Reader Question: Why does my pug ignore me?
September 13, 2010

Typically a normal, happy, healthy pug will be right up in your face, on your lap, with some part of his body always needing to be touching yours. They are true lap and companion dogs in every sense of the word. Pugs were bred with the sole purpose to be companions and I personally have never met one that didn't want to be near their family member's at all possible times. Let alone ignore them and pretend they don't exist. So that tells me something is wrong with your pug.


When they are sick
When an animal is sick or hurt his instinct is to go off and "nest" somewhere, to be by himself. In fact this is how I always know something is wrong with one of my pugs, if they suddenly want to be alone, that is a sign that they are ill.

Is your pug acting normal in all other ways? No change in his eating, sleeping, eliminating habits? Does he act depressed or low energy at all? If he is exhibiting any of these signs combined with ignoring you, I would take him to the vet ASAP, and rule out that there may be something physically wrong.

Change of Lifestyle / Disruptions in the Routine
It is no secret that Pugs are very stubborn. And all dogs are creatures of habit and routine. When something happens to mix up the routine they are used to, this can sometimes result in confusion and anxiety for the pug, and ultimately in them acting out some kind of odd behavior in protest.

For instance have you recently moved? Changed your work hours? Or brought in a new person or pet into the house?

First you must remember that all dogs, even pugs are little wolves at heart, and are very pack oriented. They feel most secure and happy when they understand their place in the pack and the place of those in their immediate family (pack).

If you have recently brought a new partner or another pet into the pack for example, it is possible your pug feels confused about where this leaves him in the social standing of the pack.

He could also just be bitter because you are suddenly lavishing attention on someone else that he had been used to receiving from you.

I once received an email from a man who married a new wife and he wanted to surrender his pug to our rescue because every night while the couple was sleeping, the pug would climb up to the new wife's head and take a big dump on her pillow!

The email said, "I have to surrender my pug because my wife is tired of being shit on".


The pug in this case just did not ever take to the new wife because he sensed that she did not like him.

Apparently the new wife gave the husband an ultimatum, it was either her or the dog.

Personally, I thought the husband should have surrendered the wife instead, but Queue sera.

If you have recently moved to a new house or apartment this can also cause similar anxiety as well and they will act out in different ways depending on their personalities.

The point is - these life changes can be very disruptive to your pug and each one will act out in a different way. The pug who didn't like the new wife acted out by shiting on the woman's head because he was a spiteful little guy, but others can act out by ignoring or snubbing.

I remember when I would go away on vacation for a week and leave Pugsley behind, it never failed when I came home he would initially "snub" me and pretend like I no longer existed to him. Of course this passed after about ½ an hour.

But any prolonged periods of snubbing or ignoring within normal day to day events, suggest to me that you should look into anything recently that may have change and affected your pug. Because if he never used to ignore you and suddenly is now, clearly he is having issues with something.

Whenever it comes to change - you need to make sure you are helping your pug with any new transitions by acclimating him with a lot of love, patience, and positive reassurance. If handled properly in no time he will come to understand his secure place in the pack again, and be back to his normal old mischievous self.

Maybe some of my pug readers could chime in with their thoughts on the matter.

Best of Luck

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paranomal puganormal activity
January 3, 2010

It's very curious.

Plum had shown no interest in toys until about a month ago.

I wondered if she had maybe never been given toys in her former life and just didn't know what they were for. Or maybe she didn't feel safe and secure enough to let her guard down, kick back and enjoy some toys. Like maybe she was afraid she would get into trouble if she did.

What's kind of sad about Plum is you can tell she was a dog who was never loved enough in her past. I know this because she is never fully content or at ease unless a part of her body is touching mine. My guess is she was crated all the time and deprived of human contact.

You can imagine then how excited I was the day she finally meandered over to Pugsley's old toy box (I kept a couple of his special toys out for future fosters and rescues to play with) a couple weeks back, taking careful sniffing consideration to decide on the one she wanted and quite unexpectedly proceeded to pull out one of his ratty old bug toys with crooked antennae that still smells like the Sausage. The fur on it is matted from his years of licking and sucking obsessively on the toy. He had a bit of doggy OCD.

Now out of nowhere Plum has become obsessed with this toy. Its her favorite thing, even foregoing opportunities to sit next to me and pin me down in favor of playing independently with this toy. It was kind of a break through.

Excited at the prospect of her now taking comfort and joy in something other than me after 6 long months - I went out and got her a couple new toys for Christmas thinking she could now have some of her very own. I got her a pretty pink squeaky heart that says "Princess" and a plum colored pull toy and a purple frisbee.

The curious thing is she has zero interest in the new toys. She won't even look at them or entertain the idea of squeaking one.

She is only interested in Pugsley's ratty old toy. She sleeps with it at night and has to have it next to her during the day in her cuddle bed, when we are chill'axing on the couch, basically at all times.

Plum even sleeps with the toy clutched in her mouth - jaws clamped down while she snores away, guarding it closely so nobody can take it from her when she isn't looking...

Very curious indeed.

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wind in his hair
April 14, 2008







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it wasn't his fault I swear
March 16, 2008

That Sausage is still ravenously hungry on the prednisone even though I've weaned him down to half a pill once a day. Maybe it's not even the meds at this point. Maybe he has just learned hunger and now it's a part of his daily life. Food is always on his mind. If he is awake, he wants to eat. As a result, he is constantly getting into things now. It's like living with a toddler. I can't leave him out of my sight or he will be into something that isn't good.

I can't cook in the kitchen with my pantry doors open anymore, for easy access to my spices, etc. or his pug head will be in there in milliseconds trying to pull food out. The other day I was at the stove and left the pantry door open for 30 seconds, I turned around and caught him pulling out a packet of hot cocoa. His right paw stepping on one end as his teeth were pulling back the paper on the left end while the powder was spilling all over the floor. I caught him red handed pawed. He licked some of the powder before I was able to pull him back.

This weekend I was in the bathroom and didn't see him at the door so I ran into the living room and caught him with two paws up on the coffee table with his head in the candy dishes. He ate two chocolates before I could get to him. Luckily it wasn't enough chocolate to make him sick.

Now all of those sneaky things were minor compared to what he did to me last night. After a long day of running around doing errands and an intense work out in the gym I wanted nothing more than to collapse on my cushy couch and eat a warm bowl of chili. I settled in with my piping hot bowl, side of tortilla chips and mmmm was it good! Pugsley always sits on the couch and watches me eat. He's been doing this his entire life without incident so I thought nothing of it. What I couldn't believe though is for the first time in almost 14 years he lost control and lunged at my food, diving head first into my hot bowl of chili! He was lightning fast too... I never even saw him going in. When I pulled back on the bowl he lifted his head up and his entire white beard was covered in red sauce. A big glob of chili got all over my down blanket that I had just washed too so that was a mess. Dinner was a bust.

Today he hasn't been quite as mischievous but he was crafty enough to find an old piece of chewing gum under the dryer and dig it out with his claws. I was half expecting to see him blow bubbles at me when I caught him in the act. It's something new now every day.

Of course I blame it all on the cancer and his medication. I find myself making endless excuses for his naughty ways. "He didn't mean to do it", "He couldn't help it! He must have slipped and accidentally fell into my bowl". Yeah, I know it's not true but it beats getting mad at the little sausage and then feeling guilty later on. Because really, he can do no wrong right now.

I'm just so happy that he's still so spry and cunning. It's part of his charm. And it's reached new heights.





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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
December 2, 2007

Remember what I said about spoiling Pugsley too much? Of course I realize that effort is futile, senseless, impossible. Especially with the holiday season now in full swing. He is pug, he shall be spoiled. Most rottenous. Let the wild Christmas rumpus begin.



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Naughty or Nice
November 26, 2007

There was a time not too long ago when my emotions and empathy convinced no over ruled my better judgment and I listened when they told me that the best thing to do for Pugsley given his age and cancer prognosis is to spoil him rotten for all the remaining days that I am blessed to have him in my life.

I was wrong.

Once again, it's a case where my heart got in the way of normal brain functions that know better. Damn I hate when that happens.....

But just look at this face and tell me how you could resist the same temptations? Let's just say that big brown eyes have always been a weakness of mine, then add on a curly pug tail and pink belly rolls and you have Trouble with a capital T.


At the time it all seemed so harmless and innocent. I mean, what's the big deal if he gets bully sticks every week? What harm could it cause if I feed him first so he's always eating before me? What could it possibly hurt if I leave him with his dog nanny (my mother) when I'm out so that she can spoil him rotten in my absence and he never has to be alone or want for any one thing....

Cut to a year and half later and we have one spoiled little pug monster on our hands.

Now he wants to be with his dog-nanny all the time. He totally snubs me unless she isn't around to take care of him. I've been demoted to second fiddle position in the pack.

On those rare occasions when he is alone, even if it's only while I'm in the shower I almost assuredly come home to find something mischievous he's done to let me know that he was displeased at the lack of attention. Could be something as little as tissues taken out of the waist basket and torn to shreds or a puddle of pee on the floor even though he just peed an hour earlier so he clearly is only lifting his leg out of spite...

The other day I came out to find two paws up on the coffee table and his teeth sunken into a bag of sealed treats I had left there...he thought he'd just help himself.

Still, every sign of a possible new lump or look into his big brown eyes would be cause for more doting and more spoiling...

But then the relentless greed and lust for more began escalating to a whole new level..

Now if I go to heat up my food before him, he will bark at me demanding to be fed first....and even as I'm preparing his meals he stands at my feet and barks at me because I'm not moving fast enough for him...

Do any of your pugs do that or am I alone in this alpha power play asserting his dinner time dominance?

When he doesn't have a bully stick to chew on he sits and stares me down with looks of disgust for hours which ultimately culminate into full on pug pouts or chin rests and loud sighs of disapproval when he finally gives up..

It was all so cute and endearing at first and I was resigned to the fact that despite all my best intentions, it seemed that whatever I did would never be good enough. And just when I thought he couldn't possibly get any greedier....yesterday he went into the spare room where all the Christmas presents are wrapped, tagged, boxed, and bagged. Lo and behold while nobody was looking he took one of the gift bags off the couch and proceeded to unwrap it. Luckily it was nothing he could get hurt eating. It was kind of funny as crafty and cunning as I imagined him to be; sniveling off into the gift room, tip toeing so as not to be heard. Ears presumably laid back so his sense of hearing would be more keen and alert enough to hear anyone coming to catch him unwrap things....whomever said that dogs don't "think" or file things away in memory for later use have clearly never met MY dog. Oh he must of plotted and planned it carefully right down to the timing and detail of the heist like a scene from Oceans 11, there is no doubt in my mind...

And even after getting into trouble for the gift unwrapping incident... later that night he did it again to a different gift bag and this one was full of chocolate, which is toxic to dogs!!

I got smart then and gated off the door to the present room. Thought I had fixed him once and for all, but when he disappeared this morning I immediately ran over to the present room and saw to my horror that he had taken a big old dump on floor.... right next to the gate that was blocking him from getting into the room with all the Xmas gifts.

If all that weren't bad enough when I rounded the hallway corner with a wad of paper towels to clean the mess....I could see that he was smack dab in the middle of trying to eat his own shit! In protest or out of spite, in a vengeful act to thwart my desperate teeth cleanings attempts to cure his bad breath, or maybe he was just plain trying to hide the evidence...I can't be quite sure which was the motivating force to cause him to ingest his own crap...but something tells me it was yet another defiant act of spite, greed and malice.

And I know it's all my fault. I've created the way he has become. Give a pug an inch and he will take a mile, is the lesson of the day.

The scary thing is that he doesn't even reach his full holiday season greed potential until the Christmas tree goes up and the stockings are hung...I am sort of scared to see what mischief and antics ensue over the next 30 days.

I am open to suggestions on how to control this unruly behavior. Or is it just too late to teach an old [spoiled] dog new tricks?

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Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little pug like you
October 23, 2007


Over the years I've dressed up humiliated Pugsley in numerous Halloween costumes. See the kids on the block come each year and expect to see him decked out in some sort of get up...okay, so maybe this is how I rationalize the annual event. Funny thing is, he doesn't try to rip the costumes off. He is quite content to sit out on the front stoop in whatever attire I put him in and greet the trick or treaters as they come to the's like his thing where he gets to ham it up, and he owns it.

There was the Freddie Mercury Pug one year...

Then there was ET Pug .....

The Bat Pug

Then the Three Musketeers Pug

the Skeleton Pug

and perhaps the most humiliating of all.... the Bumble Pug

Poor Sausage.

This year I think we may par it down a bit to an orange bandana or something a little "less" to give him back his dignity. As for me and my adult Halloween party this year...I'm planning on going as a Hooters girl. I'll let you know how that works out.

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Happiness is...
August 22, 2007

Pug + Bully Stick = happy boy

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evolution of a nickname
August 9, 2007

In addition to Sausage and all the other staple nicknames used for the appropriate occasion -- Pugsley gets a new nickname about every month. Actually, the nicknames sort of evolve each week with his personality and varying levels of cuteness from point A to point B. For instance, a month ago I was in the "Puggie" phase which slowly evolved into "Wuggie". About a week later I started calling him "Nuggie"......Nuggie stuck for a while but eventually it morphed into "Nugget" but he's only a Nugget when he's been crafty or naughty and then he is a "Nugs" when he's really calm and when he's super sweet he becomes "Baby Nugs" in a little girly voice... and when he's really super sweet and a little bit sad, he's a "Baby Nuggy Pie". Yesterday though I just looked at him sitting frog legged on the kitchen floor begging for a piece of cheese with this silly hopeful look on his face and suddenly he became "Nugalicious". That's what he is now, Nugalicious.

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July 25, 2007

Why is it that everytime pugs poop they twirl their bodies around in a circle a bunch of times before they let it fall? Is it just Pugs? I've never seen another breed do this. Pugsley's twirl can go up to 14 times when he's feeling spry. I count.

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May 13, 2007

Pugsley likes to hang out with his buffalo or as we like to call him......his tatonka.


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Like a dog without a bone
April 8, 2007


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Have A Cigar
February 26, 2007

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
You're gonna go far, fly high,
You're never gonna die,
You're gonna make it if you try;
They're gonna love you.

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How to Clean a Pug
January 15, 2007

Supplies you will need:

Q Tips
Cotton Balls
Hydrogen Peroxide
Two towels
Dog or Baby Shampoo
Dog Toothpaste
Slip on finger dog toothbrush
Baby Wipes
Lavender oil and olive oil drops (optional) mixed together in a Dixie cup
Blow Dryer

Step One

Run Luke warm bath water adding in a couple drops of lavender oil. Coaxingly, call for pug and attempt to trick him to come to you. Clever pug will hear bath water running and he will hide under furniture and in closet with ears laid back. He will cower as you come towards him and his once erect double curled tail will unravel into a droopy blob of flaccid extremity now tucked between his legs.

Step Two

Capture Pug. Note the facial expressions under surrender are sad and precious all at once and greatly exaggerated -- as if his cuteness is his last line of defense. Revel in holding the defeated pug on the long walk to the bathroom which to him feels like a lamb being led to the slaughter.

Step Three
Gently place pug in quarter filled tub of tepid water. Using a plastic pitcher, scoop up water from the bottom of tub and wet down pug.

*Warning - Pug will look very disgruntled and may squirm about or shake and attempt to jump out of tub. Be firm but gentle and always reassuring.


Using baby wipes, gently wipe smelly pug face loosening up wrinkle dirt and crusties for the deep wrinkle Q tipping to follow. You may also use another baby wipe to pat pug rear and pee pee (save for later when you don't have to directly touch those pug parts with your bare hands during the lather phase). Dip Q Tip in lavender and olive oil mixture. Gently swab into the facial folds being careful not to get any in pug's eyes. Repeat on inner and outer wrinkle folds.

Step Four

Wet down Pug body again. Massage shampoo in a gentle lather. Rub into pug's back, neck, tail, belly, underarms and under legs. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

*Note - at this point Pug will shake his entire body attempting to make you as wet and uncomfortable as he is. Always keep spare towel on lap to block pug body shake.

Step Five

Place dog toothbrush on right index finger and dab on doggy toothpaste. *Note it's important to perform this step while pug is still in tub and is vulnerable and unable to escape. Flip back pug jowl and insert finger, brush along the gum line, tongue, and roof of mouth for as long as pug will tolerate. Usually, one pass is about all he will allow.

Step Six

Pick Pug up out of tub and cover him in a towel. *Note, attempt to cover him in the towel before he has the chance to do another body shake. Have towel ready for when pug hits the floor. It will be a race between the two of you to see who wins.

Gently towel dry pug until the towel is damp. Cloak pug in second towel and sit him down on toilet. (lid down of course).


Dilute a cotton ball with Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Lift Pug ear and gently insert into the outer ear canal. Be very careful not to push the cotton in too deep. Using Pug ear, pull down gently and make a flap, pressing ear flap into the side of pug cheek. Hold and massage back and forth and in tiny circles. Lift pug ear and using same cotton ball, wipe up any brown wax that is visible. Get second cotton ball and repeat on other pug ear.

Step Seven


Towel dry pug for a second time alternating with a blow dryer on cool setting and keeping the dryer 12 inches away from pug body.

Place a dollop of Vaseline on pug nose and rub it in to keep nose from getting dry.

Open bathroom door and watch excited pug run pugtona laps around house, stopping at the treat station because he feels he has earned it.

Brush pug when fully dry

Breathe in the fresh pug scent that only last for 2 days.

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Toys and Treats
December 17, 2006

How is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping this year? I've got about 5 more gifts to get and then I'm done. Cards have been mailed, tree is decorated, cookies are baking. In my travels this weekend, I couldn't resist picking up these toys for the Pugsley, an iPaw and Pugg boot.



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Canine Couture
November 26, 2006

So apparently I’m not the only one in the family who gets asked to write fashion reviews. The good folks at Barkslope sent Pugsley a harness from their wonderful selection of harnesses and asked us to review the product. Seeing as though Pugsley has no opposable thumbs, I am doing the writing and his job is to do what he does best, look cute.

The Freedom harness is the perfect choice for older dogs or dogs that tend to pull hard on their walks. It is also priced right at a very reasonable $24.00. The lightweight breathable materials make it feel like they aren’t wearing anything at all. The harness is made using a combination of stretchy mesh and faux suede materials. The polished hardware is super lightweight and fully adjustable for maximum comfort and a sharp fit. The harnesses come in toy dog sizes X-small – X large. As the largest of the toy breeds with his barrel chest and sausage body, Pugsley fits snugly into the size extra large. The sizing charts on the website provide a useful guide. Overall, I think this is a great harness for Pugsley. I am especially pleased that it’s very gentle and light on his neck and back, which are sensitive areas for him.

Be sure to check out Bark Slope this holiday season for that special little dog on your shopping list! Going on now, they are offering a $5.00 flat shipping rate on all orders.

Here is the Sausage sporting his new Freedom Harness in black. *Pictures are best viewed while humming the tune “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred.




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Penis Envy
July 7, 2006

I ask you – how many other pugs do you know have birthday gifts mailed to their house, addressed specifically to them from their own personal bevy of internet admirers? Pugsley, that’s who! Thanks to Lauren at the Gizmeister Chronicles for remembering Pugsley and sending a big old braided bulls penis and honking pigs ears too!

As you can see, he's a VERY happy boy.



Hmmmm, Nobody ever sends me a penis in the mail for my birthday..... My life is officially sad now, the dog gets more action than me. And he's neutered.

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It's Good to be the King
June 26, 2006


Opening Presents
Killing squeaker in the new toy
Feasting on a ginourmous Baked Pigs Ear
Begging for more but too pooped to party....
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Pugsley, Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to the Sausage who turns 12 years young today!


How does a truly spoiled Pug spend his special day one may ask?

In a gluttonous display of canine debauchery with Bully sticks and pigs ears, wrapped toys and treats, special crumpets for dinner served in his martini bowl and perhaps a Frosty Paws ice cream followed by some light serenading to the tune of "You are my Sunshine", soft belly rubs and gentle corn chip kisses to cap off the evening festivities.

All this and he'll still want more. It's good to be the King.

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March 7, 2006

So when I was transporting Pugsley the Eagle Pug down to New York on Saturday I stopped off for lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Mmmmm. If anyone out there is doubting my steel resolve and discipline, consider this – how many of you could dine at Cracker Barrel and not consume any carbs?

I am here to tell you it was no easy feat but I did it. Instead of my all time favorite mashed potatoes, I ate turnip greens and a salad as my 2 sides to go with my pot roast that was so tender it flaked off the fork. I’m like a freakin’ warrior when I want to be.

Those of you familiar with Cracker Barrel restaurants also know that they have a very cool retro gift shop where they sell things like moon pies and 5 and dime candy, 50’s nostalgia and memorabilia. Fresh off the rescue, I must have been feeling like I wanted to spoil my Pugsley even more rotten that he already is -- because in their dog section of collectibles I found this ceramic dog bowl shaped like a martini glass.

pugtini.jpg Around the rim inside it says “It’s Mutt-tini Time! And on the bottom is written “It’s been a Ruff Day!” It came with a placemat that looks like a cocktail napkin and a stuffed green olive toy that squeaks. They also has Cosmo-Paw-Litan martini bowls but they were pink and too girly for Pugsley. He's all boy.

Now before you go thinking he is too spoiled – keep in mind I am only letting him eat out of it on special occasions. For Sunday dinner I gave him some heated Little Champions wet food served in his Mutt-tini glass in celebration of the Oscars. But he probably won’t eat out of it again until Easter. After that, not until his birthday.

In other news – I am scratching my head trying to figure out what to wear to my brothers pending nuptials. What does one wear to their brothers wedding in mid-April when it could be warm or it could be cold? Also, he has informed us that it will be a casual affair. Right, but it’s still my brothers wedding and I want to look nice. Here is what I have swirling around in my head so far: It has to be sweet, simple, and understated. Maybe something 50’s style a la Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line, something halter’ish (if it’s warm enough) with stripes and an empire waist. I like empire waists. Something like this little Charlotte Russe number that I have my eye on at Ebay --brand new with tags, current auction price $1.50 with a couple hours to go! Maybe a frock with a little South American flair since my new sister in law is from Brazil and it would be a way to honor her. I am thinking vintage.

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Funny Pug Video
February 24, 2006

This is so Funny -- Thanks to a reader in South Africa for sending this one along. It shows exactly why Pugs are so cool, crafty and calculating!

This funny video is from a Japanese TV show. A little dog steals food from a big dog. This little guy is very slick when he steals the food.

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Weekend Dog Blogging
February 19, 2006

I was invited to participate in Weekend Dog Blogging, let's see dogs and blogging -- two of my favorite things, how could I refuse?

Here is my contribution -- a little animation of Pugsley unwrapping his Valentine's Day present. It's a white stuffed duck that he likes to chin rest on and use as a pillow when he sleeps :)


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The Importance of Being Cute
February 7, 2006

Pugsley snuggles with his Curious George when he sleeps :)

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For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!
January 11, 2006

Great news! Pugsley's biopsy results came back negative. The lump was a benign cyst. Hip-Hip Hooray!! We celebrated with a Bully Stick....Well -- Pugsley did anyway :)

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, For he's a jolly good fell--ooooooooow -- Which Nobody can deny!


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On a Happier Note
December 30, 2005

Things are already looking up for the New Year. I was reading through my new hire docs and benefits package and I discovered that my new employer offers Pet insurance.

Pugsley will finally be insured.....Waaa-hooooooo!!

Now if only I could convince the government to issue him a social security number so I can claim him as a dependent...

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Pugsley Waxes
December 13, 2005

And now a word from our sponsors…

Here in the Northeast this morning the temperature is a nipply 9 degrees. Whenever it gets below zero poor Pugsley starts limping in the snow, on the pavement and ice. Does this happen to your poor little pooch too? It’s because the pads on their paws burn from the cold and salt. So what can you do, you ask?

I will let you in on a little secret.

Musher’s Secret Wax


It is an extremely dense wax-based invisible barrier cream to protect paws. You just rub on their feet before letting them outside. It seals on a protective coating so their little pads don’t get frostbit. It’s what the sled dogs in Alaska use. Works in extreme hot or cold. Do your little pal a favor and get him some Mushers Wax this winter.

See, Pugsley waxes too.

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White Thanksgiving
November 24, 2005

Wow, we woke to a White Thanksgiving here in New England!!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone....time to go start the turkey.
Wake and Bake..

First snow of the year on Pug Nose and Whiskers!

Pugsley in his red sweater


View from my Back Door

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Bark Avenue
November 1, 2005


Do you own a Pug or do you know somebody who does? Are you looking for the perfect pug gift this holiday season? Well look no further. Allow me to introduce you to Bark Avenue. Owned and operated by Robyn, a super talented seamstress from the Green Mountain State. Specializing in Pugwear and accouterments. Homeade with love, superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. Pugsley is a happy customer. He gives 2 paws up and a double-curled tail!!

Stop by Bark Avenue's store today!

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Pugsley is in Love!
July 5, 2005

With my new Pug Screensaver. He has become convinced there is another pug inside the laptop trying to get out to lick him. He will sit and stare at it for hours if I let him. Sometimes he barks or makes those nervous low growl-whimpers trying to communicate with the other pug. Is it bad for a dog's eyes to look at the computer for long periods of time??

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You've Got Mail
July 4, 2005

Pugsley would like to give a big shout out to Lauren over at Vegas Princess for sending him some Birthday goodies in the mail!! The package was even addressed to him personally c/o Me :) Inside was a tasty Greenies bone and a beef coated rawhide with a nice card too. Of course, the gifties were wrapped because she remembered how much Pugsley LOVES unwrapping presents...I captured most of the action on digital.

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Fun With Pumpkins
October 27, 2004

A Pumpkin for my Pumpkin

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Puggie Pouting
September 18, 2004

Here is Pugsley pouting because he knows I am going out tonite. He sure doesn't make it easy to leave him even for an hour with these forlorn looks he gives me, LOL! This morning he went to the vet for his rabies shot and to have his ears looked at because I have noticed his hearing hasn't been as sharp lately. The good news is there is no kind of infection in his ears and the bad news is, just normal age-related loss of hearing. He is by no means deaf but he doesn't always hear things he used to like me rattling my keys in the door now when I come home so I don't get greeted by him every time like I used too ;-( For some reason he always seems to hear the word "treat" though...

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Words Pugsley knows
August 31, 2004

Words / Phrases Pugsley knows - Equivalent to about the vocabulary size of a normal 3 year old child or at least to a younger Coco the Gorilla ;-)

In addition to the following words, Pugsley also understands different tones of voice, some words in other languages, and a couple hand signals, Believe it or not, he even knows some of his toys by name too! I'm sure there are more, but these are the words I can think of offhand:

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Pug Tails
August 16, 2004

There is a lot to be learned by paying attention to a pug's tail. I believe it is a true indicator of how your pug is feeling. For instance, a tightly curled tail indicates a happy and healthy pug. The tighter the curl the happier the pug, I have found.
A pug tail that is at half-mast slightly droopey or unwound, may be a sign of indifference to a situation or possibly the puggie isn't feeling too well. Alas, if you ever find your pug unable to hold up his tail at all and it remains down for any length of time during his waking hours, you can be sure that he is either depressed, scared, or ill.

I have had Pugsley for 10 years now and have come to learn a lot about how he is feeling, his health, and well-being simply by observing his tail.

To demonstrate, I have taken some pics of Pugsleys tail at different times:

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Cleaning Pug Wrinkles
August 11, 2004

Us Pug-people know the "puggie odor" that can emit from the face of your little curly-tailed bundles of joy. A smell only true pug lovers can come to know and find endearing. Well those cute little wrinkles can easily become nasty seabeds of infection if not properly cleaned and maintained. Q tips and warm water should be applied once a week as a maintenance program, but if you wanted to take it one step further, I have a great recipe for cleaning pug wrinkles.

I have been noticing on my keyword searches that people are finding my site by Googling keywords "how to clean a Pugs wrinkles" so I thought I would share a wonderful holistic recipe I learned from Robyn who really knows her stuff on the subject.

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Puggie Got a Boo-boo
July 16, 2004

Yesterday, I came home from work and was giving Pugsley his usual "Mama's home and missed you so much baby" hug and kiss, when I felt his normally velveteen ears were hard and crusty. Upon further inspection, I noticed dried blood on his neck fur. Immediately I called my mom (Pugsley's babysitter while I'm at work) to ask her what happened. First she said nothing out the ordinary, but then recalled that while on one of his constitutional walks over by the stone wall, he did let out a little whimper but seemed to be okay after that. As the wound looked like some type of bite, my first thought was that possibly he stepped on a snake that bit him. This was scary because we do have Copperheads in CT that are venomous and they have been known to hide in stone walls! We retraced Pugsleys steps where he had let out the yelp and there it was, A thorny bush he had lifted his leg on. Looking over each sprig of thorns where he peed, I did notice a little bit of blood on the branch. Luckily, it was a minor cut that I've been treating with some hyrdrogen peroxide and keeping an eye on to make sure it doesn't get swollen or infected. Mom was out with loppers this morning, cutting back the barbed culprit. As always, I had the digital camera on hand to document all the puggie-drama. Pugsley got a treat to make him feel better. It's not easy being a Pug.


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What a Pug Wants, What a Pug Needs...
June 16, 2004

What a Pug Wants, What a Pug Needs
(hummed to the tune of Christna Aguliera’s “What a girl wants”)

Things Pugsley Likes

-Going for Walks
-Getting Belly and Chest Rubs
-People Talking to Me
-Going on New Adventures
-Changes of Scenery
-Neck massage (right behind the ears)
-Toys, Toys, and more Toys!
-Opening wrapped presents
-Watching TV
-Sitting Outside watching the birds fly and airplanes
-Weekends! (it means Momma is home)
-Riding in the car


Things Pugsley Dislikes

-Being Left alone
-People not paying attention to me
-Going to the vet
-Hanging with Other Pugs (they steal my thunder)
-Being tricked or outsmarted
-Begging for food and getting none
-Getting my Wrinkles cleaned
-Judge Judy
-Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonite
-Getting Nails Clipped
-Being told “No”

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