night

Have a ROCKING weekend!

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I Love You Cause Your Deuces Are Wild
February 3, 2006

I Love to look into your big brown eyes
They talk to me and seem to hypnotize
They say the things nobody dares to say
And I'm not about to let you fly away

IMG_1567 copy.jpg

We haven't done Radio Blog Friday in while so TGIF everyone.
Today's Selection is Deuces Are Wild
because it reminds me of Pugsley and boys with brown eyes.

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Empty Spaces
January 13, 2006

What shall we use
To fill the empty spaces
Where we used to talk?
How shall I fill
The final places?
How should I complete the wall?

I am just a newborn
A stranger in this town
Where are all the good times,
Who's gonna show this stranger around?


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November 9, 2005


You’ve heard me reference him in numerous posts, carry on about how I wish he’d drop by for tea. Yes, I’ve even stated that I would like to bear his Love child. Now I will tell you why.

The first time I saw Bono was on MTV. The year was 1983, the media was the Sunday Bloody Sunday video Live at Red Rocks. There he was -- all dressed in black from head to toe, strutting majestically with such a charismatic stage presence that I hadn't seen before. Belting out impassioned lyrics and making hoards of teenage girls turn to mush on the spot, while also managing to raise political awareness.

His chiseled jaw line protruded slightly carrying his eager message to the masses putting it all unabashedly on display. His angst and plea while his legs pumped up and down boisterously, defiantly, knee to chest. Gripping the microphone, he sang with such heartfelt emotion and soul. I’ve been infatuated with Bono for 22 years. He’s one of a rare breed who only gets sexier with age.

I’ve seen U2 in concert a couple times at the Actung Baby and Zooropa tours. At every concert Bono takes one lucky girl from the audience, pulls her up on stage and starts slow dancing with her. Really close. Really tight. It was always during “Mysterious Ways” back in the day. I’m not sure if he still does it now. All I know is that I wanted it to be me. I was so freaking jealous, like Dance with me Bono, Dance with me!

Trust me when I say that I’ve seen a lot of concerts. I mean a lot. I have memory albums full of ticket stubs from all the shows I’ve seen. And I can honestly state without hesitation that U2 was hands down the best. It’s hard to put into words, even for me....but Bono's vocals were spine-tingling and you feel like you are the only person in the room and he is just singing to you. He draws you in and makes you feel connected. He really gets the crowd into it on their feet singing along "whoo hoo-ing" and "How Long'ing" throughout. It was absolutely amazing.

If you’ve been reading along here or digging through my “Must Read” archives, then you know that a lot of things remind me of sex. Food. Football, Facials, and others that I haven’t touched on just yet. But to add one to the list today, U2 songs I think are very sensual. They have a definite sexual measure.

Listen for it the next time you hear one. They rise and fall, peak and valley, like the rhythm of an orgasm. They start out soft and milky building to a climactic crescendo. First the heightening and intensifying, an impassioned mid-period of the song wrapped in urgency and desire, building and strengthening. The lyrics and music in unison with the guttural wallop of just the right word at the exact note reaching a breathtaking summit. But he doesn't leave us undone. He knows how to help us come down, slowly bringing us out of the rapture he has invoked. Bono's sexy voice is smooth and delicious, it reminds me of Junior Mints. The kind you want to eat in bed after sex.

Bono is my ultimate male. Singer, poet, activist. He’s passionate, beautiful, fights for things he believes in and inspires others to do the same. All this and somehow he manages to be a Goodwill Ambassador and Rock God at the same time. He continues to put out fresh, innovative, music with moving, penetrating, call-to-action lyrics. And he makes me think of sex everytime I hear a U2 song. Maybe he will read this someday and come slow dance with me.

I Heart Bono.

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September 9, 2005

Alright, I haven't done a Radio Blog Friday in a while. This one is a dedication that I'm sending out to all the displaced Hurricane Victims. The two leggeds and four leggeds.

Click Here to Listen: Bad


P.S. Did I ever tell you how much I Heart Bono?

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Justify My Love
August 12, 2005

"Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another"

If my Blog had a voice, This is the song it would sing right now....

For the 3rd edition of Radio Blog Friday.

TGIF everyone!

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Love Me for Me
August 5, 2005

Today's Radio Blog Song:

Love Me for Me

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Radio Blog Friday
July 22, 2005

Thanks for the feedback on the music poll yesterday. There are so many songs I want to put up here, it was hard to pick which one to start with for the first Radio Blog Friday. But all in good time. Today I have chosen an older song from my personal collection. What can I say, I have a thing for crooners.

From Chris Issac's Heart Shaped World >>>>>

For the weekend, I leave you with this:

Wicked Game

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3 Doors Down
July 18, 2005

When I was younger, I used to write concert reviews for More Sugar magazine in New York/CT. I would attend the shows and then give my take on the acts. A perfect job for me because it combines two of my big loves, writing and music. The marriage of both is almost too much for my senses to handle. Here, I have to step back in time a little to give you my review of 3 Doors Down. The concert Saturday night was Awesome. I did not realize they were responsible for so many great songs. I mean I knew them all, having heard them on the radio, but wasn't aware this was the band, so it was a nice surprise. I think I knew every song. Staind opened and 3DD came on at 10:00pm. Weather was perfect for an outdoor concert. We pitched a blanket on the lawn, which were the cheap seats but they had 3 big screen TV’s so we could still see the band and watch in comfort. It was nice to just chill out there after a long stressful week.

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Green Day
May 1, 2005

I headed up to UMASS on Saturday with SL and her nephew to take him to see his favorite band, Green Day for his birthday. Am I too old to admit that I Love this band? They came on the scene 15 years ago and I've liked them ever since. Must be the little Punk still left in me.

It's been a while since I’ve been to a big arena Rock Concert and I have a couple interesting observations to report. Aside from the really kick-ass show, I was most struck by what things have changed and what has stayed the same over the last 20 years of concert going:

Things that have changed

1.Two lines to get in and frisked, one line for girls, one line for boys. Presumably they have to do this now because of too many sexual harassment claims.
2.Not allowed to bring in umbrellas, or anything that could be used as a weapon.
3.Coffee Stands where popcorn stands used to be. I don’t remember ever drinking coffee as a teenager but apparently that’s what the kids are doing now.
4.“Floor Seats” are now “General Admission” where the entire floor area stands and the upper half is a giant mosh pit.
5.$35.00 for a concert tee instead of $20.00
6.This is my personal favorite – Cell Phones have now replaced lighters to hold up during the slow songs. Instead of looking around the dark arena and seeing thousands of orange glowing flickers, there are thousands of blue and purple digital lights illuminating the stadium like an alien space ship. Very cool, and as a bonus, your fingers don’t burn.

Things that haven’t changed

1.The lingering smell of marijuana in the air
2.Girls in too tight clothing -- only now instead of busting out of their tapered levis, it’s too much excess hanging over their low rise jeans and mini skirts.
3.Long lines getting in and out of everywhere
4.A few random idiots in the crowd making baffoons of themselves and getting in everyone's way.
5.The adrenaline rush you feel leaving the concert, realizing you just shared a moment in time with these people that was truly awesome.

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the Wall
February 2, 2005

The first time I listened to Pink Floyd I was twelve years old. I found a stash of green weed, locked myself in my room, put on the headphones, laid down on the bed, and closed my eyes. I was mesmerized. I listened to the entire Wall album from start to finish about 3 times over. It seemed to encapsulate everything I was feeling inside that I couldn’t let out. The rueful, lamenting lyrics, Roger Waters haunting, maniacal vocals mixed with Dave Gilmour’s sensual liquid melodies and the psychedelic effects, I was on sensory overload and I never wanted it to end. It was like having my first orgasm.

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Jai Guru Deva Om
December 5, 2004

This weekend I had a really deep conversation with one of my Best Friends who also happens to be my Sister-in-Law :) Laura has always been a source of inspiration and comfort to me. It's been way too long since we had one of those soulful discussions. We spoke about times of laughter, times of sadness, about how the things that don't kill us make us stronger. She reminded me of a time in my life when I was at peace with everything. As she has so many times before over the years, she helped put me back on the path to wisdom and serenity. She reminds me that I am strong. She reminded me that I need to find a new mantra. I know it sounds silly, but today I found one that I've been saying over and over and I haven't felt this peaceful or full of Love in a long, long time.

Jai Guru Deva Om

I found it while listening to this song, Across the Universe. To give you a little background, the song was originally written by John Lennon and the one he deemed as his best because of it's poetry. John wrote this song after having met the Maharishi. The chorus phrase "Jai Guru Deva Om" is the name (Guru Dev) of the Maharishi's guru.
- -
The word by translation of the Sanskrit line is:
Live Forever
Heavenly One
The Vibration of the Universe
I want to dedicate this song to Laura (my Guru) and I want her to know I'm going to listen to it everytime I feel that I am missing that peace in my life.

For SL:

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Christmas Music
December 2, 2004

A Couple of Fun Holiday trinkets:

If you use AIM Try this:

Add SantaClaus to your buddy list and send him an Instant Message. You can talk to Santa, Tell him what you want for Christmas, Create a Wish List, Shopping List, and more!
Also, I have uploaded some of my favorite Holiday Tunes to my Radio Blog for you to Enjoy :

Christmas Jukebox Radio Blog

I'll be adding more soon!

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