RIP Steve Jobs
October 17, 2011

This is how I will always remember Steve Jobs. Always a man of excellent class and taste.


RIP fellow pug lover..I hope you're walking lots of pugs in heaven.

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October 14, 2011

If only I was more creative, this is what I'd make Moxie's Halloween costume this year.


Thank you Steve Jobs for everything you did for this world, we will miss you!


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iPhone - when to upgrade
September 19, 2011

So I desperately want to upgrade my iPhone 3G but am wondering should I get the iPhone 4 now (discounted) or just wait for v.5?

iPhone 5 is rumored to be out in October and reportedly will have wireless sycing and charging capabilities AND a 8 megapixel camera with improved flash - 3 things worth waiting for!

The new camera features are especially important now that I have a black pug, without a flash on my mobile, the pictures and videos are all too dark!


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March 9, 2011



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Top 20 Facebook Faux Pas
January 6, 2011

In no particular order...

1. Significant others writing nauseating love messages and comments on one another's Facebook walls when they are sitting next to each in real life at the same time. Vomit. Why do this? One is left to assume their sole purpose in this exercise is to make the rest of us completely envious of their amazing love. When in fact it just makes us do a full body cringe at the need for attention and the pretentiousness of it all. Like, who you trying to or yourselves??

2. The Passive Aggressive - this is when users fire off a vague targeted message of disapproval (always with a hidden meaning) aimed at one of their "friends" as a submissive means to non confrontationally call their target out on some undesirable action....and ultimately make them adjust their behavior... When in fact never in the history of the internet (or the world) has this tactic ever worked. Ever. It usually just pisses people off more.

3. The NOT lend any mystery to your status updates or to your life...... it's just....... annoying....... and.......

4. The bomb droppers - FB users who only see value in sharing life's momentous occasions and nothing in between. The ones who go months without posting anything at all and then when they do, it's something HUGE, March 09 - pictures from their vacation in Paris. July 09 - "We're having a baby!" February 2010, pictures of the baby....

5. The blow by blow - People who feel the need to log onto FB and post an update every 1/2 hour regardless of how boring their updates are.... 12:00 going to bed....12:30...laying in bed.....1:00AM....there's nothing on TV......7:00AM...I am awake! I am of the opinion that if you don't have much to say sometimes it's better to not say anything at all. Lest we think you don't have a life.

6. The LOL'ers - this is the most annoying to me - when any male over college age is using the acronym LOL in his status update (or in any other mode of online communication) it just seems so wrong. It could also apply to the non gender specific rampant use of LOL in some posters every other sentence.

I do however think it's perfectly acceptable and adorable for dogs that have their own Facebook page to use the term BOL.... Bark Out Loud!

7. The TMI - do we really need to know that you just boned your new boyfriend of 2 months and how hot and awesome the sex was? Or how you are pregnant and your baby daddy wants nothing to do with you, etc. etc. NOT. X Hide

8. The drunk post - the incoherent, incomplete ramblings of a soused facebooker. You can only imagine the damage.

9. The Tease... throwing a vague innuendo out there hoping friends will pry for further elaboration b/c it clearly wouldn't be an appropriate thing to just come out and say. But then as soon as someone is gullible enough to take the bait and comment with "tell us what you mean", they do not comply. They keep it a secret that they never intended to divulge anyway, just to be mysterious....

10. The Privacy Violation - Posting private information about the goings on and or whereabouts of someone else without their knowledge or permission. This one is right up there with one of my major FB pet peeves - tagging friends in totally unflattering photos without asking them first.

11. The Whiners - every post is negative, doom and gloom, lots of expletives and not even in a funny or entertaining way. E.g. "Got to work until 11:00 tonight.....where is my husband he should be home by now.....some days I wish I didn't have 5 kids!! Nice.. X Hide.

12. The chronic relationship status changer. Dec. 1st....I'm in a relationship....Dec. 10th....I'm single....Dec. 19tth......It's complicated!! January 2nd, I'm in a relationship...OY. X Hide.

13. The Sympathy Getters - These are people who the majority of the time post "woe is me" updates in an attempt to garner sympathy and even when unfortunately bad things happen, milk it for everything it's worth.

14. The Gamers - The Farmville, Mafia Wars addicts who use their updates and newsfeed to try to convert non gamers into joining and helping them earn more "virtual currency" so they can advance themselves in these games. Tell me why in the world would I want to help feed their addiction? X Hide.

15. The Overage Partiers - the 30 and 40 something's who post ridiculous weekly pictures of themselves and their friends out drinking, partying, mouths hanging open, looking totally inebriated... was cute when you were 20 - now, it just looks kind of sad.

16. The Posers - Usually only teenagers and young women are guilty of this Facebook Faux Pas, but I have seen a few narcissistic males (and couples) guilty of it too. These are the facebookers who are constantly posting pictures of themselves but always in the same pose that they seemingly after hours of practice, have figured out makes them look good. Typically it involves them holding the camera at arm's length pointed at themselves, always at the same angle: head tilted slightly down with chin curled up and big sleepy bedroom eyes looking straight ahead. You can't miss the Posers because their pose is always the same. When you click on their photos all the pictures in their albums look strikingly similar, only the clothes, liquid eyeliner, and backdrop has changed.

17. The Wishy Washy's - These are folks who can't handle the Facebook pressure. They get too drawn into it and end up making a big declaration that they're cancelling their Facebook accounts because it's destroying their lives!! But then a week later they are back on and sending you a new friend request...

18. The Kissy Face - You've all seen it. I don't even have to describe it and I bet you know of what I speak. It's that ridiculous 21st century fad that began right around the time digital cameras and the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen duck lip pout burst onto the scene. Now according to my estimate, 75% of young women's online pictures contain the unmistakable "kissy face". It's a phenomena that involves women pursing their lips into a duck-bill like position, in a sort of half pucker giving the illusion that they are about to kiss (what I don't know). The funny thing is only about 0.2% of the population (think Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer) can actually pull off the look. The rest end up looking deformed.

19. The Chain Gang - The modern day equivalent of the "chain letter" - in essence the recipient "receives" an unsolicited statement, whether or not they want to - and with it the sender includes a warning or disclaimer something along the lines of "I am posting this because I believe in Jesus Christ, if you believe in him too you will repost this in your status within 24 hours. If you do not, you will fry in hell".

This one really annoys me. Just because I do not choose to repost something does not mean that I don't believe in it. It just means I think you're an idiot.

20. The Uninformed. - I can generally categorize these people into one group and that would be - not very tech or web savvy...nubiles if you will. These are the people that get sucked right into the urban myths and Snopes rumors...for instance a few weeks ago, the big FB craze was to change your profile picture to your favorite cartoon character to raise awareness for some children's cause.

Now I admit I did play along because it was a fun way to support a good cause. Plus, it was a chance for me to look at Magilla Gorilla again who I hadn't seen or thought of in years!
Well a few days into it, some random person decided to start a vicious and unsubstantiated rumor that the whole cartoon character thing was some deviant ploy by pedophiles to get children to accept their friend request. Immediately, I start seeing warning messages from all the "Uninformed" urging everyone to pull down their cartoon pictures immediately before the pedophiles went after the children!!

Haha. Not even logistically possible. A totally ridiculous and ludicrous claim, but you can't imagine how many people believed it and went ballistic in their updates. Dudes - note to selves, please check before you lose your marbles next time.
Thus concludes this summary of my top Facebook annoyances. I'm sure there will be more to come in the future. Did I miss any? What are some of yours?

Now to be fair I should point out that I am probably guilty of one or more of these things myself over the past few years. I am sure we all are. And I am sure there are many people who think my pug pictures and updates are totally annoying.

I guess this is all part of the fun Facebook world we now live in. Knowing that inevitably you are going to piss someone off, and you probably won't even be aware of it.

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fun with ps5
September 14, 2010

I've been playing around with my new Adobe Photoshop CS5 and man is it powerful.. While I haven't really dove into all it can do (raw image processing, new painting effects, etc) I find just applying some simple filters and actions to some of my favorite subjects to be quite entertaining.

Here is a raw photo of me and my SL at her party. the photo is straight out of the camera. It looks a little hazy, but still one of my favorite "me and sl" pics.

Now here is the same pic with the "smart sharpen" filter applied...look how much deeper and more detailed the image appears.

then I decided to try out the "trace contour" filter and look how cool this little artsy application came out. We look like colored pencil cartoons! I was thinking it would be neat to make a little stock card or poster of this one just as a little keepsake / memory of the day.

Next I tried out the "lens correction" filter. Wow. I don't mind telling you I could spend hours playing with this one action. Does that make me a geek girl? probably so! With one drag of the cursor you can manipulate the photo angle in any direction, as if you had changed direction of the actual lens set up.

Here is a straight out of camera shot of little Plummy at the vet the other day..(her hasn't been feeling wells)

Now I applied the Photocopy filter to make her look like she was run through the copy machine. Poor Plummy! Next I might take a picture of her backside so I can make it look like she sat her butt on the office copy machine.

And here is a SOOC shot of her snoozing on the couch in classic Plum position, back legs crossed and her little tongue poking out.

Now here is the same photo with the "cutout" filter applied. Nifty, eh?

Last but not least, here my little Joshie-nephew, adorable as can be. Enjoying his first ever Carvel ice cream cup that auntie got for him (vanilla w/ mixed sprinkles)..I love the way the summer sunset is shining down on his chubby little arms and the side of his face in this shot.

I applied some black and white action to the photo, and then I tweaked the fill and opacity levels so it's not completely b&w, you can still see the light hitting those same angles. I love how it gives the photo a more vintage feel.

There are so many things you can do w/ this program...the possibilities are endless..and I haven't even tapped into any of the 3D stuff yet..ah, but winter is coming,

spam jam
August 31, 2010

Recently the spammers on my blog comments have gotten way out of control. Like 500 spam comments a day that I have to delete. Ugh.

If you have posted a comment recently and didn't see it appear it is most likely because it got lost in the minutia of crap I had to sift through from my inbox, MT account, and server and got accidentally deleted.

I had to do something so I decided to implement a spam blocker called Captcha.

How it affects you: Now when you go to post a comment on my blog you have to type in some letters that you will see at the bottom of the comment form [I'm sure you've seen this before] or your comment won't go through.. It helps keep the bulk of automated / robot spammers away.

It's a little bit of a pain but it was either this or shut the blog down.

Take THAT, you dirty rotten spammers!!!

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An Internet Marketer's take on Google's Real Time Search
January 12, 2010

You may have noticed your Google search results looking a little different lately. That is because on December 7th Google launched "Real-Time Search" most likely in a move to compete with Microsoft's fast growing search engine Bing that already integrates real-time Twitter and Facebook results.

That's right folks - be careful what you post in your status updates because they 'aint all as private as you think once these big technology companies get into bed with one another and start selling your social network content to one another. Suddenly that status update you posted about how drunk you got and then accidentally boned your ex-bf the night before a big job interview might just appear on the search engine results faster than you can pop a Tylenol and click "Share".

In a move to compete with Bing's new real time social media integration Google search results now include the latest updates directly from blogs and news services as well.

I have 3 different perspectives on Google's model change: One from an Internet Marketer, one from a User experience, and one from a Blogger/Publisher's perspective. All are decidedly different with both downside and upside.

As an Internet Marketer by profession, I think this is a fantastic move. One can really take advantage of well timed organic search campaigns that will drive more traffic, convert more clicks to sales, AND be a heap more cost effective and easier to manage than those pricey paid search campaigns.

Before - it could take weeks and even months for Google to archive your site content. Now that is happening in a scant matter of hours and days. Thus, if I want to drive traffic to a particular offer and I have a blog - I now have an effective low cost way to acquire a customer. If I want to raise money for the pug rescue org I can launch a small local fundraising campaign that if done correctly, will garner global attention.

As a web surfer on the other hand - it has made my life inherently more difficult and I find myself increasingly irritated with each new search I initiate.

Whereas my old keyword searches used to pull up the top tier newsworthy articles and information - they now have been replaced with hundreds of pages of similar (not even relevant) topics by any random Joe Schmo who happens to have a search indexed friendly site on their hands. Now, I find myself scouring endlessly through Google page result after page result sifting through all the blog crap and link farm pages just to get to a reliable news source like CNN or even Wikipedia.

Such is the case with any new business concept, right? It starts out benefiting the user but ultimately gets too big and the service has to be catered more towards corporate maneuvers and company stock prices. Who loses in all of this? We, the consumers.

My prediction is that it's also going to force the big news outlets and journalists to change the way they publish their news online if they want to remain in the game as a source for the most up to date news. And isn't that what their whole business model is based on anyway? They will have no choice but to churn out their online news articles into more of a blog / social format just to keep up. Likewise any business wanting to promote their products or services online will have to bake search and social media into their marketing plan.

As a blogger who has been at this blogging game for the past 6 years and who has been part of the social networking evolution from its infancy - heck let's be honest I was one of the people who started the revolution back when all the naysayers were like, "why share information online? What is a blog? Blogs are stupid, why put it out there?" Cut to - those are the same people who are now total Facebook addicts putting more stuff "out there" than I ever would!

Don't even get me started on Facebook privacy or lack there of - and the proof is in the pudding - not very many people write blogs, but almost everyone is on Facebook.

It certainly is interesting to see how the tides have shifted. In a good way and a bad way it has created a lot more traffic opportunities.

Now - any blogger worth their salt could really parlay their web content into mass market journalism if they know what they are doing.

Case in point:

I was looking at my web referrers today and I noticed a lot of hits coming from - well I found that odd since I've never written an article for the New York Times (at least not one that they decided to publish) but now suddenly I am appearing on their site:

How? You may ask.....Relevant content baby. Relevant content.

I wrote an article about the Federal housing loans - and they wrote an article on Federal housing loans and then Boom Boom Pow!! the two contents dynamically "found" each other through the marriage of RSS feed and pay per click ad.

Did I ever mention that I love Internet Marketing? It is just like the Wild can pluck a little old blogger like me from obscurity and put me on the front page of the NYTimes dot com.

It's all about posting timely articles with relevant content. If you know how to do that you will be read. It has actually been like the Wild West for years only now it's getting even wilder!

Of course this could work against a blogger too. If I wrote a risqué article on say, bikini waxing or something along those lines - with today's technology I could very well end up on a porn site just as easily as I ended up on NY Times. It's something I could get away with 4 years ago, but not anymore. One has to adapt with the technology.

Bloggers really need to more closely consider their content before clicking "publish". Sadly, the days of posting free-wheeling thoughts that pop into your head with no censorship or filter are over my friends. I'm afraid you will have to go buy my book to get those juicy details.

In summary - my take is that the new search landscape can greatly benefit Internet marketers both personal and professional if one knows what one is doing. Otherwise, it can be a dangerous tool that could come back to haunt them. For the average users however, there does seem to be a loss of search quality and a whole new level of privacy concerns across media platforms. Only time will tell how these issues are addressed.

Now - if I have planned this article out with the right keyword friendly content it should appear on Google's syndicated news sites under the real time search results. Let's go see, shall we?

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how do you kill 2 hours on the train?
November 3, 2009

It's easy with an iPhone and the free app that plays all my favorite retro tv shows.

The only question is: Love Boat, Facts of Life, Star Trek, or Gilligan's Island?



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app happy
October 18, 2009

I am taking recommendations for cool iPhone apps.

So far the coolest and most useful app I have encountered is Google's voice search:

You just put the phone to your ear and speak anything that you want Google to find and results without typing!

e.g. I'm just leaving work, sitting in the parking lot about to take off and thinking how I totally don't feel like cooking dinner tonight and have a mean hankering for my favorite Mexican takeout but (shudder) I forgot the number and there's no time to type or go fumbling through my address book. No problem...just say the restaurant name into my phone and like magic, the number appears!

I'm not sure there could be anything cooler than this. But if you know of any good ones, please share. I need more apps like this in my life.

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August 20, 2009

Some of you using Internet Explorer may have noticed my blog looking a little buggy the past couple days.

I would have been on this sooner but I NEVER use IE anymore due to the nasty viruses I get there. Mozilla looked ok.

Lesson learned and first rule of web design - check for browser compatibility after every design and or programming change you make to a site.

After weeding through my blog code with a magnifying glass for the past 20 minutes I figured out by process of elimination that when I added my new music Playlist code the other day I somehow lost a div HTML tag at the end of my code, which caused the template to misalign my sidebars and blog content.

Simple fix.

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fonts and such
February 26, 2008

I've been playing around with my fonts and honestly am having a hard time choosing one.

Previously I was using a Verdana extra small font that looked like this. I felt like it was too small so I've been sampling other font sizes and faces. For now I kept the Verdana font but increased the size. Now I feel like the words together formed in paragraphs are too fat. Help my blog is feeling bloated and is PMS'ing!

Seriously....I can use your help. You as the readers whose eyes need to be pleased. Which of these fonts do you prefer?

This font is Times New Roman . I use it in my word docs at work. I think this one is too corporate for my blog and not pleasing to the eye. Would you agree? This font is Times New Roman . I use it in my word docs at work. I think this one is too corporate for my blog and not pleasing to the eye.. Would you agree?

This font is Arial. I like Arial, it is clean and easy to read. Should I make Arial my blog font? This font is Arial. I like Arial, it is clean and easy to read. Should I make Arial my blog font? This font is Arial. I like Arial, it is clean and easy to read. Should I make Arial my blog font?

This font is Verdana, this is the font I currently have now. Should I leave it or choose another? This font is Verdana, this is the font I currently have now. Should I leave it or choose another? This font is Verdana, this is the font I currently have now. Should I leave it or choose another?

Trebuchet MS is one of my favorite fonts. What do you think of this one for my blog font? Trebuchet MS is one of my favorite fonts. What do you think of this one for my blog font? Trebuchet MS is one of my favorite fonts. What do you think of this one for my blog font?

Georgia is another one of my favorites. It's clean like Arial but more rounded than square edges. Do you like this one the best? Georgia is another one of my favorites. It's clean like Arial but more rounded than square edges. Do you like this one the best?

Garamond is similar to Georgia but more modern looking than classic. How about this one? Garamond is similar to Georgia but more modern looking than classic. How about this one? Garamond is similar to Georgia but more modern looking than classic. How about this one?

This font is Microsoft Sans Serif . It is kind of cool, what do we think of this one? This font is Microsoft Sans Serif . It is kind of cool, what do we think of this one? This font is Microsoft Sans Serif . It is kind of cool, what do we think of this one?

So help me out. Which of these fonts do you think looks best? Or do you have another font to suggest?

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almost there..
September 25, 2007

Okay, I am back up online again. Phew
I knew it wasn't the was the reinstall.
I neglected to extract all of the necessary components from my Ethernet driver and that's why the modem wasn't syncing up through the modems Ethernet adapter.
Now I'm back to less than factory settings with 34.2 gigs of free space and a completely bare hard drive. It's a nice feeling to be so bare and clean, kind of like how I feel when I leave the bikini waxer.
I've reloaded Microsoft Office, resaved all of my bookmarklets, reloaded Norton (which is also cool because I was using an expired version before but upon reload I got another 90 days out of it) downloaded Ad-Aware, and AVG for anti-spyware protection and I'm only using Mozilla browser now, no more IE for me.
The trouble ticket from the cable guy was no charge and I was able to troubleshoot the rest myself so fortunately the whole incident didn't cost me a thing but a little downtime. I'm glad I opted for a hard drive reformat over spending 2k on a new system. I think I can get another year or two out of this system if I lay off all the porn and gambling sites. Just Kidding.
The one bummer in all of this is I have my Adobe Photoshop 6.0 CD to reload but it's asking me for a serial number that I can't find anywhere. Anybody know a way around that? I'd go Google searching for one myself but I'm kinda paranoid about viruses now and the sites that I surf. New versions are about $600 and used copies from Amazon or Ebay would be about $200. I tried downloading a demo version to tide me over but it's not working.

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September 23, 2007

So I opened my blog in internet explorer this weekend and all the images in my sidebars (Google ads, Amazon ads, Pugsplace T-shirts ads) were showing unwanted unapproved advertisements. Some were even porn. Imagine my shock when I saw boobs and asses on Pugsplace side by side with my content. The links to all these sketchy sites were coming from places like,, zedo, and zango.

Immediately I thought the issue must be linked to an Amazon or Google affiliate who had perhaps hijaked my code and taken over my ad space with malicious intent. The first thing I did was remove Amazon links to see if that stopped the ads from appearing. Nope. Then I pulled down my Google ads to see if that would stop the unwanted ads from appearing on my site. Not. Even my own self created Pugsplace store banners were populating links to naked celebrities and adult friend finders in my local area code...

That's when it started to hit me that maybe it wasn't a case of hijaked HTML code or seedy affiliates, but some kind of spyware that's seeped into my system and is replacing all banners with viral image ads. I went into another room and booted up my old dusty CyberMax98 desktop which probably hadn't been turned on in about a year. Sure enough I pulled up and only the appropriately coded ads were appearing...

I went back to my XP laptop (where I do all of my blogging and online activities) and now I was getting unwanted pop ups with every click. Fucking virus. I ran Norton but it didn't detect anything. I tried to download the latest copy of Ad-Aware but the computer kept freezing on me or I'd get incomplete operation messages, have to reboot and start over. Either that or the machine would overheat and I'd have to wait for it to cool down before I could start over and then work in Mozilla.

Finally I got through an Ad-Aware full system scan and it detected 408 infected files. It was able to clean all but 190 of them. The critical infections found were:


After a system reboot and follow-up attempt to clean the infections I kept received error messages saying Ad-Aware has run into unexpected problems and had to shut down. My next step was to download some other spyware programs like Spy-bot, AVG, or Avast but by that point the infection must have spread too deeply into my registry files because I wasn't even able to get a browser to stay open.

Sunday afternoon now, I decided I had two options: 1.) Drive down to Circuit City or Best Buy and spend 2k on a new laptop or 2.) Dig out my original Windows XP Operating Disc from like 5 years ago and reformat the entire hard drive. I opted for the latter. Unfortunately my current system wasn't stable enough to allow me to save some files to back up so I lost a lot of things but I've had to do this once before (reformat) so it's nothing I can't live without.

My first attempt at the reinstall was to try to Repair my hard drive before totally wiping it out. But in order to do that I had to enter my oringal product key which I couldn't find, anywhere [only to later find out it was on the bottom of my laptop, all I had to do was flip it over]. Enough screwing around. I took a deep breath and clicked "D" on the "Are you sure you want to delete this Partition" question which would essentially wipe out everything on my hard drive so I'd have to start over from scratch and rebuild all my drivers, reinstall all programs, etc. F. it, I hit D.

60 minutes later I am back to the factory settings my computer came with, sans the drivers that had been preloaded and I'll have to reload. The first thing I tried to do was create my internet connection which runs through a cable modem. No luck. I went to start/run/cmd/ipconfig and it wasn't even listing an ip address, so the modem is not talking to my computer!

After 64 minutes on the phone with my ISP and having to speak with 3 different supervisors I am still without an internet connection. They insist it has something to do with my modem because the "cable" light does not stay steady on. I argued and argued with them that its not the modem because my other computer (the Cybermax 98) connection is working just fine through the router. Then they gave me the whole "We dont support Lynksys routers ma'am" the only thing we can do is open a trouble ticket.

A trouble ticket wherein a cable guy will come to my house between the hours of 3-5 (they only give you a range not a specific time) on Tuesday when I will not be there because they can't accomodate MY schedule and come after 6:00PM so I'll have to juggle Dr. appointments and work and the rest of my life only to find out that there is nothing really wrong with the modem, it's something in re-establishing the internet connection that was lost upon system wipe. I'm sure of it.

Now the Cybermax 98 isn't optimal for anything, it doesn't have excel or word or adobe. I can't even check my Gmail on it because of the way 98 formats the screen. I can't use any of my other programs that I use in daily life and it doesn't have any anti virus software on it, so it's only a matter of time before this one becomes infected too. At least it's a temporary internet connection until the other one gets fixed.

On a positive note, I stopped taking one of my medicines last week and the rash / bumps on my back are gone. Guess it's my computer's turn to be sick.

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